Camelia Classic Youth 2017, USA – results

Camelia Classic was played 10-12/02/2017 in Sacramento, CA, USA with 8 youth.

WDF Tables updated with these results 16/02/2017.

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Dutch Open 2017 – results

BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts was played 03-05/02/2017 in de Bonte Wever, Assen, The Netherlands with 2968 men, 305 women, 232 boys and 27 girls. Also there was non WDF ranking the boys under 14 tournament.

WDF Tables updated with these results 08/02/2017.

News from Dutch Open Day 1 and Day 2 and Day 3 – in tournament website

Mark McGeeney and Deta Hedman won the BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts 2017 titles. McGeeney won this tournament for the first time. Hedman won the title back in 2010 once. Scott Mitchell/James Hurrell and Aileen de Graaf/Sharon Prins took the trophees of the pairs event.

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Romanian Open & Classic 2017 – results

Romanian International Darts Classic was played 28/01/2017 in Bucharest, Romania with 280 men and 71 women.

Romanian International Darts Open was played 29/01/2017 in Bucharest, Romania with 263 men and 68 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 05/02/2017.

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Romanian Darts Classic
Men’s Singles winner
Andy Baetens, Belgium
Romanian Darts Classic
Women’s Singles winner
Maria O’Brien, England
Romanian Open
Men’s Singles winner
Silko Visser, Netherlands
Romanian Open
Women’s Singles winner
Karolina Podgorska, Poland

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Dinslaken Open 2017, Germany – results

Dinslaken Open was played 21/01/2017 in Trabrennbahn, Germany with 131 men, 44 women, 40 boys and 10 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 29/01/2017.

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Regiobank Open Youth 2017, Netherlands – results

MHG Regiobank Open Youth was played 21/01/2017 in Netherlands with 32 boys and 4 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 23/01/2017.

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Las Vegas Open 2017, USA – results

NODOR Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open was played 20-22/01/2017 in Las Vegas, NV, USA with 240 men and 94 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 22/01/2017.

Other events results available in ADO website, RedEye Rhino FB & YouTube and DartConnect

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Cyprus Open 2017 – results

Cyprus International Open was played 14-15/01/2017 Ayia Napa, Cyprus with 98 men.

WDF Tables updated with these results 29/01/2017.

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Quebec Open 2017, Canada – results

Quebec Open was played 15/01/2017 in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada with 128 men and 54 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 18/01/2017.

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BDO Lakeside World Pro 2017 – results

Lakeside World Pro was played 07-15/01/2017 in Lakeside Country Club, UK

Men’s singles Glen Durrant, England
Women’s singles Lisa Ashton, England
Youth Justin van Tergouw, Netherlands

See more from BDO website and BDO YouTube Channel.

WDF Tables updated with these results 15/01/2017.

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The BAUHAUS Dutch Open 2017 – NOTE 16/01 registration ends and youth can choose

Just like last year, only pre-registration is possible for all players until January 16th. Foreign players can pay their entree fee on the day. For all the other information about the BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts please click here. Registration is possible on this page:

The BAUHAUS Dutch Open Youth 2017

The BAUHAUS Dutch Open Youth 2017 will take place on February 5th in the Bonte Wever Assen. The tournament starts at 10 am and will be organised in three different categories: Boys under 14 years old, Boys 14-17 years old and Girls (until 17 years old).

For the first time it is possible for boys under 14 years old to play in the Boys 14-17 category. They are free to choose, but can’t play in both tournaments. Only the tournaments for the boys 14-17 and girls are WDF ranked. This new rule is introduced for boys under 14 who want to play for WDF points.  Read more

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