Subaru Trezia the bonus for the first 9 darter of the Zuiderduin Masters 2014

Psubaru_trezia_zuiderduinress release: Egmond aan Zee, Sunday the 23rd of November 2014

For the second year in a row Renses Automobielbedrijven is sponsor for the first nine darter thrown during this event. The big bonus this time is a Subaru Trezia to the value of  € 21.990,-.

Go Green Renses Automobielbedrijven Alkmaar is car dealer for Mitsubishi and specialized in economical and hybride cars and for years a highly recommended company in the region.

André Renses of Renses Automobielbedrijven is very please his company for the second time is the sponsor for the nine darter. Over the Years the Zuiderduin Masters also impreesed him and together with the live tv registration done by RTV Noord Holland the Zuiderduin Masters is the perfect stage for promotion.

“The Subaru Trezia in front of the main stage during the live tv registration of RTV Noord Holland is a good intencive to our promotion campaign. Ans as well as last year we hope someone will throw the nine perfect darts, that will be great”, sais André Renses.

During the Zuiderduin Masters the Subaru Trezia can be seen in the hall of the venue or you can find more information for the Subaru Trezia and other car types at the website of Renses automobielbedrijven,

For more information about the Zuiderduin Masters played from the 5th untill the 7th of December, see

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Harms and de Graaf win Sunparks Masters. ten Heuvel and Edge take youth titles.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Wesley Harms Neth 1. Aileen de Graaf Neth
2. Jan Dekker Neth 2. Fallon Sherrock Eng
3. Scott Mitchell Eng 3. Anca Zijlstra Neth
3. Ross Montgomery Sco 3. Sharon Prins Neth
5. Tony Martinez Esp 5. Casey Gallagher Eng
5. Pip Blackwell Eng 5. Irina Armstrong Rus
5. James Hurrell Eng 5. Danielle Ijpelaar Neth
5. Colin Roelos Neth 5. Rachel Brooks Eng
9. Dennis Piepers Bel 9. Caroll Verkooijen Neth
9. Mark Oosterhuis Neth 9. Anneke Kuijten Neth
9. Michael Baker Eng 9. Kathy Geeraerts Bel
9. Sam Hewson Eng 9. Trina Gulliver Eng
9. Jamie Hughes Eng 9. Sharon Roosen Neth
9. Gary Stafford Eng 9. Paula Jacklin Eng
9. Remco van Eijden Neth 9. Sue Gulliver Eng
9. Rudi Minnebach Bel 9. Heather Lodge Eng
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Job ten Heuvel Neth 1. Lena Edge Ger
2. Wesley Hurrebrink Neth 2. Tamara Van Der Meirsch Bel
3. Jordi Van der Meirsch Bel 3. Michelle Verberk Neth
3. Maarten-Dirk Woord Neth 3. Kyana rauenelder Neth
5. Kevin Doets Neth
5. Lars Fransen Neth
5. Jaimy van Bavel Neth
5. Maikel Verberk Neth
9. Levy Frauenfelder Neth
9. Niels Zonneveld Neth
9. Damian Mol Neth
9. Dennis Faasen Neth
9. Justin Massy Neth
9. Jerry Kaldenberg Neth
9. Gian van Veen Neth
9. Lorenzo Schmelcher Bel
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Walton and Solvik win Malta Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. John Walton England 1. Vibeke Solvik Norway
2. Kostas Pantelidis Greece 2. Kirsten Byo Switzerland
3. Albert Scerri Malta 3. Giada Ciofi Italy
3. John Michael Greece 3. Giata Sfakioti Greece
5. Craig Stoner England 5. Michela Michelini Italy
5. Josh McCarthy England 5. Suzanne Smith England
5. Matthew Medhurst Holland 5. Anna Degel Germany
5. Mark Layton England 5. Angie Hutchins England
9. Stanthis Pantelidis Greece 9. Kirsty Gibbs England
9. Mark Mulholland Germany 9. Christine Sims England
9. Mark Cameron England 9. Ann Chilton England
9. Jamie Robinson England 9. Silke Goebel Germany
9. Darren Walls England 9. Clare Irwin England
9. Zach Quinn England 9. Jan Williams England
9. Norbert Attard Malta 9. Jane Sobey England
9. Salvatore Mantarro Italy 9. Gerry Johnson England
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Tournaments in Finder Darts Masters announced

PRESSRELEASE: Egmond aan Zee, 18th of November 2014

The Finder Darts Masters, the new name for the Zuiderduin Masters will invite players for the event in 2015 based on the Zuiderduin Masters rankings.  The rankings, started on the 30th of August 2014 and ending the 31st of August of 2015 are build with the next 16 events of the international darts circuit.


1. French Open 30-31 August
2. Luxembourg Open 3-5 October
3. Tops of Ghent 18-19 October
4. Zceh Open 22 November
5. Sunparks Masters 23 November
6. Zuiderduin Masters 5-7 December



7. BDO Lakeside World Pro 3-11 January
8. Dutch Open 31 January – 1 February
9. Scottish Open 13-15 February
10. Hal Open 21 March
11. Hal Masters 22 March
12. German Open 17-19 April
13. Welsh Open 15-17 May
14. England Open 19-21 June
15. Belgium Open August
16. Antwerp Open August


Three of the events already are played and the results soon will be added to the new rankigs  For so long the rankings are publiced on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters, till the website for the Finder Darts Masters is put on line.

