Sunparks Masters 2015, Belgium – results

Sunparks Masters 22/11/2015, entries 466 men 104 women 64 boys 15 girls

Winners mens singles Yordi Meeuwisse Netherlands, womens singles Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia, boys singles Justin van Tergouw and girls singles Kyana Frauenfelder.

WDF Tables: Tables updated 24/11/2015 with these results (Boys and Girls results corrected 25/11/2015)

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Czech Open 2015 – results

Czech Open 21.11.2015 652 men, 139 women, 29 boys, 11 girls

Mens winner Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands, womens winner Aileen de Graaf Netherlands, boys winner Rusty-Jake Rodriguez Austria and girls winner Vivien Czipo.

WDF Tables: Tables updated 23/11/2015 with these results.
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Seacoast Open Youth 2015, USA – results

BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country
Jason Widfeldt USA 1 Hannah McCandless USA
Dan Robbins USA 2 Kayla Roy USA
Paul Burke Jr Canada 3 Jenna Yazbek USA
Matty Robbins USA 3 Kylee Trela USA


WDF Tables: Boys and Girls tables updated 16/11/2015 with these results.

Ted Clements Memorial 2015 New Zealand – results

craig-judy-levin-2015Ted Clements Memorial winners Craig Caldwell New Zealand. and Judy Fenton New Zealand.

WDF Tables: Men and Women tables updated 18/11/2015 with these results.


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Latvia Open 2015 – results

Latvia_Open_2015_ChampionsLatvia Open winners Ulf Ceder Finland and Maud Jansson Sweden

Mens singles
Womens singles
Mens pairs
Womens pairs

WDF Tables: Tables updated 18/11/2015 with these results.

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Malta Open 2015 – results

Day I

During 10-12/11/2015 those three days 233 participants took part in the 28th edition of the Malta Open at the Topaz Hotel in Bugibba.

In the Men`Winner Umits Singles competition the winner was Umit Uygunsozlu from Turkey who came from a 1-0 defict to be crowned champion (2-1) against the 2001 World Champion and last year’s winner, John Walton. Ann-Kathrin Wigmann from Germany won the womens’ title by defeating Swede, Krisitin Bomander 4-1. Local pair of Andy Keen and Gordon Stanmore came very close in the Men`s pairs as they lost in the Final, 4-2 against John Walton and John Van de Weerd. At the semi-final stage the Maltese pair eliminated another local pair, that of Godfrey Abela and Mario Camilleri. Ladies pairs title was won by singles winner Ann-Kathrin Wigmann and her partner Silke Goebel defeating Kirsty Gibbs and Janet Weedon 4-2.

Locally it was another good performance for our players as Andy Keen reached the semi-final and Norbert Attard the quarter final in the men`s singles. In the doubles competition as mentioned earlier we had 2 local pairs at the semi-final stage.

To conclude this was another success for the Malta Darts Association as during this edition for the first time ever we stream live all the four finals on the association`s Youtube channel. More information can be found on the Facebook group page “Malta Darts Association”. Would like to thank everyone who helped in making this event a success once again.

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McGarry and Hedman win N.Ireland Open. Rafferty and O’Connor take youth titles.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Colin McGarry N.Ireland 1. Deta Hedman England
2. Mick McGowan R.O.Ireland 2. Trina Guilliver England
3. Stephen Lennon R.O.Ireland 3. Sue Gulliver England
3. Micheal Meaney R.O.Ireland 3. Grace Crane N.Ireland
5. Martin C Atkins England 5. Sue Edwards England
5. James Smith R.O.Ireland 5. Sarah Roberts England
5. Campbell Jackson N.Ireland 5. Marlise Kiel U.S.A
5. Brian Devlin N.Ireland 5. Robyn Byrne R.O.Ireland
9. Kyle McKinstry N.Ireland 9. Samatha Carberry R.O.Ireland
9. Matthew Dicken England 9. Jean Gillespie N.Ireland
9. Owen Caffery R.O.Ireland 9. Heather Lodge Wales
9. Noel Gates N.Ireland 9. Jackie O’Neill N.Ireland
9. Sam Hewson England 9. Margaret Maguire N.Ireland
9. Davy Glenn N.Ireland 9. Margaret Kelly Isle of Man
9. John Porter N.Ireland 9. Stacey Gurney N.Ireland
9. Micheal Baker England 9. Kylie Lawrie Scotland
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Nathan Rafferty N.Ireland 1. Jamie O’Connor R.O.Ireland
2. Keane Barry R.O.Ireland 2. Hanna Balmer N.Ireland
3. John Bishorek N.Ireland 3. Elana Maguire N.Ireland
3. Mark Connolly R.O.Ireland 3. Aoife McErlain N.Ireland

