Remco van Eijden and James Hurrell receive first two wildcards for Finder Darts Masters 2015

FDMWildcards_2015PRESS RELEASE FINDER DARTS MASTERS 2015: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 22nd of september 2015

Today, the organization of the Finder Darts Masters announced the first names of players who received a wildcard to participate in the international Finder Darts Masters tournament that starts the 4th of December at Hotel Zuiderduin , Egmond aan Zee.

The first wildcard went to ‘Zaankanter’ Remco van Eijden. Remco this year just missed direct qualification . He ended as the number 17th in the Finder Darts Masters rankings, and only the first 16 players qualify directly based on these rankings.

For years Remco compete among the the best group of international players and is also ranked high in the world ranking of the BDO. A player who deservers to play on the world stage of the Finder Darts Masters and therefore received the first wildcard.

The second wildcard goes to James Hurrell from Moreton in Marsh England. James, was the runner-up of the Romanian Classic and the Swiss Open. He is the number 26 of the BDO rankings, and also finished just outside the top 16 of the Finder Darts Masters ranking for 2015.

His selection for the England National team and several other good results in the international circuit attracted the attention of the organization and they made it possible for him to make his debut on the big stage of the Finder Darts Masters with a wildcard

Ticket sales for the Finder Darts Masters has started, and also for the upcoming event there are attractive hotel packages available. At this tournament you will see compete the 24 best men, six ladies and six best youth players from the national and international darts circuit. Information about tickets, passe partout, hotel bookings and the tournament can be found at:

Swedish Open Live Stream

Live stream from Swedish Open 21.-23.8.2015 in tournament’s website.

Lithuanian Open 2015 Live Online

“Lithuanian Open 2015” semifinals and finals will be broacasted live online here:

From 19:20 on 16th of May

All the tables during the event will be posted – on

Results from HAL Masters and Open

HAL Masters Results
Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Roger Janssen Belgium   1. Deta Hedman England
2. Martin Adams England   2. Lorraine Winstanley England
3. Jeffrey de Graaf Netherlands   3. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
3. Jamie Hughes England   3. Rachel Brooks England
5. Scott Mitchell England   5. Trina Gulliver England
5. Danny Lanooij Netherlands   5. Ann Louise Peters Denmark
5. Nick Kenny Wales   5. Tamara Schuur Netherlands
5. Kris Boer Netherlands   5. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Wesley Hurrebrink Netherlands   1. Carina Hansen Denmark
2. Gian van Veen Netherlands   2. Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands
3. Maikel Verberk Netherlands   3. Michelle Lindhardt Denmark
3. Lars Fransen Netherlands   3. Veerle Hamelink Netherlands
5. Geert Nentjes Netherlands        
5. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark        
5. Henk Snijder Netherlands        
5. Jaimy van Bavel Netherlands        
HAL Open Results
Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Martin Adams England   1. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
2. Scott Waites England   2. Fallon Sherrock England
3. Geert de Vos Belgium   3. Deta Hedman England
3. Ted Hankey England   3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
5. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania   5. Trina Gulliver England
5. Sven Wens Belgium   5. Sharon Roosen Netherlands
5. Richard Veenstra Netherlands   5. Ann Louise Peters Denmark
5. Gary Robson England   5. Lorraine Winstanley England
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Maikel Verberk Netherlands   1. Sofie Jahn Bendorff Denmark
2. Mike van Duivenbode Netherlands   2. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
3. Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands   3. Carina Hansen Denmark
3. Jaimy van Bavel Netherlands   3. Veerle Hamelink Netherlands
5. Bas Prudon Netherlands        
5. Kevin Doets Netherlands        
5. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark        
5. Marvin van Velzen Netherlands        

Butler and Pace win Camellia Classic

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Larry Butler USA   1. Stacy Pace USA
2. Jeff Hubbard USA   2. Morgan McCormack USA
3. Stan Perry USA   3. Corrine Stockton USA
3. Jesse Sechak USA   3. Nadine Chapman USA
5. Rob Heckman USA   5. Trish Grzesik CANADA
5. JD Newman USA   5. Carly Lawson USA
5. Jayson Barlow CANADA   5. Brenda Roush USA
5. Chuck Pankow USA   5. Lisa Mercer USA
9. Reu De La Cruz USA   9. Renee Ripol USA
9. Steven Shuey USA   9. Teba Archuleta USA
9. Sid Lawrence USA   9. Erin Mitchell USA
9. Luke Hathaway USA   9. Maggie Martell USA
9. Abe Cruz USA   9. Christa DeBoer USA
9. Frank Hernandez USA   9. Valerie Goad USA
9. John Hathaway USA   9. Annette Boyd USA
9. Mark Pundt USA   9. Gretel Flores USA

