Europe Cup Youth 2014


Final Overall positions:     

Boys:  1. Netherlands   2. Wales     3. Republic of Ireland

Girls:  1. Republic of Ireland     2. Hungary     3. Russia

Complete results and points on the links below.

Boys Singles

Boys Pairs

Boys Team Round Robins

Boys Team Finals

Boys Points Table

Girls Singles Round Robins

Girls Singles Finals

Girls Pairs Round Robins

Girls Pairs Finals

Girls Points Table


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2014 WDF America’s Cup

Team USA has successfully defended their WDF America’s Cup title with an 8-2 win over Team Canada.  The two teams easily came out of their group play at the #1 teams.  Team USA defeated Brazil 12-1, Belize 13-0 and Trinidad & Tobago 13-0.  Team Canada defeated Cayman Islands 12-1, Turks & Caicos 12-1 and Barbados 13-0. 

The knockout portion of the team event saw Canada defeated group 1 runner-up T&T by a score of 9-1.  Team USA defeated group 2 runner-up Barbados 9-1.  The two teams met in the finals with the United States winning 8-2.

In the men’s singles event, David Cameron of Canada defeated fellow countryman, Ross Snook in the semi-finals.  Romwell Tagalog of the Cayman Island took out both American shooters in the quarters and semi’s to face Cameron in the finals.  Cameron defeated Tagalog 4-0.

In the women’s singles event, it was a clash of two Canadian players in the finals.  Joanne Luke had defeated Sandy Hudson of the USA and Cindy Veith defeated Brenda Roush, also of the USA.  Luke defeated Veith 3-1.

The youth format was a round robin format to start.  Each played each other 5 games.  Jaret Dion of Canada finished with 28 points and won the group.  Breydon Rosson of the Bahamas finished 2nd with 19.  The two players faced each other in the finals with Dion coming out on top.

Congratulations to all the 2014 WDF America’s Cup Champions!

Event Champion  Runner-Up  Results 
Team United States Canada  Link
Men Dave Cameron (Canada) Romwell Tagalog (Cayman Islands)  Link
Women Joanne Luke (Canada) Cindy Veith (Canada)  Link
Youth Jaret Dion (Canada) Breydon Rosson (Bahamas) Link
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Azte and Kelly win Australian Grand Masters

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Craig Azte Australia 1. Kim Kelly Australia
2. Dan Chapman Australia 2. Meta Reid New Zealand
3. Scott Johnson Australia 3. Jannette Jonathon New Zealand
3. Wayne Weening Australia 3. Corrine Hammond Australia
5. Jason Murdoch Australia 5. Lorraine Burn Australia
5. Peter Machin Australia 5. Linda Dobbin Australia
5. Brad Spurway Australia 5. Janine Cassar Australia
5. Steve Duke Snr Australia 5. Fran Shore Australia
9. Steve Luby Australia 9. Monique Menegazzo Australia
9. Glenn Harper Australia 9. Sandra Smith Australia
9. Jason Mudge Australia 9. Melissa Sinnott Australia
9. Steve Duke Jnr Australia 9. Lavinia Hogg Australia
9. Matthew Francois Australia 9. Charlie Hutchinson Australia
9. Russell Stewart Australia 9. Leigh Beswick Australia
9. John Dobbin Australia 9. Veronica Geisler Australia
9. Eddy Sims Australia 9. Tia Herbert Australia
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Murdoch and Hammond win Central Coast Classic

