Remco van Eijden and James Hurrell receive first two wildcards for Finder Darts Masters 2015

FDMWildcards_2015PRESS RELEASE FINDER DARTS MASTERS 2015: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 22nd of september 2015

Today, the organization of the Finder Darts Masters announced the first names of players who received a wildcard to participate in the international Finder Darts Masters tournament that starts the 4th of December at Hotel Zuiderduin , Egmond aan Zee.

The first wildcard went to ‘Zaankanter’ Remco van Eijden. Remco this year just missed direct qualification . He ended as the number 17th in the Finder Darts Masters rankings, and only the first 16 players qualify directly based on these rankings.

For years Remco compete among the the best group of international players and is also ranked high in the world ranking of the BDO. A player who deservers to play on the world stage of the Finder Darts Masters and therefore received the first wildcard.

The second wildcard goes to James Hurrell from Moreton in Marsh England. James, was the runner-up of the Romanian Classic and the Swiss Open. He is the number 26 of the BDO rankings, and also finished just outside the top 16 of the Finder Darts Masters ranking for 2015.

His selection for the England National team and several other good results in the international circuit attracted the attention of the organization and they made it possible for him to make his debut on the big stage of the Finder Darts Masters with a wildcard

Ticket sales for the Finder Darts Masters has started, and also for the upcoming event there are attractive hotel packages available. At this tournament you will see compete the 24 best men, six ladies and six best youth players from the national and international darts circuit. Information about tickets, passe partout, hotel bookings and the tournament can be found at:

NDB Grand Slam of Darts Qualifiers Location and Registration


NDB Grand Slam of Darts Qualifiers Location and Registration Do you want to get a chance to play live on Sky Sports and in front of thousands of darts fans? Do you want to play a game against Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen or Gary Anderson? Then you should participate in the NDB qualifying tournament for the ‘Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts’ and win a ticket! 

Who can participate?

  • Only players from European countries are eligible to play in this tournament excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Players need to be 16 years of age on October 18, 2015. Players who have a Pro Tour card or ‘Tour Card holders’ and ‘ PDPA Associate Members (participants in Q-School or players with an ‘associate membership’) are not eligible to play. The BDO and the NDB have received a list of those players.

What is there to win?

Two players will qualify for the ‘Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts 2015’ which will take place from 7/15 November in the ‘Wolverhampton Civic Hall’ in England. The ‘Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts is a lucrative tournament. Last year this prestigious tournament had a total prize money of no less than 400,000 pounds.

Where and when?

The qualifying tournament will take place on October 18th in the NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhoven. Exact times depend on the number of entries and will be announced in a later stage. The qualifying tournament will start in the morning and we aim to announce the winners in the early evening. For spectators, the entrance is free.

Address and route location:

Hotel NH Conference Centre Koningshof | Locht 117 | 5504 RM Veldhoven | The Netherlands

The NH Conference Centre Koningshof Eindhoven is well-known in the world of darts as the Dutch Open Darts was held there many years. From the bus stop outside the hotel, you can travel to the airport and the railway station of Eindhoven. The hotel is just 15 minutes by bus from Eindhoven and within 10 minutes you are at the airport. It is close to the A76 and the A2, which you can drive to Antwerp, Amsterdam and Maastricht. The hotel has 509 rooms, so plenty of opportunities to stay overnight.

How can you register?

There will be a registration module placed on our website ( Registration is possible from Wednesday, August 5th 2015. The entrance fee is € 25.00 per player. If you have questions you can always contact the Head Office of the NDB at: More information about the ” Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts 2015 can be found on the PDC website:

Adams and de Graaf champions

DOD-15-01-895Martin Adams and Aileen de Graaf have won the Dutch Open Darts 2015. For Adams it was the third time he won this title. Earlier he became Dutch Open Champion in 2010 and 2011. In the final, Adams played against Darryl Fitton and won in 3 sets to 1. Fitton nevertheless was very happy himself too. In the third leg of the fourth set, the ‘Dazzler’ threw a nine-darter and the crowd was going crazy.

Both English darters were beaming on stage and were serenaded by thousands of darts fans. Adams won the first prize and wins an amount of € 5,000 euros while Fitton took the keys to his brand new Broekhuis Skoda car.

In the women’s final it was again Aileen de Graaf who won the title for the second year in a row. In a thrilling final against Deta Hedman the Dutch lady managed to decide the final 5-2 in her favour.

We also have three fantastic youth champions. Maikel Verberk claimed the boys title and Sofie Jahn Bensdorf took the girls title. Levy Frauenfelder was the strongest by the under 14. Click here for youth results.

