Names of players qualified for Zuiderduin Masters 2014

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 19th of August 2014

With the results of the Antwerp Open, played last weekend in Belgium, the rankings for Zuiderduin Masters 2014 completed. Based on this rankings players are invited to participate in this event played from 5 till 7 December at hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee

16 of the 24 players in the mens event will be invited. These 16 players are the top 16 of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings 2013. Other players can qualify through the Champions League of Darts, and the winners of the HAL Open Darts 2014 are invited. The promotors can invite players with a wildcard

The first 8 players of the Zuiderduin Masters rankins are seeded and each one will be one the number one postion of a group of 3 players. The other 16 players will be added to a group by draw later this Year.

The 8 seeded players are:

  1. Wesley Harms (Neth)
  2. Martin Adams (Eng)
  3. Rick Hofstra (Ned)
  4. Scott Mitchell (Eng)
  5. Jan Dekker (Neth)
  6. Geert De Vos (Bel)
  7. Gary Robson (Eng)
  8. Tony O’Shea (Eng) 

De other 8 none seeded players who receive an invitation are:

  1. Jamie Hughes (Wal)
  2. Alan Norris (Eng)
  3. James Wilson (Eng)
  4. Scott Waites (Eng)
  5. Jeffrey de Graaf (Neth)
  6. Michel van der Horst (Neth)
  7. Remco van Eijden (Neth)
  8. Ross Montgomery (Sco)

The 8 remaining spots will be announced later 

  1. Wildcard (*)
  2. Wildcard (**)
  3. Winner of Champions League of Darts 2014
  4. Wildcard
  5. Wildcard
  6. Wildcard
  7. Wildcard
  8. Wildcard

(*) James won Zuiderduin Masters 2013 and qualified through the rankings, so for this spot a player will receive a wildcard.

(**) Martin Adams won the HAL Open Darts 2014 and is the number two seed of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings. Also for this spot a player will be selected for a wildcard.

For the ladies event two players are invited based on the rankings. One player can qualify by the CLoD, the winner of the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 for ladies is invited to play and the HAL Open Darts 2014 Ladies champion. The remaining spots are filled in with a wildcard.

The two ladies invited by the rankings are seeded as head of a group. By draw the other players are added to a group

The seeded ladies are:

  1. Aileen de Graaf (Neth)
  2. Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus)
  3. wildcard (***)
  4. Deta Hedman (Eng) Ladies Champion HAL Open Darts 2014
  5. wildcard
  6. wildcard

(***) Aileen de Graaf is the reigning Zuiderduin Masters 2013 ladies champion and the number one seed on the 2014 Zuiderduin Masters ranking so for this spot the promoter will select a player for a wildcard.

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth 2014has no seeding. For these two groups of 3 players each a draw decides in which a player has to play. One player we already know. One player can qualify by the CLoD

1. Colin Roelofs (Ned) (winner HAL Open Darts 2014 for boys) 2. Winner Champions League of Darts 2014

The other 3 players are invited in consolation with de Dutch Darts Bond

3. wildcard 4. wildcard 5. wildcard 6. wildcard

Ticket sale for Zuiderduin Masters 2014 already started. See for more information and special hotel offers.

HAL Open Darts champions added to the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 players field

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 25th of March 2014

The promoters  added 3 players to the players field for Zuiderduin Masters 2014. These 3 players qualified for the event starting on the 5th of December by winning the international darts event the HAL Open Darts  Venray the Netherlands.

The promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters made 3 tickets to play at the world top darts event  available, one for the champion of the mens single event, one for the ladies single champion and the last one for the best player of the boys event.Hedman_Adams

Martin Adams from England claimed the ticket for Zuiderduin Masters  mens event. Martin won the mens single final with a 3-1 victory over Dutchman, Wesley Harms. Martin now is the second player in the players field for 2014, Zuiderduin Masters 2013 champion, James Wilson, was the first player on the list.

