WDF Europe Cup 2016


The WDF Europe Cup 2016 will be held at the Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands 20-24 September. 32 Men’s teams and 26 Women’s teams will be participating in this year’s event.

Schedule of Events

The draw for the 2016 WDF Europe Cup is available on the links below.

Men: Singles Women: Singles
Men: Pairs Women: Pairs
Men: Team RR – Groups 1-4 Women: Team RR – Groups 1-4
Men: Team RR – Groups 5-8 Women: Team RR – Groups 5-8
Men: Team Finals Women: Team Finals
Men: Points table Women: Points Table


For more details on location, accommodation, tickets and all the latest event news please visit the NDB website: Click …. here … the site is in English and Dutch.

Hong Kong Open 2016 – results

Hong Kong Open was played 20-21/08/2016 with 152 men, 35 women and 11 youth.

WDF Tables updated with these results 21/08/2016.

Pictures Hong Kong Darts Assosiation

Men’s Champion
Paolo Nebrida, Phillipines
Women’s Champion
Inoue Sayaka, Japan
2016_HongKongOpen_mens-champion 2016_HongKongOpen_womens-champion
Open Youth Champion
Pak Hin Ho, Hong Kong

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Swedish Open & LDO Sweden Classic 2016 – results

SwedenLogoDarts tournaments in Malmö, Sweden: LDO Sweden Classic was played 19/08/2016 with 69 women. Swedish Open was played 20/08/2016 with 208 men and 79 women.

Brackets and more available in tournament website http://www.swedishopendart.se/

WDF Tables updated with these results 21/08/2016.

Photographer Magnus Karlsson
(click picture to view full size)

Friday LDO Swedish Classic
winner Aileen De Graaf (left)
Saturday Swedish Open winners
Glen Durrant and Lisa Ashton
2016_LDOSweden_Winner_AileendeGraaf 2016_SwedishOpen_Winners_Glen_Durrant_and_Lisa_Ashton
Swedish Open Men’s Champion
Glenn Durrant England
& referee Cayen De Kloonia
Swedish Open Women’s Champion
Lisa Ashton England
2016_SwedishOpen_Winner_Mens_Glen_Durrant_and_Caller_Cayen_De_Kloonia 2016_SwedishOpen_Winner_Ladies_Lisa_Ashton

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Belgium Open 2016 – results

Belgium_logoBelgium Open was played 05-07/08/2016  in Antwerp, Belgium with 344 men, 85 women, 52 boys and 7 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results, received 16/08/2016.


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Finder Darts Masters 2016 – press release

FinderDartsMastersPress release Egmond  aan Zee, Monday 15/08/2016

Antwerp Open 2016 was the 16th and final tournament of the Finder Darts Masters ranking for 2016. This tournament was played on Sunday, August the 14th, and with these results we reached the final result of the Finder Darts Masters.

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Antwerp Open 2016, Belgium – results

Belgium_logoAntwerp Open was played 12-14/08/2016  in Antwerp, Belgium with 298 men, 82 women, 40 boys and 16 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 14/08/2016.

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Mongolian Open 2016 – results and press release


The Mongolia Open 2016, the first ever World Darts Federation ranking event, in Association with Winmau was conducted during 6-7 August, 2016 at the Grand Hill Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. About 200 players participated in two days of the tournament.


WDF Tables updated with these results 14/08/2016, singles entries men 71, women 25 and open youth 16. Note points are provisional – information in tables page.

Winners Odkhuu Khundaganai
and Erdenechimeg Dondov
Open Youth Champion
Ankhbayar Bayarjavkhlan
2016_MongoliaOpen_men-women-winners 2016_MongoliaOpen_youth

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French Open – closing date for entries postponed 20/08/2016

France_logoInternational French Open is coming soon at BRAY-DUNES North of France. The closing of entry is postponed to the 20 TH of August *). If you wish to compete, now it’s time to proceed to your registration.

*) Note French Open flyer and registration form has old date for entries
You can find more information about tournaments from WDF Calendar

New Zealand Open 2016 – results

NZ_logo_102Puma New Zealand open was played 10/08/2016 in Rotorua, New Zealand with 300 men and 126 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 13/08/2016.


Pictures of Singles Winners (click to view full size)

Cody Harris, New Zealand Tina Osborne, New Zealand
2016_NZ-open-ms-cody-harris 2016_NZ-open-ladies-tina-osborne

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USA Classic 2016 – results

USA_logoUSA Classic was played 05-07/08/2016  in Stamford, CT USA with 223 men, 73 women, 17 boys and 5 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 10/08/2016.

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