Adams and de Graaf champions

DOD-15-01-895Martin Adams and Aileen de Graaf have won the Dutch Open Darts 2015. For Adams it was the third time he won this title. Earlier he became Dutch Open Champion in 2010 and 2011. In the final, Adams played against Darryl Fitton and won in 3 sets to 1. Fitton nevertheless was very happy himself too. In the third leg of the fourth set, the ‘Dazzler’ threw a nine-darter and the crowd was going crazy.

Both English darters were beaming on stage and were serenaded by thousands of darts fans. Adams won the first prize and wins an amount of € 5,000 euros while Fitton took the keys to his brand new Broekhuis Skoda car.

In the women’s final it was again Aileen de Graaf who won the title for the second year in a row. In a thrilling final against Deta Hedman the Dutch lady managed to decide the final 5-2 in her favour.

We also have three fantastic youth champions. Maikel Verberk claimed the boys title and Sofie Jahn Bensdorf took the girls title. Levy Frauenfelder was the strongest by the under 14. Click here for youth results.

Results Men
last 64

Martijn Soomers – Mats Gies 4-1
Ryan de Vreede – Daniel Brouwer 4-1
Geert de Vos – Danny Blom 4-0
Ritchie Edhouse – Michel van der Horst 2-4
Maarten Gerritsen – Nick Hensens 4-1
Ronny van der Heide – Remco van Eijden 2-4
Martin Atkins – Kiristiaan de Boer 3-4
Danny Lanooij – Darryl Fitton 1-4
Gary Robson – Paul Hogan 2-4
Davy Verkooijen – Daniel Larsson 2-4
Pip Blackwell – Cees van Leeuwen 4-1
David Concannon – Dennis Verhaegen 3-4
Paul Lindley – Arjan van Arum 4-0
Co Stompe – Peter Voskamp 3-4
Alain Denies – Martijn Kleermaker 3-4
Daniel Verdonschot – Roy Gokoel 4-2
Marcel Blik – Ricardo Ham 4-1
Nick Stoekenbroek – Danny Noppert 4-2
Madars Razma – Toon Greebe 4-2
Alex den Breejen – Kevin de Vries 4-3
Ferry van Veen – Joppe Bakens 2-4
Hans van der Spek – Jeffrey de Graaf 0-4
Pieter Collijn – Abdelaziz Hammouchi 0-4
Frans Harmsen – Wesley Harms 3-4
Ross Montgomery – Paul Brown 4-3
Fabian Roosenbrand – Hendrik Tooren 2-4
Tony O’Shea – Richard Veenstra 1-4
Andries Sterk – Stefaan Deprez 4-1
James Hurrell – Jeffrey Sparidaans 2-4
Glenn Meijer – Dirjan uit de Bulten 1-4
Michael Plooy – Robin Blockx 0-4
Frank Schasfoort – Martin Adams 2-4

Last 32
Martijn Soomers – Ryan de Vreede 3-4
Geert de Vos – Michel van der Horst 4-1
Maarten Gerritsen – Remco van Eijden 4-0
Kristiaan de Boer – Darryl Fitton 2-4
Paul Hogan – Daniel Larsson 3-4
Pip Blackwell – Dennis Verhaegen 4-3
Paul Lindley – Peter Voskamp 3-4
Martijn Kleermaker – Daniel Verdonschot 3-4
Marcel Blik – Nick Stoekenbroek 4-2
Madars Razma – Alex den Breejen 4-0
Joppe Bakens – Jeffrey de Graaf 1-4
Abdelaziz Hammouchi – Wesley Harms 2-4
Ross Montgomery – Hendrik Tooren 3-4
Richard Veenstra – Andries Sterk 4-0
Jeffrey Sparidaans – Dirjan uit de Bulten 4-0
Robin Blockx – Martin Adams 0-4

