Invite to the 5th edition of the Romanian International Darts Open

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Romanian Darts Federationhas the pleasure to invite you to the 5th edition of the Romanian International Darts Open,September 28 , 2014
The event will be exactly after WDF Europe Cup 2014 (23-27 September), in the same venue and with a big participation of top ranked players from all over Europe.
Singles are counting towards the ranking of the World Darts Federation as a category 3 WDF and BDO Invitation Table C ranking event.
A total of 5,000 Euro in prize money will be awarded to men singles, ladies singles. The winners of the singles receive an invite for the Winmau World Masters 2014.
Men single title will bring a 1,600 Euro prize, while the first 16 will receive various amounts as prize money. For the ladies, the winner will receive 250 euro, while the first eight will receive various amounts as prize money. A detailed list of how the prizes will be distributed you will find on our website and also in the WDF ( & BDO Calendar.
The event will be hosted by Hotel Intercontinental 5* Bucharest and will have the following schedule:
09:00 venue opening
10:00 Men Singles – start; Ladies Singles – start
18:00 Men Singles Quarter Finals (on stage)
20:00 Men Singles Semifinals (on stage)
21.20 Ladies Singles Final (on stage)
22.00 Men Singles Final (on stage)
23:00Prizes presentation
A detailed presentation, including accommodation forms, registration forms, entry fees, rules, playing format you will find on our website and also in the WDF & BDO Calendar.
The event will have live coverage thru Romanian main sports television, TV
The Intercontinental Hotel 5* is in close proximity of Henri Coanda International Airport (about 17 km).
Since we know that a lot of visitors are interested in everything related to Dracula, we thought to organize a Dracula Tour!!! The tour is scheduled for Monday, September 29 and includes transportation to Dracula Castle, visit to Palas Castle in Sinaia, entry fee for both castles and a traditional Romanian lunch). If you are interested (for only 65 Euro per person) you have just to send an email to and you will receive all the details need it.
Best regards,
Romanian Darts Federation

Gates and Hudson win USA Classic

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Leonard Gates USA 1. Sandy Hudson USA
2. Joe Chaney USA 2. Paula Murphy USA
3. Ray Carver USA 3. Bette Cunninghma USA
3. Jim Widmayer USA 3. Cali West USA
5. Stan Savitsky USA 5. Jennifer Ehlert USA
5. Greg Van Lienen USA 5. Trish Grzesik CANADA
5. Bob Sinnaeve CANADA 5. Kayla Thompson USA
5. Alex Reyes USA 5. Pam Briggs USA
9. Darin Young USA 9. Deb Pundt USA
9. Don Conway USA 9. Gloria Gutierrez USA
9. Steve Minnis USA 9. Shannon Vital USA
9. Jerry Van Loan USA 9. Hailey Alexander USA
9. Dave Walsh USA 9. Sally Kelly USA
9. Steve Maguire USA 9. Kathy Salway USA
9. Dan Naylor USA 9. Robin Curry USA
9. Mike Naulty USA 9. Charlie Daniel USA

Cody Harris and Sha Hohipa win at the NZ Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Cody Harris NZ 1. Sha Hohipa NZ
2. Craig Pullen NZ 2. Jannete Jonathan NZ
3. Craig Caldwell NZ 3. Marama Prime NZ
3. Bernie Smith NZ 3. Desi Mercer NZ
5. Wayne Carey NZ 5. Tina Osborne NZ
5. Landon Gardiner NZ 5. Rachel Padget NZ
5. Mike Day NZ 5. Sandy Melgers NZ
5. Jai Monaghan NZ 5. Jo Steed NZ
9. Greg Moss NZ 9. Auscaleena Hakeagatoa NZ
9. Mark Mcgrath NZ 9. Helen Makiha NZ
9. Laurie Turner NZ 9. Lorraine Pike NZ
9. Phil Archibaaled NZ 9. Dale Rolls NZ
9. Charles Hautapu NZ 9. Ngapine Heke NZ
9. Peter Hunt NZ 9. Rosalie Ritchie NZ
9. Bill Fergus NZ 9. Sonia Lewis NZ