Results Men
last 64

Martijn Soomers – Mats Gies 4-1
Ryan de Vreede – Daniel Brouwer 4-1
Geert de Vos – Danny Blom 4-0
Ritchie Edhouse – Michel van der Horst 2-4
Maarten Gerritsen – Nick Hensens 4-1
Ronny van der Heide – Remco van Eijden 2-4
Martin Atkins – Kiristiaan de Boer 3-4
Danny Lanooij – Darryl Fitton 1-4
Gary Robson – Paul Hogan 2-4
Davy Verkooijen – Daniel Larsson 2-4
Pip Blackwell – Cees van Leeuwen 4-1
David Concannon – Dennis Verhaegen 3-4
Paul Lindley – Arjan van Arum 4-0
Co Stompe – Peter Voskamp 3-4
Alain Denies – Martijn Kleermaker 3-4
Daniel Verdonschot – Roy Gokoel 4-2
Marcel Blik – Ricardo Ham 4-1
Nick Stoekenbroek – Danny Noppert 4-2
Madars Razma – Toon Greebe 4-2
Alex den Breejen – Kevin de Vries 4-3
Ferry van Veen – Joppe Bakens 2-4
Hans van der Spek – Jeffrey de Graaf 0-4
Pieter Collijn – Abdelaziz Hammouchi 0-4
Frans Harmsen – Wesley Harms 3-4
Ross Montgomery – Paul Brown 4-3
Fabian Roosenbrand – Hendrik Tooren 2-4
Tony O’Shea – Richard Veenstra 1-4
Andries Sterk – Stefaan Deprez 4-1
James Hurrell – Jeffrey Sparidaans 2-4
Glenn Meijer – Dirjan uit de Bulten 1-4
Michael Plooy – Robin Blockx 0-4
Frank Schasfoort – Martin Adams 2-4

Last 32
Martijn Soomers – Ryan de Vreede 3-4
Geert de Vos – Michel van der Horst 4-1
Maarten Gerritsen – Remco van Eijden 4-0
Kristiaan de Boer – Darryl Fitton 2-4
Paul Hogan – Daniel Larsson 3-4
Pip Blackwell – Dennis Verhaegen 4-3
Paul Lindley – Peter Voskamp 3-4
Martijn Kleermaker – Daniel Verdonschot 3-4
Marcel Blik – Nick Stoekenbroek 4-2
Madars Razma – Alex den Breejen 4-0
Joppe Bakens – Jeffrey de Graaf 1-4
Abdelaziz Hammouchi – Wesley Harms 2-4
Ross Montgomery – Hendrik Tooren 3-4
Richard Veenstra – Andries Sterk 4-0
Jeffrey Sparidaans – Dirjan uit de Bulten 4-0
Robin Blockx – Martin Adams 0-4

Last 16
Ryan de Vreede – Geert de Vos 4-1
Maarten Gerritsen – Darryl Fitton 3-4
Daniel Larsson – Pip Blackwell 3-4
Peter Voskamp – Daniel Verdonschot 1-4
Marcel Blik – Madars Razma 4-3
Jeffrey de Graaf – Wesley Harms 4-2
Hendrik Tooren – Richard Veenstra 2-4
Jeffrey Sparidaans – Martin Adams 3-4

Quarter final
Ryan de Vreede – Darryl Fitton 2-5
Pip Blackwell – Daniel Verdonschot 3-5
Marcel Blik – Jeffrey de Graaf 5-1
Richard Veenstra – Martin Adams 4-5

Semi final

Darryl Fitton – Daniel Verdonschot 2-0 (3-0, 3-0)
Marcel Blik – Martin Adams 1-2 (3-2, 0-3, 2-3)

Darryl Fitton – Martin Adams 1-3

Results Ladies
Last 16
Anastasia Dobromyslova – Ann Louise Peters 2-3
Irina Armstrong – Trina Gulliver 3-1
Zoe Jones – Gerrie Steenbreker 3-1
Tamara Schuur – Aileen de Graaf 1-3
Fallon Sherrock – Anca Zijlstra 3-2
Louise Hepburn – Rachel Brooks 1-3
Sharon Jansen – Paula Jacklin 1-3
Renee Ehlers – Deta Hedman 0-3

Quarter final
Ann Louise Peters – Irina Armstrong 3-0
Zoe Jones – Aileen de Graaf 2-3
Fallon Sherrock – Rachel Brooks 2-3
Paula Jacklin – Deta Hedman 1-3

Semi final
Ann Louise Peters – Aileen de Graaf 1-4
Rachel Brooks – Deta Hedman 1-4

Aileen de Graaf – Deta Hedman 5-2

Dutch Open Darts 2015 in ‘Bonte Wever Assen’

Dutch Open Darts 2015 FCPRESS RELEASE DUTCH OPEN DARTS 2015:  RIJSWIJK – 21 May 2014

The 37th edition of the Dutch Open Darts takes place from 30st of January till February the 1st 2015 in ‘De Bonte Wever Assen’. It is still the largest and liveliest BDO/WDF open darts tournament in the world and it will once again take place in the sports and entertainment center of Northern Netherlands.