Last 16
Ryan de Vreede – Geert de Vos 4-1
Maarten Gerritsen – Darryl Fitton 3-4
Daniel Larsson – Pip Blackwell 3-4
Peter Voskamp – Daniel Verdonschot 1-4
Marcel Blik – Madars Razma 4-3
Jeffrey de Graaf – Wesley Harms 4-2
Hendrik Tooren – Richard Veenstra 2-4
Jeffrey Sparidaans – Martin Adams 3-4

Quarter final
Ryan de Vreede – Darryl Fitton 2-5
Pip Blackwell – Daniel Verdonschot 3-5
Marcel Blik – Jeffrey de Graaf 5-1
Richard Veenstra – Martin Adams 4-5

Semi final

Darryl Fitton – Daniel Verdonschot 2-0 (3-0, 3-0)
Marcel Blik – Martin Adams 1-2 (3-2, 0-3, 2-3)

Darryl Fitton – Martin Adams 1-3

Results Ladies
Last 16
Anastasia Dobromyslova – Ann Louise Peters 2-3
Irina Armstrong – Trina Gulliver 3-1
Zoe Jones – Gerrie Steenbreker 3-1
Tamara Schuur – Aileen de Graaf 1-3
Fallon Sherrock – Anca Zijlstra 3-2
Louise Hepburn – Rachel Brooks 1-3
Sharon Jansen – Paula Jacklin 1-3
Renee Ehlers – Deta Hedman 0-3

Quarter final
Ann Louise Peters – Irina Armstrong 3-0
Zoe Jones – Aileen de Graaf 2-3
Fallon Sherrock – Rachel Brooks 2-3
Paula Jacklin – Deta Hedman 1-3

Semi final
Ann Louise Peters – Aileen de Graaf 1-4
Rachel Brooks – Deta Hedman 1-4

Aileen de Graaf – Deta Hedman 5-2

Münch and Armstrong win German Gold Cup

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Kevin Münch Germany 1. Irina Armstrong Germany
2. Daniel Zygla Germany 2. Michelle Sossong Germany
3. Sefik Gergin Germany 3. Stefanie Zwitkowitsch Germany
3. Andree Welge Germany 3. Ines-Rebecca Dietz Germany
5. Martin Schindler Germany 5. Anne Willkomm Germany
5. Frank Gansen Germany 5. Ann-Kathrin Wigmann Germany
5. Niels-Jorgen Hansen Denmark 5. Melanie Kunze Germany
5. Rüdiger Preuß Germany 5. Kelly Streef Germany
9. Arno Merk Germany 9. Lena Zollikofer Germany
9. Stefan Kirchhoff Germany 9. Andrea Beushausen Germany
9. Alex Köhler Germany 9. Heike Jenkins Germany
9. Robert Allenstein Germany 9. Bianca Strauch Germany
9. Ioannis Selachoglou Germany 9. Anna Degel Germany
9. Benny Sensenschmidt Germany 9. Tanja Steinbrink Germany
9. Michael Nett Germany 9. Kristina Erkelenz Germany
9. Maik Langendorf Germany 9. Cornelia Köster Germany

Romanian Classic Darts Open Results

Last weekend Romanian Darts Federation organized 2nd edition of Romanian International Classic Darts Open. The event with 5200 Euro prize money, WDF and BDO ranking points held in Hotel Intercontinental 5* – Bucharest was a real success with 178 mens and 23 ladies at start.

The winner of the Mens Singles competition is Jamie Hughes (Eng) followed by Runner up James Hurell (Eng) and in 3rd places Matthew Dicken (Eng) and Greg Upton (Eng), in the Ladies Tournament 1st place was won by Hana Belobradkova (Cze), Runner up Jana Kanovska (Cze) and 3rd places Oana Barsan (Rom) and Amanda Abbott(Eng).

Romanian Darts Federation want to announce all the darts players from all over the world, that next DARTS EVENT hosted by RDF will be :


(2 international DARTS TOURNAMENTS in the same weekend )

Saturday 23 January 2016 – Romanian International Darts Open 2016 (RIDO)

Sunday 24 January 2016 – Romanian International Classic Darts Open 2016 (RCDO)

VENUE : Intercontinetal Hotel 5* – Bucharest (same venue like WDF Europe Cup 2014)


See you soon in Bucharest!