Results from Poland


Winmau Polish Open
Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Alan Norris England 1. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
2. James Hurrell England 2. Ann Louise Peters Denmark
3. Glen Durrant England 3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
3. Geert de Vos Belgium 3. Deta Hedman England
5. Madars Razma Latvia 5. Lumi Silvan Finland
5. Sven Verdonck Belgium 5. Jolanta Rzepka Poland
5. Paul Coughlin Scotland 5. Anne Wilkomm Germany
5. Robbie Green England 5. Nicole Hartmann Germany
9. Willem Mandigers Netherlands 9. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
9. Jamie Hughes England 9. Tove Lauridesen Denmark
9. Remco van Eijden Netherlands 9. Casey Gallagher England
9. Pavel Drtil Czech Republic 9. Rachel Brooks England
9. Tony O’Shea England 9. Veronika Ihasz Hungary
9. Scott Waites England 9. Ivana Skaro Germany
9. Darryl Fitton England 9. Hana Belobradkova Czech Republic
9. Jim Williams Wales 9. Hanne Johnsen Denmark
Winmau Polish Open
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Maikel Verberk Netherlands 1. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
2. Josh Mccarthy England 2. Shauni Wastyn Belgium
3. Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 3. Michelle Verberk Netherlands
3. Ryan Hoggarth England 3. Elin Forsman Sweden
5. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark 5. Kinga Małek Poland
5. Ricardo Roks Netherlands 5. Michelle Lindhardt Denmark
5. Jordan Hołderny Poland
5. Jerry Kaldenberg Netherlands
9. Christoph Teske Germany
9. Jakub Kowalczyk Poland
9. Kevin Knopf Germany
9. Kamil Białka Poland
9. Oskar Lainpelto Sweden
9. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands
9. Adrian Kuhl Sweden
9. Maurice Huebner Germany
17. Jesper Voittonen Sweden
17. Mattias Flodin Sweden


Winmau Police Masters
Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Scott Waites England 1. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
2. Remco van Eijden Netherlands 2. Lumi Silvan Finland
3. Scott Mitchell England 3. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium
3. Darryl Fitton England 3. Deta Hedman England
5. Alan Norris England 5. Veronika Ihasz Hungary
5. Gary Stafford England 5. Kirsi Viinikainen Finland
5. Jan Dekker Netherlands 5. Anneke Kujten Netherlands
5. Radosław Szagański Poland 5. Hana Belobradkova Czech Republic
9. Martin Atkins England 9. Kelly McGivern Northern Ireland
9. Geert de Vos Belgium 9. Lenka Drtilova Czech Republic
9. Glen Durrant England 9. Karolina Farna Czech Republic
9. Madars Razma Latvia 9. Rachel Brooks England
9. Paul Jennings England 9. Gabriela Bartków Poland
9. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 9. Marta Król Poland
9. Jamie Hughes England 9. Shauni Wastyn Belgium
9. Robbie Green England 9. Ann Louise Peters Denmark
Winmau Police Masters
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Maikel Verberk Netherlands 1. Michelle Verberk Netherlands
2. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark 2. Shauni Wastyn Belgium
3. Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 3. Michelle Lindhardt Denmark
3. Kevin Knopf Germany 3. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
5. Mattias Flodin Sweden 5. Kinga Małek Poland
5. Adrian Kuhl Sweden 5. Elin Forsman Sweden
5. Jerry Kaldenberg Netherlands
5. Oskar Lainpelto Sweden
9. Jesper Voittonen Sweden
9. Christoph Teske Germany
9. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands
9. Ryan Hoggarth England
9. Jordan Hołderny Poland
9. Ricardo Roks Netherlands
9. Maurice Huebner Germany

Martin Adams and Deta Hedman the first HAL Open Darts singles Champions

HAL_Open_single_ChampionsPress release: Venray, Monday the 24th of March 2014

In the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd  of March the first ever HAL Open Darts tournament was played at Evenementen HAL Venray the Netherlands. A brand new international darts event  set up in less than 3 months and despite this the event had over 720 entries.

The total prize fund of € 17.700,00 and BDO, WDF and Zuiderduin Masters ranked an interesting event for national and international players who alo could win a ticket to play the Zuiderduin Masters 2014.

A variety of national and international  players came to Venray and from these world top players reigning WDF World Cup singels champion, Wesley Harms and 3 times Lakeside World Professional Darts champion Martin Adams reached the mens singles finals.