Bob Jones Memorial 2015 – results

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country
David Cameron Canada 1 Roxanne Van Tassel Canada
Dawson Murschell Canada 2 Christine Artibello Canada
Bob Sinnaeve Canada 3 Nancy Ste-Croix Canada
Ross Snook Canada 3 Darlene MacLeod Canada
Steve Warnock Canada 5 Annie Pittman Canada
Darrin Allen Canada 5 Rhonda Maidment Canada
Norman May Canada 5 Patricia Farrell Canada
Kevin Thompson Canada 5 Jessica Mattinson Canada
Matt Campbell Canada 9 Sherry Morrison Canada
Guy Connelly Canada 9 Tracy Boss Canada
Josh Bell Canada 9 Lori Kelley Canada
Keith Bradford Canada 9 Ashley Gilbert Canada
Jan Petterson Canada 9 Amy Hosford Canada
Gord Mills Canada 9 Amanda Johansen Canada
Jayson Barlow Canada 9 Darlene Van Sleeuwen Canada
Dave Switzer Jr. Canada 9 Ellen Kocik Canada


Turkish Open 2015 – results

Men’s Singles Country Pos Women’s singles Country
Jim Williams Wales 1 Deta Hedman England
Martin Phillips Wales 2 Natalie Carter Australia
Darryl Fitton England 3 Robin Curry USA
Danny Noppert Netherlands 3 Corrine Hammond Australia
Wayne Warren Wales 5 Rachna David Belgium
Kent Sivertsen Norway 5 Rachel Brooks England
Scott Mitchell England 5 Carla Molema Netherlands
Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 5 Lee-Anne Faulkner Australia
Jacques Langston Norway 9 Zoe Jones England
Richard Veenstra Netherlands 9 Nikki O’Donovan Republic of Ireland
Tom Becker Luxembourg 9 Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
Geert De Vos Belgium 9 Kaisu Rekinen Finland
Raymond Smith Australia 9 Hana Belobradkova Czech Rupublic
Cristian Cimpoca Romania 9 Paula Jacklin England
Sern Wens Belgium 9 Vibeke Solvk Norway
Wesley Harms Netherlands 9 Emine Erkan Turkey


Next Talents of Darts 2015 – results

Boy’s singles Country Position Girl’s singles Country
Geert Nentjes Netherlands 1 Cassandra Hof Netherlands
Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 2 Samantha Vogler Germany
Iwan Reijmers Netherlands 3 Cheyenne Reijers Netherlands
Gijsbert van Malsen Netherlands 3 Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands
Wessel Nijman Netherlands 5 Silvana Veltman Netherlands
Job ten Heuvel Netherlands 5 Shauni Wastyn Belgium
Jeffrey Ballast Netherlands 5 Melissa van de Velde Netherlands
Marvin van Velzen Netherlands 5 Denise Hanika Germany
Bryan Snyders Belgium 9 Veerle Hamelink Netherlands
Kevin Doets Netherlands 9 Lolita Kamphuis Netherlands
Robbie de Bie Netherlands 9 Selena Snoek Netherlands
Jimmy Jonker Netherlands 9 Lisa Sengers Netherlands
Loyd van Daalen de Jel Netherlands 9 Julia Sengers Netherlands
Milan Oskam Netherlands 9 Lindsey Wattez Netherlands
Niels Zonneveld Netherlands 9 Joëlla Verhagen Netherlands
Sylvano de Bie Netherlands 9 Jacqueline Vogler Germany


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