Novi Sad Open has been cancelled for 2015

The Darts Federation of Serbia has notified the WDF that they will be cancelling the 2015 Novi Sad Open.  They are looking to have the first open in 2016.

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More World Cup Teams announced


Men: Eddy Sims – Mitchell Clegg – Raymond Smith – Peter Machin

Women: Lorraine Burn – Corrine Hammond – Kim Kelly – Natalie Carter

Boys: Hayden Lane – Chase Bottrell   Girls: Tiarna Smith – Angela Clarke


Men: Tony Martinez – Geert De Vos – Sven Wens – Stefaan Deprez

Women: Jill Desmedt – Nicole Deli – Lynn Taeymans – Kathy Geeraerts

Boys: Lorenzo Schmelcher – Bryan Snyders  Girls: Tamara Van Der Meirsch – Lieselotte Bracke


Men: Michel Boulet – Jacques Labre – Yoann Belchun – Renaud Lescure

Women: Carole Frison – Dorothèe Lemaire – Nelly Le Moullec – Sandrine Blaszczynski


Men: Steven Miles – Tom Becker – Tom Burquel – Mingo Claudiano


Men: Robert Hansen – Rohit David – Vegar Elvevoll – Kent Sivertsen

Women: Rachna David – Marta Krol – Ramona Mostad Eriksen – Lisbeth Hauen


Men: Oliver Ferenc – Tihomir Patrik – Aco Babic – Sveta Mijalkovic


Men: Paul Meyer – Mark Smith – Frank Avenand – Marthinus Deyzel

Women: Tanya Thomas – Johanna Oosthuizen – Yolandé van Rooyen – Hester Stoltz

Boys: Dameon Steffens – Zander Stoltz  Girls: Tayla Carolissen – Elizma Oosthuizen


Men: Daniel Larsson – Peter Sajwani – Markus Korhonen – Johan Engström

Women: Anna Forsmark – Linda Nilsson – Snezana Veljkovic – Paulina Söderström

Boys: Mattias Flodin – Hampus Norrström  Girls: Jaqueline Alpvik – Karoline Flodin

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Hughes and Gallagher win Swedish Open. Lundeström and Krop take youth titles.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jamie Hughes England   1. Casey Gallagher England
2. Ryan de Vreede Netherlands   2. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
3. Mark McGeeney England   3. Fallon Sherrock England
3. Darryl Fitton England   3. Lorraine Winstanley England
5. Jeffrey de Graaf Sweden   5. Trina Gulliver England
5. Martin Aktins England   5. Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
5. Sam Hewson England   5. Zoe Jones England
5. Scott Mitchell England   5. Sue Cusick England
9. Richard Veenstra Netherlands   9. Maret Liiri Finland
9. Jim Williams Wales   9. Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
9. Scott Waites England   9. Rachel Brooks England
9. Stefaan Deprez Belgium   9. Josie Paterson England
9. Mogens Christensen Denmark   9. Kristina Korpi Sweden
9. Dean Reynolds England   9. Vicky Pruim Sweden
9. Willem Mandigers Netherlands   9. Paula Jacklin England
9. Michel Van Der Horst Netherlands   9. Deta Hedman England
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Kevin Lundeström Sweden   1. Samantha Krop Denmark
2. Maarten-Dirk Woord Netherlands   2. Iselin Hauen Norway
3. Hampus Norrström Sweden   3. Jaqueline Alpvik Sweden
3. Andreas Bergø Denmark   3. Carina Hansen Denmark
5. Casper Mortensen Denmark   5. Charlotte Hansen Norway
5. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark   5. Melissa Drue Denmark
5. Oskar Vågberg Sweden   5. Michelle Lindén Sweden
5. Maikel Verberk Netherlands   5. Laila Rotmark Sweden
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Casey Gallagher wins LDO Swedish Classic

Womens Results Country
1. Casey Gallagher England
2. Fallon Sherrock England
3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
3. Lorraine Winstanley England
5. Vicky Pruim Sweden
5. Rachel Brooks England
5. Kristina Korpi Sweden
5. Deta Hedman England
9. Lumi Silvan Finland
9. Trina Gulliver England
9. Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
9. Kaisu Rekinen Finland
9. Paulina Söderström Sweden
9. Sue Gulliver England
9. Maud Jansson Sweden
9. Sue Cusick England
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Swedish Open Live Stream

Live stream from Swedish Open 21.-23.8.2015 in tournament’s website.

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New four nations darts tournament

On the 9th and 10th of April 2016 the first edition of a new four nations darts tournament will be held in Germany. The national teams of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands will challenge each other for the prestigious titles.