Martin Adams won this final over best of 5 sets 3-1 after losing the first set to Wesley with 3-1. But from set two Martin Adams took over control and equalized with a 3-0 set victory. Set 3 and 4 all ended in 3-1 for Wolfie who claimed the first HAL Open men singles title. Averages;  Wesley Harms – 91.70 and Martin Adams – 93.04

Deta Hedman won the ladies single finals with a 2-0 victory over 9 times Lakeside World Professional Ladies Darts champion, Trina Gulliver. The reigning Winmau World Maters ladies, Dark Destroyer Deta Hedman was 2-1 behind in the first set but won 2-3 to make 0-1. In te second set Trina made a 110 check out for 1-2 but in the 4 legs Deta made 1-3 to win the ladies title

Averages;  Deta Hedman – 72.99 and Trina Gulliver – 61.53

Colin Roelofs won the boys final and a ticket to play the Zuiderduin Masters Youth event with a 5-1 victory over Mike van Duijvenbode. The HAL Open Darts girls title was for Kyana Frauenfelder who beat the very unlucky Belgian girl Shauni Wastyn who missed so many matchdarts in the sixth and in the final leg. Kyana won 4-3

On Saturday the pairs event were played.

Martin Atkins and Rachel Brooks won the mixed pairs title with a 5-3 victory over Robbie Green and Deta Hedman

English ladies Rebecca Rose and Casey Gallagher claimed the ladies pairs title.They won the 7th and final leg in a match against Zoe Jones from England and Anneke Kuijten from the Netherlands

Robbie Green playing with Jan Dekker won the mens pairs final. In a best of 9 legs they won 5-2 from a local pair, Marco Pol and Jeffrey van de Ven.

All match result you can find at



HAL Open Darts Organization

Ryder and Hammond win West Coast Classic. Klung and Clarke take youth titles.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Laurence Ryder Australia   1. Corrine Hammond Australia
2. Tic Bridge Australia   2. Kim Kelly Australia
3. Harley Kemp Australia   3. Lee-Anne Watkins Australia
3. Eddie Sims Australia   3. Dot Mcleod Australia
5. Kerry Whear Australia   5. Lorraine Burn Australia
5. Tony David Australia   5. Michelle Rodney Australia
5. Keith Charchalis Australia   5. Jordan Clarke Australia
5. Tyson Hoefel Australia   5. Marilyn Mckenzie Australia
9. James Bailey Australia   9. Melissa Snnott Australia
9. Clifton Beauchamp Australia   9. Carrol Johns Australia
9. Nigel Hartley Australia   9. Robyn Mccloy Australia
9. Alan Aird Australia   9. Kristina Gallacher Australia
9. Mark Dorotich Australia   9. Natalie Carter Australia
9. Hayden Varias Australia   9. Tiana Smith Australia
9. Mkick Hammond Australia   9. Cheril Sutton Australia
9. Dave Platt Australia   9. Ursula Bennell Australia
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Samuel Klung Australia   1. Angela Clarke Australia
2. Kody Dodds-Watson Australia   2. Renee Beswick Australia
3. Jackson Wilson-Young Australia   3. Erin Dawson Australia
3. Dylan Sutherland Australia   3. Skye-Anne Egan Australia
5. Dylan Park Australia   5. Hayley Dawson Australia
5. Jordan King Australia   5. Julie Adams Australia
5. Mitchell Beswick Australia   5. Ellie Wood Australia
5. Hayden Varias Australia   5. Taylah Beswick Australia

Labanauskas and Silvan win Trakai Castle Cup 2014


Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania   1. Lumi Silvan Finland
2. Eldar Abdulaev Belarus   2. Katerina Gordeeva Belarus
3. Marcin Malinowski Poland   3. Vilma Armaliene Lithuania
3. Nauris Gleglu Latvia   3. Tatiana Gulyaeva Russia
5. Sigitas Vasylius Lithuania   5. Zeltite Strade Latvia
5. Nikalaj Michalin Russia   5. Jekaterina Kuskova Lithuania
5. Aigars Strelis Latvia   5. Aurita Sirvydyte Lithuania
5. Andrius Sparauskas Lithuania   5. Anna Drobkova Russia
9. Ilvars Draulis Latvia   9. Irina Zinkevic Belarus
9. Narve Plassen Norway   9. Renata Vaikutiene Lithuania
9. Jonas Jonaitis Lithuania   9. Anita Maldere Latvia
9. Aleksej Kadocnikov Russia   9. Marija Ruzane Latvia
9. Arunas Ciplys Lithuania   9. Diana Shota Poland
9. Madars Razma Latvia   9. Elina Putnina Latvia
9. Gintaris Armalis Lithuania   9. Justyna Lutyzc Poland
9. Albertas Olechnovicius Lithuania   9. Vita Grebska Latvia