Deta Hedman also from Engeland won the ladies final. Deta beat her compatriot Trina Gulliver and her name now is added to the list for the ladies event on which Zuiderduin Masters 2013 ladies champion, Aileen de Graaf also is noted.

Colin_RoelofsThe ticket to play the Zuiderduin Masters Youth 2014 event is for Colin Roelofs from the Netherlands. Colin won from Mike van Duijvenbode, also from the Netherlands  and for the second time in a row Colin qualified for the Zuiderduin Masters Youth event  by winning an international youth darts event.

Meanwhile  the presale starts for Zuiderduin Masters 2014. Booking tickets and passe partout can be done at the website of the event,

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Great offer to visit Zuiderduin Masters 2014

Pressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 18th of February 2014

December the fifth in the Netherlands it is a tradition to give nice presents to each other and also the promoters of the Zuiderduin this Year announce a pleasant surprise. The day the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 starts is December the 5th and therefore the promoters today announce a great offer for visitors of the Zuiderduin Masters edition 2014.

You can experience the event from the beginning to the end with a partout for only €  55,00. A discount of more then 20%. The cheapest ticket for a session costs only  €  12,50

Also the hotel package deals are offered at competitive prices

A Double 20 hotel package

 2 x Overnight stay

 2 x Breakfast buffet

 free use of swimming pool and sauna

 tickets for the entire tournament + the possibility to enter the venue before the non-hotel guests we offer for € 145,00 p.p, tourist tax included

The Triple 20 hotel package with 3 x Overnight stay we offer from  € 177,00 p.p

For more information see  Tickets or Hotel offers on this websiteFor more information about ticket sale, overall tickets  and hotel packages deals  see the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,

Single winners Hal Open Darts receive invitation for Zuiderduin Masters

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Friday the 17 th  of January 2014

The promoter of the Zuiderduin Masters announces that the new international darts event, the HAL Open Darts is added to the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 rankings. Also the promoter announces that the will invite the winners of the mens- ladies and boys single event ro play the Zuiderduin Masters 2014.

The HAL Open Darts is a new international darts event that is WDF and BDO ranked and since today also counts for qualification for the Zuiderduin Masters.

The event starts on Saturday the 22nd of March and on Sunday the 23rd the single event will start. The venue is the Evenementenhal at Venray and soon you  can prescribe for this event by the website

On the Zuiderduin Masters you see the best 24 men, 6 ladies and 6 boys of the national and international darts scene in action. For more information about ticket sale, overall ticket and hotel packages deals  see the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,

Zuiderduin Masters 2014, announcement of the dates for this events

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, the 15th of January 2015

With the excting matches of Zuiderduin Masters edition 2013 in our minds and still hearing the shearing of the enthusiastic spectators we no look forward to the start of edition 2014. Today the promoter of the Zuiderduin Masters announced the new dates for this event. Zuiderduin Masters 2014. From Friday the 5th till Sunday the 7th of December the tournament  will be played in Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee.

Zuiderduin Masters 2013 Champions, James Wilson and Aileen the Graaf will be back in Decmeber to defend their title the rest of the players in the new event can qualify through the Zuiderduin Masters rankings or as the winner of the Champions League of Darts play off tournament. Further the promoter and the Dutch Darts Bond invite some players to play the Zuiderduin Master with a wildcard.

Later on we will update this website with more information about ticket sale, hotel package deals and the participants for Zuiderduin Masters 2014

James Wilson, Aileen de Graaf and Colin Roelofs the new Zuiderduin Masters Champions

ZuiderduinMasters2013_championsThe Zuiderduin Masters 2013 mens title this year is for James Wilson from England. A name to remember as not only in the past months the 41 year old dartsplayer from Huddersfield was in many tournament finals also today in the Zuiderduin Masters final against world number one Stephen Bunting ‘the Jammie Dodger’ played very impressive.