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Jason Murdoch Australia 1. Corrine Hammond Australia
2. Ray Lane Australia 2. Lorraine Burn Australia
3. Dan Chapman Australia 3. Sandra Smith Australia
3. James Bailey Australia 3. Linda Dobbin Australia
5. Harley Kemp Australia 5. Ursula Bennell Australia
5. Mike Bonser Australia 5. Kay Dowell Australia
5. Kerry Allen Australia 5. Helen Johnston Australia
5. Scott Johnson Australia 5. Melissa Sinnott Australia
9. Brian Roach Australia 9. Lynn Kaletta Australia
9. Marshall Allen Australia 9. Jannette Jonathan New Zealand
9. Mitchell Clegg Australia 9. Kim Kelly Australia
9. Don Whittington Australia 9. Leanne Wilson Australia
9. Michael Barber Australia 9. Fran Shore Australia
9. Matthew Francois Australia 9. Lana Mlotkowski Australia
9. Eddy Sims Australia 9. Tia Herbert Australia
9. Craig Prizeman Australia 9. Teresa Hore Australia
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Europe Cup Youth 2014: Draw

The draw for the Europe Cup Youth was made today and can be found on the links below:

Boys Singles

Boys Pairs

Boys Team Round Robin

Girls Singles Round Robin

Girls Pairs Round Robin

The Europe Cup Youth 2014 will be hosted by the Austrian Darts Federation. It will be played at the Holiday Inn, Vienna South, Austria.

The Opening Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 16th July. All floor matches in all events will be played on Thursday and Friday 17-18 July. The Semi-Finals and Finals will be played on Saturday 20th July.

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Results Austrian Open Vienna 2014

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Martin Phillips England 1. Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
2. Aaron Hardy Austria 2. Veronika Ihasz Hungary
3. Willem Mandigers Netherlands 3. Hanne Johnsen Denmark
3. Roxy – James Rodriguez Austria 3. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
5. Zoltan Mester Hungary 5. Katrin Spitzer Austria
5. Rocco Fulciniti Switzerland 5. Daniela Piassoni Austria
5. Madas Razma Latvia 5. Vanja Novicic Serbia
5. Erich Stadler Austria 5. Kornelija Lusaite Latvia
9. Darius Labanauskas Latvia 9. Janni Larsen Denmark
9. Christoph Kleindienst Austria 9. Eva-Maria Thaler Austria
9. Dietmar Burger Austria 9. Kitty Kolnár Hungary
9. Zoltán Szuda Hungary 9. Csilla Kovàc Hungary
9. Salvatore Mantarro Italy 9. Natasa Prohaska Vanovic Serbia
9. Petr Hyncica Czech Republic 9. Denisa Dadova Czech Republic
9. Barry Zander Netherlands 9. Eva Békási Hungary
9. Philipp Ruckstuhl Switzerland 9. Nóra Fekete Hungary
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Fredi Gsellmann Austria 1. Vivien Czipó Hungary
2. Rusty – Jake Rodriguez Austria 2. Samantha Lee Ostry Austria
3. Nico Mandl Austria 3. Nina Hanninger
3. Damian Mol Netherlands 3. Ramona Reti Hungary
5. Marek Necas Czech Republic 5. Selina Rechberger Austria
5. Florian Riegler Austria 5. Sophie Fasching Austria
5. Ricardo Roks Netherlands 5. Denisa Dadova Czech Republic
5. Marcel Weiguny Austria 5. Nikita Dadova Czech Republic
9. Lucas Andras Czech Republic
9. Lucas Drdla Czech Republic
9. Kisztian Dudas Hungary
9. Jiri Havel Czech Republic
9. Dominik Lipar Czech Republic
9. Bence Szuda Hungary
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Adams, Hedman and Griffin: BDO International Open Champions

