Finder Darts Masters 2016 – NDB CLoD Press-realease

FinderDartsMastersPress-release Finder Darts Masters Egmond aan Zee, 04/09/2016

We added three players to the list of participants for Finder Darts Masters 2016. These players qualified yesterday through the Champions League of Darts, a special play off event NDB registered players.

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NDB Qualifiers
Sharon Prins , Jeffrey Sparidaans
and Justin van Tergouw (left to right)

2016_FinderDartsMasters_qualifiers© Finder Darts Masters 2016

NDB CLoD Champions
Ricardo van den Vloed, Sharon Prins,
Jeffrey Sparidaans, Lerena Rietbergen
and Justin van Tergouw (left to right)
2016_Finder_Clod2016_champions© Finder Darts Masters 2016

NDB The Champions League of Dart 2016 (CLoD)

The winner of the men’s tournament, women’s tournament and juniors tournament qualify for participation in the tournament held from 9 to 11 December at hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee.
Winner in the men’s tournament was Jeffrey Sparidaans. Jeffrey knocked out Martijn Kleermaker in thrilling final. Martijn won the first set with 3-2 but in legs but the next two set went to Jeffrey Sparidaans in an almost equal upward battle he came out as the best and won the final with 2 -1 sets. It is the debut for almost 23 years darts player from Tilburg who also this year is a member of the Dutch national selection.

Sharon Prince won the final of Floortje van Zanten. After a long time Floortje is back to the top and was close to make he comeback on the world stage. But Sharon Prins, managed to reach the Masters stage bye winning the CLoD for the fifth time winning the deciding leg of the finale. Sharon won in a best of nine legs in the final leg for the 4th win in a row. In total, its her fifth win of the CLoD women’s tournament.

Winner of the Finder Darts Masters 2015 Youth tournament, Justin van Tergouw won the junior final of Geert Nentjes. Geert qualified last year through the CLoD 2015 the Finder Darts Masters 2015. This Year Geert had no answer to the strong play of Justin who won the match 5-1. Justin therefore in December returns to the Finder Darts Masters stage to defend his title.

Outside of these three tournaments to qualify for the Finder Darts Masters and participation in the Winmau World Masters in England also a tournament for girls was played. Winner of the girls tournament was Lerena Rietbergen by Kyana Frauenfelder in the final with 3-2. Lerena so qualified for the Winmau World Masters to be held in England early December.

In the fifth tournament, the tournament for boys up to 14 years, the title went to Ricardo van den Vloed. Ricardo won the final from Keanu van Velzen with 3-1. The price for Ricardo is a VIP package for the Finder Darts Masters to visit the Finder Darts Masters.

The list of participants for Finder Darts Masters is completed with these three names. A complete list of participants can be found at, website. There you can also find information about ticket sales and hotel bookings.

An overview of all results from the Champions League of Darts can be read on section “Deelnemers”.