WDF World Cup 10/2017, Japan – referees announced

Richard Ashdown and Jacques Nieuwlaat – Picture Evert Zomer

The now traditional WDF stage host ‘duo’ of Richard Ashdown and Jacques Nieuwlaat has been in place at World/Europe Cup events since 2008.  Unfortunately, Jacques is unable to attend the 2017 WDF World Cup in Kobe, Japan in October due to other contractual obligations.





Marco Meijer, Richard Ashdown and Nick Rolls – Picture Hans Willink

In his absence, Jacques’ Dutch compatriot Marco Meijer will be in attendance as Floor/Stage referee alongside Nick Rolls, who has been part of the WDF team since 2015.  Both have vast experience on the world stage, having officiated at the Lakeside World Championships for many years.  Richard will continue in his role as Master of Ceremonies. We look forward to welcoming Jacques back into the team in Budapest, Hungary for the WDF Europe Cup in 2018.


World Cup 2015 Men 1) England 100 p 2) Wales 72 p 3) Scotland 69 p
World Cup 2015 Women 1) England 188 p 2) Germany 68 p 3) Republic of Ireland 51 p
World Cup 2015 Youth 1) Netherlands 220 p 2) Germany 179 p 3) England 118 p

All draw-sheets

Men Team RR Men Team Finals Men Pairs Men Singles
Women Team RR Women Team Finals Women Pairs Women Singles
Boys Pairs RR Boys Pairs Finals Boys Singles RR Boys Singles Finals
Girls Pairs RR Girls Pairs Finals Girls Singles RR Girls Singles Finals
Youth Mixed Pairs Youth Mixed Pairs Finals

Stage finals statistics (more details available in database, see Darts for Windows website, also note no statistics from floor games)

Well done Wesley Harms



Team Germany filed a protest regarding the eligibility of John Michael of the Greek team to participate in this World Cup.

Following the review of the protest we have discovered that he is in breach of the WDF Eligibility Rule (Bye-Law 7.05 (6)) and has therefore been disqualified with immediate effect.

Following this decision by the WDF Executive the Greek team decided to withdraw from the tournament.

Kemer, 29 October 2015

WDF Bye-Law 7.05 (6)

In the course of the twelve months prior to the scheduled date of a WDF World Cup or Area Cup a WDF Playing Member must have played at least 65% of their International Singles Events in tournaments which are recognised in the WDF World Ranking Systems as well as International singles events promoted/organized between Member Darts Bodies and also recognised by the World Darts Federation.IE: Events such as, but not limited to, the 6 Nations Cup, Baltic Cup, Celtic Cup, Nordic Cup, Mediterranean Cup, and the Spring Cup.

NOTE: This rule shall not apply to Youth players.

WDF World Cup photos from the NDFC

Hope you had a fantastic visit to Canada & the World Cup. It was definitely a pleasure to meet all of you!

I have uploaded 2300+ photos from the event taken by myself & Evert Zomer (Netherlands). If you use the photos on facebook or your website please give credits to Evert & me. Thank you.

I have created 17 different albums to try to organize the pictures. My favorite being the ‘Canada – The Red Hat Series’. Thanks to every as this was definitely a lot of fun!
Photos are available for download. Please feel free to share the link as I will also be sending it out over facebook, email, etc. 
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http://www.flickr.com/photos/104125896@N07/sets or go to www.NDFC.ca and click on the photobook link in the World Cup article.
Also if you missed any of the action you can check out all the videos at http://new.livestream.com/maximumdarts
We are happy to report that we have to date over 5 million-600 thousand viewing minutes. Awesome support from our friends and families at home!
Catherine Haycock
NDFC Membership

WDF World Cup 2013 Draw

The draw for the WDF World 2013 has been completed.  The event will take place 01-05 October in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.  Good luck to all the players.

To view all the draw sheets, click here

WDF World Cup 2011 individual statistics available

Individual statistics are now available of the WDF Website.   They are posted on the WDF World Cup page along with all the tournament results results.  You can visit that page by clicking here.