For more information about the Zuiderduin Masters 2014, played from 5 till 7 December see also this website

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Pullen and Jonathan win Ted Clements Memorial Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Craig Pullen NZ 1. Jannette Jonathan NZ
2. Craig Caldwell NZ 2. Diane Short NZ
3. Peter Hunt NZ 3. Wendy Christiansen NZ
3. Cody Harris NZ 3. Heather Seibers NZ
5. Steve Gooch NZ 5. Sha Hohipa NZ
5. Greg Moss NZ 5. Dale Rolls NZ
5. Mike Day NZ 5. Sarnia West NZ
5. Wayne Carey NZ 5. Dawn Unuka NZ
9. Ron Cassidy NZ 9. Leah Price NZ
9. Brian Steed NZ 9. Meta Reid NZ
9. Mick Lacey NZ 9. Anna Neho NZ
9. Harley Smith NZ 9. Peggy Wikaira NZ
9. Craig Dunn NZ 9. Polly Luke NZ
9. Mark Cleaver NZ 9. Kim Peiti NZ
9. Marty Isaac NZ 9. Jo Steed NZ
9. Marcel Owen NZ 9. Michaela Makiha NZ
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Durrant, Jacklin and Rafferty win N.Ireland Open.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Glen Durrant England 1. Paula Jacklin England
2. Martin Phillips Wales 2. Kayleigh O’Neill N.Ireland
3. David McFall N.Ireland 3. Marlise Kiel USA
3. Peter Shaw N.Ireland 3. Kelly McGivern N.Ireland
5. Paul Brown N.Ireland 5. Agnes McClean N.Ireland
5. Barry Copeland N.Ireland 5. Grace Crane N.Ireland
5. David Concannon Rep of Ireland 5. Lynn Cowan Scotland
5. Jamie Hughes England 5. Trish Grzesik Canada
9. John Neill N.Ireland 9. Lilian Kennedy N.Ireland
9. Kevin Burness N.Ireland 9. Gail Mullen N.Ireland
9. Darren Clifford N.Ireland 9. Claire Neely N.Ireland
9. Mick Connerton England 9. Stacey Gurney N.Ireland
9. Richie Edwards Wales 9. Angela de Ward Rep of Ireland
9. Neil Duff N.Ireland 9. Dawn Campbell N.Ireland
9. Carl Dennel England 9. Margaret Maguire N.Ireland
9. Rodney Kane N.Ireland 9. Helen Dunne N.Ireland
Youth Results Country B/G
1. Nathan Rafferty N.Ireland Boy
2. Mark Connolly Rep of Ireland Boy
3. Jack Hoey N.Ireland Boy
3. Padraig Murphy N.Ireland Boy
5. Kian Barry Rep of Ireland Boy
5. Jordy Mackin N.Ireland Girl
5. Leah Fox (Girl) Rep of Ireland Boy
5. Jamie Talbot N.Ireland Boy
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Asia Pacific Cup Report

Click image to view full results


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Zuiderduin Masters in 2015 goes on as Finder Darts Masters

FinderPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 11th of November 2014

From the 5th till the 7th of December the Zuiderduin Masters is played for the last time. In 2015 the first new edition of the event started in 2000 continues as the Finder Darts Maters.

Finder an international operating company will be the new main sponsor for this event for the upcoming three Years. 

Soon the new rankings for the Finder Darts Masters 2015 will be on line. Also the new website for the Finder Darts Masters in under construction and till so far all the information of the new event you can find on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,  Also you can find all the information for ticket sale and hotel package deals for Zuiderduin Masters 2014.

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Harbour and Ijpelaar win Latvia Open. Jankunas takes youth title.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Dennis Harbour England 1. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
2. Arūnas Čiplys Lithuania 2. Lumi Silvan Finland
3. Mark Oosterhuis Netherlands 3. Kaisu Rekinen Finland
3. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 3. Maret Liiri Finland
5. Madars Razma Latvia 5. Berit Schouw Denmark
5. Peter Sajwani Sweden 5. Sarmīte Lavrentjeva Latvia
5. Dicky Davies Wales 5. Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
5. Thomas Chant England 5. Irina Armstrong Germany
9. Erich Stadler Austria 9. Rachel Brooks England
9. James Hurrell United Kingdom 9. Anastasia Suvorova Russia
9. Mark Blandford United Kingdom 9. Eija Mustonen Finland
9. Henk Westerhof Netherlands 9. Marina Lapina Russia
9. Eddie White England 9. Alsu Ragimova Russia
9. Dietmar Burger Austria 9. Aud Aarvik Norway
9. Gatis Lancers Latvia 9. Viktorija Jasiūnaite Lithuania
9. Martin Kurecka Austria 9. Tamara Schuur Netherlands


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Rydz and Hepburn win Berwick Autumn 2014

Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Callan Rydz England 1. Cody Hepburn Scotland
2. Liam Mitchell Scotland 2. Casey Stephenson England
3. Kieran Bird Scotland 3. Rebecca Graham Scotland
3. Cameron Anderson England 3. Tania Weldon England
5. Drew Cummings Scoland
5. Liam Greathead England
5. Joe Weldon England
5. Jordan Forbes Scotland
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