Mens Results   Womens Results
1. Jamie Hughes, Eng   1. Hana Belobradkova, Cze
2. James Hurell, Eng   2. Jana Kanovska, Cze
3. Matthew Dicken, Eng   3. Amanda Abbott, Eng
3. Greg Upton, Eng   3. Oana Birsan, Rou
5. Krasimir Ivanov, Blg   5. Anelia Eneva, Blg
5. Alexandru Stoian, Rou   5. Karen Matthews, Eng
5. Willem Mandigers, Nl   5. Marjolein Noijens, Nl
5. Jim Williams, Wal   5. Sharon Roosen, Nl
9. Martin Phillips, Wal   9. Dagmar Komorova, Cze
9. Adrian Frim, Rou   9. Silvia Cararus, Rou
9. Simon Arora, Eng   9. Mihaela Ivan, Rou
9. Michel Van Der Horst, Nl   9. Oana Cimpoca, Rou
9. Geert De Vos, Bel   9. Andrea Lysova, Cze
9. Sven Verdoneck, Bel   9. Daniela Comeaga, Rou
9. Robert Hughes, Wal   9. Andreea Constantinescu, Rou
9. Paul Brown, Nir   9. Anna Johnson, Eng

Razma and Silvan win Baltic Cup Open 2014

Mens Results (bracket) Country Womens Results (bracket) Country
1. Madars Razma Latvia 1. Lumi Silvan Finland
2. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 2. Kornelija Lusaite Lithuania
3. Voldemar Arder Estonia 3. Irena Bauze Latvia
3. Guntars Grebskis Latvia 3. Valentina Vasilyeva Russia
5. Ugnius Jankunas Lithuania 5. Elina Putnina Latvia
5. Sigitas Vasylius Lithuania 5. Viktorija Jasiunaite Lithuania
5. Rihards Tomasickis Latvia 5. Sandra Rimkeviciute Lithuania
5. Rudolfs Mezeckis Latvia 5. Renata Vaikutiene Lithuania
9. Rokas Aniulis Lithuania 9. Jekaterina Kuskova Lithuania
9. Ingus Trusinskis Latvia 9. Sarmite Lavrentjeva Latvia
9. Andris Ziemelis Latvia 9. Kristine Kuzmane Latvia
9. Eldar Abdulaev Belarus 9. Laura Bruzgule Latvia
9. Gatis Lancers Latvia 9. Marija Ruzane Latvia
9. Rune Kristoffersen Norway 9. Avelina Lace Latvia
9. Andrey Tarasenko Belarus 9. Kristine Mickus Latvia
9. Andrius Sparauskas Lithuania 9. Daiga Novicka Latvia


van Eijden and Hedman win Open de France. Coenderaerts takes youth title.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Remco van Eijden Netherlands 1. Deta Hedman England
2. Sam Head England 2. Irina Armstrong Germany
3. Jelger Tuinstra England 3. Rachel Brooks England
3. Brian Dawson England 3. Casey Gallagher England
5. Stefaan Deprez Belgium 5. Francine Pieters Belgium
5. Gary Stafford England 5. Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
5. Jan Dekker Netherlands 5. Anneke Kuijten Netherlands
5. Jimmy Hendriks Netherlands 5. Maggie Sutton England
9. Scott Mitchell England 9. Dee Bateman England
9. Pip Blackwell England 9. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium
9. Anthony Urmston-Toft England 9. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
9. Wesley Harms Netherlands 9. Anita Tobias Luxemburg
9. Henk Westerhof Netherlands 9. Carole Frison France
9. James Hurrell England 9. Dorothee Lemaire France
9. Darryl Fitton England 9. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
9. Martin Phillips Wales 9. Aileen De Graaf Netherlands
Youth Results Country
1. Bryan Coenderaerts Belgium
2. Wesley Vandevoorde Belgium
3. William Blackwell England
3. Damian Mol Netherlands
5. Ricardo Roks Netherlands
5. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands
5. Gian Van Veen Netherlands
5. Jaimy Van Bavel Netherlands
9. Lucien Lazzari France
9. Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands
9. Shauni Wastyn Netherlands
9. Lars Fransen Netherlands
9. Maarten Dirk Woord Netherlands
9. Jordy Van De Weerd Germany
9. Dylan Belka France
9. Jordi Van Der Meirsch Belgium

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