It is also possible to find all match details within the Darts for Windows program (also with demo version).  http://www.dartsforwindows.com

Our Thanks to the INDO

The WDF Executive wishes to thank the Irish National Darts Organisation (INDO) for their faultless management of the 2011 WDF World Cup which was arranged at the Breaffy House Resort, Castlebar, last week. The willingness and friendliness of all the officials and staff will long be remembered.

WDF World Cup 2011 Final Points Standings

For the first time in WDF World Cup history, a country swept all 3 World Cups.  The England Men’s team dominated the competition by winning the men’s World Cup by 72 points.  England men’s team won the team event, finished 1st and top 32 in the men’s pairs and 1st and 2nd in the men’s singles events.  Team Finland finished 2nd overall followed by team Sweden.   Wales and Belgium rounded out the top 5.

In the Women’s World Cup race, team England won by 31 points and almost doubled the points earned by 2nd place Wales.  England received their points by winning the Womens Pairs and receiving a first place finish and top 4 finish in the Women’s singles event.  Netherlands, Finland and Japan rounded out the top 5.

England completed the sweep by taking the Youth World Cup by 18 points over Germany.  England won the Youth pairs and the Youth girls events and received a top 4 in the boys singles.  Netherlands, Finland and Australia rounded out the top 5.

For complete results of the WDF World Cup 2011, click here

WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team Finals

The team event is a best of 17 with each player playing 1 leg of 501 against each player of the opposing team.  The finals consists of team Finland (Jarkko Komula, Sami Sanssi, Petri Korte and Ulf Ceder) and team England (Scott Waites, Tony O’Shea, Martin Atkins and Martin Adams).

The 1st leg is Komula vs O’Shea with Komula to start.  O’Shea came out flying with a 180, 140, 165 and 16 checkout for a 10 dart 1st leg.  Komula also had a 180 in the leg. 

The 2nd leg is Sanssi vs Waites with Waites to start.  Waites started the leg with a 180 followed by a 135.  He won the leg with a 32 checkout in 13 darts.

The 3rd leg is Korte vs Adams with Korte to start.  This leg what out of character for both players as only 2 rounds of 100+ shots were made.  Even with that said, Korte still took the leg in only 16 darts.

The 4th leg is Ceder vs Atkins with Atkins to start.  Atkins made it 3 of 4 players from the England team to start the leg with a 180 and took the leg in 15 darts to give England a 3-1 lead after the first set of legs.

The 5th leg is Sanssi vs O’Shea with Sanssi to start.  This leg had both players going back to back with 100+ shots. With O’Shea sitting on 32, Sannsi hits the double 16 to win the leg.

The 6th leg is Komula vs Adams with Adams to start.  Komula was first to an out shot but missed the 81.  Adams wired a 131 checkout of his own.  Komula did not waste his second chance and won the leg against the throw to even the match at 3 a piece.

The 7th leg is Ceder vs Waites with Ceder to start.  Waites takes out a 64 with Ceder on 111 to regain the lead for England.

The 8th leg is Korte vs Atkins with Atkins to start.  Korte just missed a 118 out and Atkins just missed the 110 checkout.  Korte did not fail on his second attempt at the leg and hit double 20 for the win and to even the match one again.

The 9th leg is Ceder vs Adams with Adams to start.  Ceder started the leg 140, 140 while Adams hit two 140’s is hit first 3 throws.  Adams just missed a shot at the 161 checkout but Ceder could not answer with a 98 checkout.  However, Adams failed to hit the double 8 and Ceder won the leg to give Finland their first lead of the match 5-4.

The 10th leg is Komula vs Waites with Komula to start.  Waites started the lef 100, 180 and Komula started 140, 100.  Waites was the first with an out shot and missed the 76.  Komula had a 160 chance but did not have a shot at the double.  Waites took out 36.

With the score tied 5-5, the current averages for the teams are:
Finland = 83.96
England = 90.82

The 11th leg is Sanssi vs Atkins with Sanssi to start.  With both players missing shots at the double, Atkins clipped the double 10 to regain the lead 6-5 for England.

