Pacific Youth Masters 2017, Australia – results

Pacific Youth Masters was played 04/01/2017 in Geelong, Australia with 34 boys and 31 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 08/01/2017.

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Youth Ural Cup 2016, Russia – results

Russia_logoYouth Ural Cup was played 10-11/12/2016 in Ekaterinburg, Russia with 43 boys and 35 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 12/12/2016.

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Winmau World Masters 2016 – results

newspic-2650Lakeside World Pro International Play-offs 30/11/2016 and BDO Winmau World Masters 01/12 – 04/12/2016

Winmau World Masters Champions 2016
Men Women Boys Girls
Glen Durrant
Trina Gulliver
Justin van Tergouw
Veronika Koroleva


Full reports available in BDO website  and recordings in BDO YouTube channel.

WDF Tables updated with Winmau World Masters results 10/12/2016.

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Czech Open 2016 – results

2016_czechopen_winnersCzech Open was played 18-20/11/2016 Prague, Czech Republic with 688 men, 129 women, 48 boys and 7 girls.

In picture from right men’s singles winner Andy Baetens Belgium, women’s singles winner Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia and Boy’s singles winner Roman Benecky Czech Republic.

WDF Tables updated with these results 22/11/2016.
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Seacoast Open 2016, USA – youth results

USA_logoSeacoast Open was played 11-13/11/2016 in Andover, MA, USA with 9 boys and 4 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 27/11/2016.

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Youth Novgorod Cup 2016, Russia – results

2016_youthnovgorodcup_dsc_0340Youth Novgorod Cup was played 05/10/2016 in Okulovka, Russia with 61 boys and 67 girls.

Picture right girls winner Diana Burakova Russia and left Mikhail Kuritcin Russia.

WDF Tables updated with these results 10/11/2016 (checked 15/11/2016)

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Hungarian Open Weekend 2016 – results

hun openHungarian Open Weekend was played 05-06/11/2016 in Budapest, Hungary. On Saturday Hungarian Classic with 168 men, 23 women, 34 boys and 4 girls. On Sunday Hungarian Masters with 117 men, 25 women, 31 boys and 4 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 10/11/2016.

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Witch City Open 2016, USA – results

USA_logoWitch City Open was played 21-23/10/2016 in Nashua, NH, USA with 206 men, 73 women, 11 boys and 4 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 26/10/2016.

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Next Talent Of Darts 2016, Netherlands – results

NDB_logo2Next Talent Of Darts was played 23/10/2016 in Sporthal de Spil, Lent, The Netherlands with 63 under 18 boys and 19 under 18 girls. In tournament was also event under 14 boys.

2016_newtalentofdartsPicture of the winners made by Evert Zomer. From left to right: Girls under 18 Layla Brussel Netherlands, Boys under 14 Daan Beernink Netherlands and boys under 18 champion Bas Leeflang Netherlands.


WDF Tables updated with these results 25/10/2016.

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Northern Ireland Open 2016 – results

Northern Ireland Open was played 14-16/10/2016 in Newry, Northern Ireland with 328 men, 61 women and 21 youth.

2016-northernirelandopen-winners Northern Ireland Open Champions
2016-northernirelandopen-keith-rooney-winner-2016 Men’s singles winner
Keith Rooney Republic Of Ireland
2016-northernirelandopen-ladies-winner-deta-hedman Women’s singles winner
Deta Hedman England
2016-northernirelandopen-youth-winner-keane-barry Youth singles winner
Kean Barry Republic of Ireland


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