Smith and Hayhurst win Halifax Open

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jeff Smith Canada   1. Cindy Hayhurst Canada
2. Kiley Edmunds Canada   2. Joanne Luke Canada
3. Darren MacNevin Canada   3. Cindy Veith Canada
3. Adam Stella Canada   3. Patricia Farrell Canada
5. Jeff Boutiller Canada   5. Darlene MacLeod Canada
5. Gerald Gillcrist Canada   5. Giselle Hayes Canada
5. Troy Hanlon Canada   5. Tammy Perry Canada
5. Gerry Melanson Canada   5. Kayla Thompson Canada
9. Terry Fougere Canada   9. Debbie Lewis-Christmas Canada
9. Jerry Myles Canada   9. Margaret Nicols-MacAdam Canada
9. Dave Fralic Canada   9. Carmel Pasher Canada
9. Seymour Dixon Canada   9. Gloria Brushett Canada
9. Shawn Drakes Canada   9. Dawn Acker Canada
9. Jim Lambert Canada   9. Taylor Probert Canada
9. Sheldon Fudge Canada   9. Josie Remington Canada
9. Carter Mill Canada   9. Shelby Brushett Canada

German Gold Cup: Wattemena and de Graaf take singles titles

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Jermaine Wattemena Netherland 1. Aileen de Graaf Netherland
2. Jan Dekker Netherland 2. Irina Armstrong Germany
3. Darius Labanauskas Latvia 3. Michelle Sossong Germany
3. Sefik Gergin Germany 3. Heike Jenkins Germany
5. Danny von Klompenburg Netherland 5. Danielle Iipelaar Netherland
5. Alex Tauber Germany 5. Marijolein Noijens Netherland
5. Maik Langendorf Germany 5. Kriestie Strücker Netherland
5. Robert Allenstein Germany 5. Anna Maria Schulze Germany
9. Stefan Stoyke Germany 9. Silke Klingler Germany
9. Vladimir Andersen Denmark 9. Jessica Reuß Germany
9. Terry Beijeved Netherland 9. Anne Willkomm Germany
9. Colin Rice Germany 9. Ann-Kathrin Wigmann Germany
9. Rick Hostra Netherland 9. Anne-Marie Scherer Germany
9. Yordi Meeunoisse Netherland 9. Daniela Reinecke Germany
9. Max Hopp Germany 9. Stefanie Zwitkowitsch Germany
9. Jyhan Artut Germany 9. Tanja Steinbrink Germany

Estonia Open 2013 results

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Darius Labanauskas LIT   1. Irina Armstrong RUS
2. Madars Razma LAT   2. Kirsi Viinikainen FIN
3. Ulf Ceder FIN   3. Maret Liiri FIN
3. Sami Sanssi FIN   3. Tarja Salminen FIN
5. Gerard Klijn NED   5. Marika Juhola FIN
5. Arunas Ciplys LIT   5. Sari Nikula FIN
5. Ali Roberts FIN   5. Gineke Hoekstra FIN
5. Matti Hatinen FIN   5. Tatiana Volokhina RUS
9. Barry Zander NED   9. Irēna Bauze LAT
9. Teuvo Haverinen FIN   9. Taru Kettunen FIN
9. Markus Jokikokko FIN   9. Mervi Kaksonen FIN
9. Teemu Harju FIN   9. Tiina Aule EST
9. Alexandr Oreshkin RUS   9. Lumi Silvan FIN
9. Paavo Myller FIN   9. Marina Udalaya RUS
9. Nauris Gleglu LAT   9. Laima Upeniece LAT
9. Narve Plassen NOR   9. Kaisu Rekinen FIN

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