The 12th leg is Korte vs O’Shea with O’Shea to start.  O’Shea takes out a 68 for a 7-5 lead for England.

The 13th leg is Komula vs Atkins with Komula to start.  Atkins failed to score over 100 in the lef and Komula had a 20 checkout to bring the match within 1.

The 14th leg is Sanssi vs Adams with Adams to start.  Sanssi is the first to leave himself an out shot with a 126.  Adams followed to leave himself 107.  Neither out was hit and Sanssi missed his attempt at an 83.  Adams then followed with a 16 checkout to bring England within one leg of the title.

The 15th leg is Korte vs Waites with Korte to start.  Waites started the match 100, 180, 100 and missed the 121 checkout.  Waites missed a checkout of 8 to leave Korte a 170 shot.  He scored a 134 to put some pressure of Waites.  Waites missed again.  And Korte hit the double 18 on his first dart to keep Finland alive.

The 16th leg is Ceder vs O’Shea with O’Shea to start.  Ceder checkout’s 56 to bring the match to a deciding leg.  The deciding leg is a decision by the team.  Each team picks 1 player for the leg.

The teams decided on Komula for Finland and Waites for England.  Waites starts the game with a 140.  Komula follows with a 61.  Waites follows with a 100.  Komula draw the leg closer with a 140 of his own.  Waites hits a 137 to leave himself 124 with Komula sitting on 200 after his latest throw.  Waites just misses the double bull and leaves 25.  Komula hits 140 to leave 60.  Waites hits singles 9 and double 8 in 2 darts to win the WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team championships.

Finland = 27.93
England = 28.85

WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Singles Finals

A best of 13 match between England’s Martin Adams and England’s Scott Waites. 

It was Adams to throw first but with the help of a early 180, Waites took out the game in 17 darts.  The second leg saw Waites hit two 140’s and while both players missed shots at the out, it was Waites who won the leg.  Waites then took the 3rd leg in 13 darts to go up 3-0.

Adams checked out 98 while Waites was on 60 to get on the board but then Waites bounced back and won the next two legs for a commanding 5-1 lead.  Adams answered with a 106 checkout in the 7th leg. 

In the 8th leg, Waites hit his second 180 of the match and took out double top in a 13 dart leg.  Adams then hit a 180 himself in the 9th leg to start an attempt at a great comeback but Waites hit double 18 to win the WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Singles Championships

Martin Adams = 30.48
Scott Waites = 32.91

WDF World Cup 2011 Womens Singles Finals

The womens singles finals was played between Trina Gulliver or England and Julie Gore of Wales in a best of 13 match.  In the 1st leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 18 and Gore took the leg.  Gore then started off strong in the 2nd leg with a 100 and 135.  She was first to the double and hit it for a 2-0 lead.

In the 4th leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 10 and Gore checkout a 124 for an 18 dart leg.  In the 5th, after missed doubles by both players, Gulliver got on the board by hitting the double 1 and then took the 5th and 6th legs as well to even up the match.

Gulliver hit two 140`s in the 7th leg and checked out a 48 in 20 darts to take her 4th consecutive leg and her first lead of the match.  Gulliver continued her win streak by winning the 8th leg as well.  Gore put together an impressive 15 darter in the 9th leg and the 5th leg in 22 to draw the match even at 5 all.

With both players sitting on 100, Gore had the first attempt and did not miss.  This was the 3rd consecutive leg for Gore and put her back in the lead and 1 away from the title.  Gulliver just missed a 170 and Gore had 2 darts at the match but missed.  Gulliver hit the double 4 to send the match into it`s deciding leg.

Gulliver won the bull and started the leg.  With two 100`s in the game, Gulliver had a big lead.  She missed a few doubles to let Gore back into the leg and with Gore sitting on 38, Gulliver hit the double 1 with her second dart to become the WDF World Cup Womens Singles 7-6.

Trina Gulliver = 22,29
Julie Gore = 23,13

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