Stephen ‘Bullet’ Bunting had no answer on the the force of Wilson who had a 121, 122, 123 and 124 finish in the match

In a best of 9 sets Wilson won 5-1  and only in the second set  he lost one point to the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 Champion, Stephen Bunting. Lots of emotion showed Wilson during the presentations. A few weeks ago he just missed his first major title as runner up of Winmau World Masters today in Egmond aan Zee he claimed his first major title.

Robbie Green won the cheque for the highest check out, 160.

After 3 years at last the Zuiderduin Masters ladies title for Aileen de Graaf. Aileen made her debut in 2011 and lost that year the final against Deta Hedman. In 2012 she lost from Anastasia Dobromyslova who reached the ladies final this year as well.

But today it ended the other way and won Aileen the Zuiderduin Masters ladies champion title without losing a set. In the first set Aileen won her first setpoint in the fifth an deciding leg and due to lots of missed doubles Anastasia lost the second set 3-1

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth title was claimed by Colin Roelofs who won in two sets of Berry van Peer also from the Netherlands. Berry was very close to a setpoint in the first set but unfortunately lost in the 5th and deciding leg of this set.

In the second set no succes for Berry and Colin won the set 3-0 and with that result his first major title.

The results of the final matches

Quarter finals men
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1) (ENG)         -     Benito v. d. Pas (8) (NED)        3 – 0

Set results::  3-0  ;  3-1  ;  3-0

Michel van der Horst (NED)        -     Wesley Harms (4) (NED)            0 – 3
Set results:1-3  ; 0-3  ; 1-3

Ross Montgomery (SCO)             -     Gary Robson (ENG)                 3 – 2
Set results:  3-2  ; 1-3  ; 3-2  ; 2-3  ;  3-2

Tony O’Shea (7) (ENG)             -     James Wilson (ENG)                1 – 3
Set results:3-2  ; 1-3  ; 0-3  ; 2-3

Semi finals:
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1) (ENG)               Wesley Harms (4) (NED)

Ross Montgomery (SCO)                   James Wilson (ENG)

Youth final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Colin Roelofs  (NED)              -     Berry van Peer (NED)              2-0

Set results: 3-2 ; 3-0

Ladies final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Aileen de Graaf (1) (NED)         -     Ana Dobromyslova (RUS)            2-0

Set results:  3-2  ; 3-1

Mens final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1)(ENG)          -     James Wilson (ENG)                1 – 5

Set results: Bunting – Wilson  0-3  ; 3-2  ; 0-3  ;  1-3  ; 1-3  ; 1-3

Zuiderduin Masters Live 6 – 7 and 8 December

 Zuiderduin Masters logo

This Year all the matches of the Zuiderduin Masters are streamed live on the internet

On the website of RTV Noord Holland you can see these matches.

RTV Noord Holland website

Zuiderduin Masters website

Most original dressed visitor of Zuiderduin Masters has a chance to win a Triple 20 package


© Promotion Zuiderduin Masters

Pressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Friday the 22nd of November 2013Also this Year the promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters offer a Triple 20  hotel package for two to the spectator who comes to the Zuiderduin Masters in an original and funny outfit.

To be assured of tickets and a hotel room for Zuiderduin Masters 2014, this is your chance. Visit the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 played from the 6th of December to the 8th of December  in your most  funny  outfit and so make a chance to win this wonderful prize?

During the three days of the tournament a photographer shoots pictures of visitors who have strikingly dressed to support their favorite dartplayer (s)  After the event a winner is chosen. The photo of the winner will be published an entire week on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters after the tournament. This person can contact the hotel  to make an arrangement to collect the prize.

The Zuiderduin Masters Triple 20 package for two includes:

- 3 nights in a double room

- 3 x breakfast buffet

- During the stay free use of swimming pool and sauna

- A passe partout for the entire tournament plus priority entering the venue compared to spectators who are not staying at the hotel

Get involved! Somewhere in your closet  you might find a colorful wig or other attributes worn on Queens day or any other festive occasion, and win this package for two persons.