One of the reasons for this new event is finding an alternative for the popular ‘Springcup’, which was played by several western European countries and cancelled after the 2012 edition and never organized since. The four nations decided to work together and are very pleased launching this new event for the first time in Spring 2016. The tournament will include women and men’s matches, as well for the youth.

Belgium will host the event in 2017, one year later it will take place in the Netherlands and in 2019 Luxembourg will organize this four nations dartstournament.

More information will follow shortly!

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Registration for the NDB Grand Slam of Darts Qualifiers now open!

NDB Grand Slam of Darts QualifierIt is now possible to register for the NDB Grand Slam of Darts Qualifiers! Do you want to get a chance to play live on Sky Sports and in front of thousands of darts fans? Do you want to play a game against Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen or Gary Anderson? Then you should register now!

Who can participate?

  • Only players from European countries are eligible to play in this tournament excluding the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Players need to be 16 years of age on October 18, 2015. Players who have a Pro Tour card or ‘Tour Card holders’ and ‘ PDPA Associate Members (participants in Q-School or players with an ‘associate membership’) are not eligible to play. The BDO and the NDB have received a list of those players.

How can you register?
Registration is possible by filling in the form that you can find here.

What is there to win?
Two players will qualify for the ‘Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts 2015’ which will take place from 7/15 November in the ‘Wolverhampton Civic Hall’ in England. The ‘Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts is a lucrative tournament. Last year this prestigious tournament had a total prize money of no less than 400,000 pounds.

Where and when?
The qualifying tournament will take place on October 18th in the NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhoven. Exact times depend on the number of entries and will be announced in a later stage. The qualifying tournament will start in the morning and we aim to announce the winners in the early evening. For spectators, the entrance is free.

Address and route location:
Hotel NH Conference Centre Koningshof | Locht 117 | 5504 RM Veldhoven | The Netherlands

The NH Conference Centre Koningshof Eindhoven is well-known in the world of darts as the Dutch Open Darts was held there many years. From the bus stop outside the hotel, you can travel to the airport and the railway station of Eindhoven. The hotel is just 15 minutes by bus from Eindhoven and within 10 minutes you are at the airport. It is close to the A76 and the A2, which you can drive to Antwerp, Amsterdam and Maastricht. The hotel has 509 rooms, so plenty of opportunities to stay overnight.

Other information
More information can be found on the tournament page on our website: More information about the ” Singha Beer Grand Slam of Darts 2015 can be found on the PDC website:

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Williams and Hedman win Antwerp Open. ten Heuvel and Frauenfelder take youth titles.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jim Williams Wal   1. Deta Hedman Eng
2. Sven Verdonck Bel   2. Sharon Prins Neth
3. Fabian Roosenbrand Neth   3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Rus
3. Darius Labanauskas Lith   3. Trina Gulliver Eng
5. Andy Baetens Bel   5. Casey Gallagher Eng
5. Brian Dawson Eng   5. Lorraine Winstanley Eng
5. Pip Blackwell Eng   5. Fallon Sherrock Eng
5. Madars Razma Lat   5. Aileen de Graaf Neth
9. Glen Durrant Eng   9. Jill Desmedt Bel
9. Remco van Eijden Neth   9. Paula Jacklin Eng
9. Daniel Larsson Swe   9. Anca Zijlstra Neth
9. Patrick Morelissen Neth   9. Marjolein Noijens Neth
9. Paul Brown N-Ire   9. Sue Gulliver Eng
9. Ross Montgomery Sco   9. Miranda Bakker Neth
9. Jean-Marie Rubais Bel   9. Irina Armstrong Ger
9. Wesley Harms Neth   9. Astrid Trouwborst Neth
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Job ten Heuvel Neth   1. Kyana Frauenfelder Neth
2. Maarten-Dirk Woord Neth   2. Priscilla Steenbergen Neth
3. Justin van Tergouw Neth   3. Lieselotte Bracke Bel
3. Ruben Mesters Neth   3. Layla Brussel Neth
5. Marvin van Velzen Neth        
5. Presley Fortunati Neth        
5. Gijsbert van Malsen Neth        
5. Iwan Reijmer Neth        
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Finder Darts Masters qulaifiers announced

CapturePRESSRELEASE FINDER DARTS MASTERS 2015: Egmond aan Zee, monday the 17th of Aaugustus 2015

With the results of the Antwerp Open 2015 the Finder Darts Masters rankings completed. For this event that starts on Friday the 4th of December with the group matches and finals on Sunday the 6th of December 24 men, 6 ladies and 6 youth players are invited to play this major tournament.