“After a successful first edition, we are pleased to organize the Dutch Open Darts for the second time in Assen,” said tournament director Niels de Ruiter. “We learned a lot from the first edition, and listened carefully to our audience. A big party tent will be organized again and we see opportunities to increase the capacity. Everybody should be welcome and able to stay!”

“There are several reasons why we chose ‘De Bonte Wever’ again,” says Sijmon Timmers, president of the NDB. “First, it is a professional venue partner, who has worked hard to succeed the recent edition of the Dutch Open Darts. Secondly we have made good agreements again which is important to organize an event like this on such a big scale.”

Not only is ‘De Bonte Wever Assen’ a beautiful location, it also attracts regional sponsors, television, press and a lot of fans. According to the newspaper of the North, the Dutch Open Darts 2014 was a hit and broadcaster RTV Drenthe says the live broadcast on Sunday had a massive amount of viewers.

“The Dutch Open Darts is a perfect addition to our events calendar,” said director Christa de Ruiter from ‘De Bonte Wever’, who is very delighted that the Dutch Open Darts comes again to Assen. Don’t miss anything of the Dutch Open Darts 2015 and make sure that you stay overnight in ‘De Bonte Wever’.

The four-star hotel, catering, sports and events complex is distinguished by its location and combination of facilities and was elected in 2014 as the best family hotel in the Netherlands. It is now possible to make a reservation on the following website:  Check out our website frequently for the latest news. You can also follow the Dutch Open on Twitter: and Facebook:! See you in ‘De Bonte Wever’!

If you have any questions, please contact:


Nederlandse Darts Bond

Paul Engelbertink

tel. +31 (0) 70 366 72 06

New venue for Dutch Open Darts!

RIJSWIJK – 14 june 2014

The 2014 Dutch Open will be played in a new venue – De Bonte Wever Assen – which is the sports and entertainment centre of north Holland. It is a key component in the staging of the 36th Dutch Open, which will be played from January 31st  to February 2nd, 2014.

De Bonte Wever Assen is a beautiful venue in a perfect location,  complete with 4-star hotel accommodation,  an atmospheric event hall, an indoor ‘barstreet’  with various kinds of pubs and bars, several restaurants, and  sub-tropical swimming and sauna facilities…….. and much more!

Niels de Ruiter, Tournament  Director says: “The Dutch Darts Association is very pleased with the transition to De Bonte Wever. It is extremely important to continue exploring new opportunities for this wonderful event and the new venue has plenty of space, good hotel facilities and is the perfect setting to create the atmosphere that suits the event.”

The NDB  recognises De Bonte Wever as a professional venue partner with extensive experience.

“Thanks to the range of facilities on offer,  De Bonte Wever provides  Dutch Open Darts with excellent scope to build on the popularity of the biggest darts open in Europe”, adds Sijmon Timmers,  President of the NDB.

Christa de Ruiter, Director of De Bonte Wever, says: “We are very pleased to welcome the Dutch Open Darts to Assen. The tournament complements our company perfectly and we will be making every effort  to provide players, officials and fans the best darts experience possible.

“Every year we organize a number of major sporting events, including the World Cup Latin & Ballroom dance championships,  and the World Cup Ice Speedway. The Dutch Open Darts will be a perfect addition to our events calendar in 2014. “

It is now possible to make a reservation at De Bonte Wever or at one of the other hotels. There is also a holiday park nearby. The NDB has special pricing agreements for all players and spectators. All accommodation can by found via the following websites:



Please visit the website of the Dutch Open Darts ( to keep updated about all developments and the latest news. Registration for the Dutch Open Darts 2014 will be possible soon!  You can follow the Dutch Open Darts on Twitter ( and on Facebook (

If you have any questions, please contact:
Nederlandse Darts Bond
Paul Engelbertink

New coaches Dutch darts teams

ShirtsNLteam-1Following comprehensive and productive consultation with all concerned, the NDB has made the decision to source new coaches for the Youth, Ladies and Men’s national darts teams.

This means that the long and highly successful career of Dennis van Onselen will end shortly after the Winmau Six Nations Cup Darts 2013. Dennis is well known within the international sport of darts and has been involved within the NDB since 1998 as Technical Director, and later as coach of the national teams.

The NDB will also be looking for a suitable replacement for Cees van Leeuwen, who was appointed as Ladies coach in 2010. His team won the most successful Spring Cup ever staged in 2011, and other titles including the WDF Europe Cup in 2012, which  Dennis also achieved with the Men’s team.

The NDB take this opportunity to thank them both for their dedication to Dutch darts and wish them well for the future.

Met vriendelijke groet, kind regards,
Nederlandse Darts Bond / Dutch Darts Association