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Martin Adams England   1. Deta Hedman England
2. Tony O’Shea England   2. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
3. Scott Mitchell England   3. Zoe Jones England
3. Glen Durrant England   3. Fallon Sherrock England
5. Darryl Fitton England   5. Casey Gallagher England
5. Jamie Hughes England   5. Trina Gulliver England
5. Jonny Clayton Wales   5. Lorraine Winstanley England
5. James Wilson England   5. Anneke Kuijten Netherlands
9. Dave Smith England   9. Natalie Evans Wales
9. Wayne Warren Wales   9. Julie Gore Wales
9. Garry Thompson England   9. Jan Dennis England
9. Richie George England   9. Maggie Sutton England
9. Phil Borthwick England   9. Tricia Wright England
9. Aaron Dyer England   9. Dee Bateman England
9. Paul Jennings England   9. Paula Jacklin England
9. Steve Alker Wales   9. Nikki O’Donovan Republic of Ireland
Youth Results Country  
1. Rhys Griffin Wales  
2. Owen Maiden England  
3. Kieran Smith England  
3. Robert Adnams England  
5. Josh Allen
5. Daniel Castle
5. Casey Gallagher
5. Kieran Grimmitt England  
9. Dominic Taylor
9. Kaid Webley Wales  
9. Jordan Singh England  
9. Daniel Baldwin England  
9. Bethan Rowlands Wales  
9. Kayleigh Blanchard
9. Lauren Cain
9. Stephen Stockham
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Puma New Zealand champions: Carmichael and Osborne

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Tony Carmichael NZ   1. Tina Osborne NZ
2. Craig Pullen NZ   2. Rachel Padget NZ
3. Greg Moss NZ   3. Meta Reid NZ
3. Bernie Smith NZ   3. Jo Steed NZ
5. Peter Hunt NZ   5. Nicole Regnaud NZ
5. Steve Gooch NZ   5. Kate Keefe NZ
5. Mark Mcgrath NZ   5. Anna Neho NZ
5. Neville Moss NZ   5. Dawn Unuka NZ
9. Brian Steed NZ   9. Heather Siebers NZ
9. Tony Bull NZ   9. Polly Luke NZ
9. Jonathan Silcock NZ   9. Lorraine Pike NZ
9. Peter Carmichael NZ   9. Peggy Wikaira NZ
9. Landon Gardiner NZ   9. Leah Price NZ
9. Mike Day NZ   9. Georgia Wilson NZ
9. Joe Temarama NZ   9. Selina Baker-Clemas NZ
9. Christopher Clements NZ   9. Helen Makiha NZ
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Jeff Smith and Maria Mason take Canadian Open titles


Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jeff Smith Canada   1. Maria Mason Canada
2. Gary Vinicombe Canada   2. Dianne Gobeil Canada
3. Dave Richardson Canada   3. Roxanne Van Tassel Canada
3. Shane Harvey Canada   3. Tammy Perry Canada
5. Martin Tremblay Canada   5. Darlene MacLeod Canada
5. Ross Snook Canada   5. Joanne Whelan Canada
5. Bryce Book Canada   5. Angelina Palumbi Canada
5. Terry Fougere Canada   5. Joanne Luke Canada
9. David Cameron Canada   9. Rebecca Whiteway Canada
9. Todd Hiscock Canada   9. Nicki Rolls Canada
9. Glen MacKenzie Canada   9. Melvena Pasher Canada
9. Nick Smith Canada   9. Ivy Wieshlow Canada
9. Fred Seaward Canada   9. Mandy Fleck Canada
9. Seymour Dixon Canada   9. Barb MacCallum Canada
9. Derek Henley Canada   9. Wanda Healey Canada
9. Jim Edwards Canada   9. Sandra Squires Canada
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Pantelidis Kostas wins 5th Hellinikon Open

Mens Results Country
1. Pantelidis Kostas Greece
2. Michael John Greece
3. Papadopoulos Christos Greece
3. Selachoglou Ioannis Greece
5. Portokalis George Greece
5. Belesis Thanasis Greece
5. Przybylek Stefan Germany
5. Kappas Kostas Greece
9. Labropoulos Antonis Greece
9. Tsagalas Isaak Greece
9. Evagelou Manos Greece
9. Despotopoulos Fanis Greece
9. Pilichos Dionisios Greece
9. Krodiris Gerasimos Greece
9. Robert Ben England
9. Tekos Charis Greece
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