For all the 2013 session a few tickets are available so be quick and make your reservation at

Mitsubishi Outlander as bonus for the first nine darter at Zuiderduin Masters 2013

mitsubishi_outlanderPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Wednesday the 13th of November 2013

Also this year an outstanding bonus for the first nine darter during Zuiderduin Masters 2013. The promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters contracted Renses Automobielbedrijven to guarantee for a Mitsubishis Outlander Intenese of almost €  32.000,00 for this outstanding performance.

Beside dealer for Mitsubishi Renses Automobielbedrijven Alkmaar also is dealer for Chevrolet and Subaru and for more then 70 years a high recommended company in this region.

André Renses of Renses Automobielbedrijven is very pleased to be sponsor for the Zuiderduin Masters. Through the years this worldtop darts event also impressed André and with the support of RTV Noord-Holland responsable for the recording the Zuiderduin Masters is the excellent stage for extra promotion. At the moment the company is fully engaged to deliver Mitsubishi Outlanders.

Presenting rhe Outlander at the venue during the event and live registration by RTV Noord-Holland is a very welcom addition to our promotion campaign. ‘It will be great if a player hit the 9 perfect darts during the event’, mr. Renses sais.

The Mitsubishi Outlander Intense is an unique car, with more driving pleasure the ever and is the best of three worlds. The powerful look confirms what the new outlander stands for; ultimate driving pleasure in a distinctive and affordable car.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is shown  during the Zuiderduin Master. For more information about the Mitsubishi Outlander and other brands of cars of Renses Automobielbedrijven please visit the website,

For more information about the event or information about  ticket sale and hotel offers see www.zuiderduin

The draw for Zuiderduin Masters 2013

loting_zuiderduinmasters2013Pressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Wednesday  the 30th of October  2013

Johan Bovenschen, representing the Nederlandse Darts Bond made the draw for Zuiderduin Masters 2013, in the prescence of the promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters and a tournament official.

From the 24 players in the mens event the first 8 players of the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 – 2013 are seeded as grouphead in one of the 8 groups. The other players by draw will enter a group. The result of the mens draw is;







Stephen Bunting – Eng (1)



Benito van de Pas – Neth   (8)


Martin Adams – Eng



Martin Atkins – Eng


Jim Widmayer – USA



Remco van Eijden – Neth








Richie George – Eng (5)



Wesley Harms – Neth (4)


Michel van der Horst –   Neth



Scott Mitchell – Eng


Scott Waites – Eng



Jan Dekker – Neth








Robbie Green – Eng (3)



Alan Norris – Eng (6)


Yordi Meeuwisse – Neth



Jeffrey de Zwaan – Neth


Ross Montgomery – Sco



Gary Robson – Eng








Tony O’Shea – Eng (7)



Geert De Vos – Bel (2)


Danny Noppert – Neth



James Wilson – Eng


Darryl Fitton – Eng



Rick Hofstra – Neth

6 Players in the ladies event and the first two ladies of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings 2012 – 2013 are seeded as head of a group after the draw this is the result for the ladies event.







Aileen de Graaf – Neth   (1)



Deta Hedman – Eng (2)


Sharon Prins – Neth



Rilana Erades – Neth


Trina Gulliver – Eng



Anasta. Dobromyslova –   Rus

No seeding for the youth event and after the draw the six players were divided in these groups;







Colin Roelofs – Neth



Shaun Lovett – Eng


Pascol Roox – Neth



Kevin Doets – Neth


Brian Coenderaerts – Bel



Berry van Peer – Neth

Soon the order of play will be announced on this website Meanwhile the ticket sale has started. Also attractive hotelpackage deals are available for the event with the best 24 men, 6 women an 6 youth players of the national and international darts circuit.

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