Finder Darts Masters 2016 – press release

FinderDartsMastersPress release Egmond  aan Zee, Monday 15/08/2016

Antwerp Open 2016 was the 16th and final tournament of the Finder Darts Masters ranking for 2016. This tournament was played on Sunday, August the 14th, and with these results we reached the final result of the Finder Darts Masters.

Based on the Finder Darts Masters ranking 16 men and two women qualify to participate in this tournament this years tournament played at the 9th, 10th and 11th of in Hotel Zuiderduin Egmond aan Zee.

Of the 16 directly qualified men the top 8 is seeded and will be group head of one of of the 8 groups. The women’s tournament has two groups and the numbers 1 and 2 on the Finder Darts Masters ranking are seeded as well and also become head of a group.

In addition to the players who qualify through the rankings also the winners of the Finder Darts Masters 2015 are invited to participate, as well as the winners of international darts tournament HAL Open 2016.

In March, Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas became Hall Open champion in 2016 and also this year he ended seventh in the Finder Masters ranking. This means that he is seeded as group head and his provisional 18th place on the list of participants is released. According to the regulations, the organization now has an extra wildcard for this spot.

Defending champion Glen Durrant ended fourth in the ranking and is automatically group head. Also for this free spot the organization will designate another player.

FDM2016_GlenDurrantFinder Darts Masters 2015 Champion Glen Durrant
Picture © Finder Darts Masters 2016

In the coming period the list of players for Finder Darts Masters 2016 will be completed with players who receive a wild card from the organization and a player who receives a wildcard from the NDB. Also the winners of Champions League of Darts 2016 tournament, which takes place on Saturday, September the 3rd at the Hotel Zuiderduin qualify for the event. And for this year only the Finder Darts Masters Qualifier, a new tournament organized by the NDB . This tournament will be held on September the 25th , after the WDF Europe Cup 2016 in Hotel Zuiderduin.

The tournament starts on Friday, December 9th with a total of 24 participants in the men’s tournament. Of these 24 participants, the first eight players on the Finder Darts Masters ranking are seeded as group head and the remaining 16 players will enter one of the 8 groups by draw.

After the group round robin the winner of each group stage qualify for the quarterfinals.

The women’s tournament has six contestants with the top 2 of the Finder Darts Masters ranking seeded as group head. The remaining four women will be distributed enter on of the groups by draw. The winners of each group qualify for the ladies final.

The Finder Darts Masters als has a youth tournament with 6 participants. No seeding for this event all the boys will enter a group by draw.

1: Scott Mitchell England
2: Danny Noppert Netherlands
3: Wesley Harms Netherlands
4: Glen Durrant England
5: Martin Adams England
6: Geert De Vos Belgium
7: Darius Labanauskas Lithuanian
8: Dean Reynolds Wales

Other Qualifiers and wildcards
9: Scott Waites England
10: Brian Dawson England
11: Jamie Hughes England
12: Jim Williams Wales
13: Wouter Vaes Netherlands
14: Martin Atkins England
15: Richard Veenstra Netherlands
16: Martin Phillips Wales
17: Wildcard organization
18: Wildcard organization
19: Winner Champions League of Darts 2016
20: Wildcard organization
21: Wildcard organization
22: Wildcard organization
23: Winner Finder Darts Masters Qualifier
24: Wildcard NDB

1: Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
2: Deta Hedman England

Other qualifiers and wildcard
3: Fallon Sherrock England (Finder Darts Masters 2015 champion)
4: Lisa Ashton England (Hal Open 2016 champion)
5: Winner Champions League of Darts 2016
6: Wildcard organization

For the Finder Darts Youth tournament already one player qualified for the event , Maikel Verberk he became HAL Open 2016 champion in the boys tournament

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