16 of the players in the mens event qualify through the Finder Darts Masters rankings and 8 of this player are seeded as the first player in one of the 8 groups of 3 players each. The remaining 16 players for the men by draw will enter a group.

The ladies event start with 2 groups of 3 players and the the number one an number two of the Finder Darts Masters ranking will be seeded as well in their tournament

Beside players invited based on the ranking the winner of Zuiderduin Masters 2014 and winner of HAL Open 2015 may play the 2015 edition.   Martin Adams was the HAL Open 2015 champion and ended as the number two of the Finder Darts Masters ranking.

Martin Adams is based on that result the number two seed of Finder Darts Masters 2015 and not the number 18 of the list of 24 invited players. This place now is open for an extra wildcard for the Finder Darts Masters promoters

Jamie Hughes, winner of Finder Darts Masters 2014 also becomes a seeded player. He and Scott Waites ended equal of the 8 spot of this Years ranking. Based on the better position of Jamie on the current BDO rankings Jamie Hughes became the number 8 seed and this open place ( 17th) also is open for a wildcard for the promoters

Also based on the current BDO rankings Pip Blackwell is the number 13 quailfier and Tony O’Shea ( ended equal with Pip Blackwell) number 14.

The best two ladies of the Finder Darts Masters 2015 rankings become a group head and the remaining 4 ladies by draw will enter a group

For the youth event with six players in two groups of 3 players there is no seeding. By draw the 6 players will enter a group of wich the best players of the group round robin will play the final on Sunday the 6th of December

Qaulifiers for Finder Darts Masters 2015

Seeded players

1:            Wesley Harms                Netherlands

2:            Martin Adams                England

3:            Scott Mitchell                 England

4:            Jeffrey de Graaf             Netherlands

5:            Glen Durrant                  England

6:            Darryl Fitton                  England

7:            Geert De Vos                   Belgium

8:            Jamie Hughes                England

Other qualifiers

9:            Scott Waites                    England

10:          Richard Veenstra           Netherlands

11:          Ross Montgomery          Scotland

12:          Madars Razma               Latvia

13:          Pip Blackwell                  England

14:          Tony O’Shea                    England

15:          Martin Phillips                Wales

16:          Gary Robson                    England

17:          Wildcard

18:          Wildcard

19:          Winner Champions League of Darts

20:          Wildcard

21:          Wildcard

22:          Wildcard

23:          Wildcard

24:          Wildcard NDB

Ladies qualifiers

Seeded players

1:            Fallon Sherrock                                 England

2:            Deta Hedman                                    England

Other qualifiers

3:            Anastasia Dobromyslova              Russia (Zuiderduin Masters 2014 champion)

4:            Aileen de Graaf                               Netherlands ( HAL Open 2015 champion)

5:            Winner Champions League of Darts for ladies

6:            Wildcard

For so far Maikel Verberk as youth champion of the HAL Open for boys is invited to play the Finder Darts Masters 2015 Youth event

More information for Finder Darts Masters 2015 or ticket sale and hotel package deals you find at

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de Graaf and Hedman win Winmau Open Belgium. Woord and Frauenfelder win youth titles.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jeffrey de Graaf Netherlands   1. Deta Hedman England
2. Dean Reynolds Wales   2. Fallon Sherrock England
3. Scott Mitchell England   3. Rachel Brooks England
3. Wesley Harms Netherlands   3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
5. Josh McCarthy England   5. Casey Gallagher England
5. Scott Waites England   5. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
5. Martin C Atkins England   5. Irina Armstrong Germany
5. Jim Williams Wales   5. Paula Jacklin England
9. Patrick Morelissen Netherlands   9. Francine Pieters Belgium
9. Martin Philips Wales   9. Stefanie Luck Germany
9. Darryl Fitton England   9. Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
9. Eddie White England   9. Sharon Roosen Netherlands
9. Willem Mandigers Netherlands   9. Margaret Sutton England
9. Jamie Hughes England   9. Zoe Jones England
9. Jerry Hendriks Netherlands   9. Jeannette Stoop Switzerland
9. Ivan Madsen Denmark   9. Anneke Kuijten Netherlands
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Maarten Dirk Woord Netherlands   1. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
2. Marvin van Velzen Netherlands   2. Layla Brussel Netherlands
3. Eelco Sieperda Netherlands   3. Veerle Hamelink Netherlands
3. Lorenzo Schmelcher Belgium   3. Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands
5. Bryan Snyders Belgium   5. Liselotte Bracke Belgium
5. Gijsbert van Malsen Netherlands   5. Cassandra Hof Netherlands
5. Job ten Heuvel Netherlands   5. Tamara van der Meirsch Belgium
5. Ruben Mesters Netherlands        
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