Remco Van Eijden and Aileen De Graaf win Swiss Open. Javanico Jansen takes the youth title.

Mens Results (bracket) Country Womens Results (bracket) Country
1. Remco Van Eijden Netherlands 1. Aileen De Graaf Netherlands
2. Stefaan Deprez Belgium 2. Deta Hedman England
3. Alan Norris England 3. Rachel Brooks England
3. Madars Razma Latvia 3. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
5. Stephan Gerritsen Netherlands 5. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium
5. Jermaine Wattimena Netherlands 5. Katharina Vonrufs Midland Knights
5. Wesley Harms Netherlands 5. Bianka Strauch Germany
5. Paul Coughlin Scotland 5. Jeannette Stoop Bodensee
9. Wilco Vermeulen Netherlands 9. Danielle Geerdink Netherlands
9. Jeroen Geerdink Netherlands 9. Daniela Bueel Papillon
9. Geert De Vos Belgium 9. Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
9. Urs Vonrufs Midland Knights 9. Colette Rudin Joker
9. Jimmy Hendriks Netherlands 9. Paula Jacklin England
9. Aj Urmston-Toft England 9. Lorraine Woodrow England
9. Willem Mandigers Netherlands 9. Deborah Speck Midland Knights
9. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 9. Angela Heinrich Basel
Youth Results (bracket) Country
1. Javanico Jansen Netherlands
2. Jesper Nijman Netherlands
3. Rusty Jake Rodriguez Austria
3. Brian Raman Belgium
5. Nathan Street England
5. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands
5. Justin Man Netherlands
5. Valentin Tagan Romont
9. Ricardo Roks Netherlands
9. Jordy Van de Weerd Netherlands
9. Damian Mol Netherlands
9. Eric Vonrufs Midland Knights
9. Nils Gloor Switzerland
9. Leon Wilhelm Germany
9. Enes Yavuzcan Papillon
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Mitchell and Maxwell win Scottish Youth Open

Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Liam Mitchell Scotland 1. Gayle Maxwell Scotland
2. Craig Johnston Scotland 2. Rebecca Graham Scotland
3. Leon Gibson Scotland 3. Tristen Brannan Scotland
3. Bradley Weston Scotland 3. Cody Hepburn Scotland
5. William Borland Scotland
5. Thomas Heggie Scotland
5. Ross Black Scotland
5. Darren Hume Scotland
9. Ryan Sinclair Scotland
9. Callum Steel Scotland
9. John Mcintosh Scotland
9. Scott Strachan Scotland
9. Logan Guthrie Scotland
9. Graeme Hamilton Scotland
9. Gavin Houliston Scotland
9. David Hirst Scotland
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Moss and Osborne win Canterbury Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Greg Moss NZ 1. Tina Osborne NZ
2. Tony Carmichael NZ 2. Jane Harrington NZ
3. Mike Day NZ 3. Peggy Wikaira NZ
3. Quintin Gardiner NZ 3. Jo Steed NZ
5. Not Available Not Reg 5. Rachel Padget NZ
5. Michael Ritchie NZ
5. Bernie Smith NZ
5. Keith Sheppard NZ
9. Brian Steed NZ
9. Bill Fergus NZ
9. Craig Dunn NZ
9. Steve Doak NZ
9. Simon Walker NZ
9. Simon Tippett NZ
9. Tamati Pere Not Reg
9. Brett Gardiner NZ
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Results from Poland


Winmau Polish Open
Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Alan Norris England 1. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
2. James Hurrell England 2. Ann Louise Peters Denmark
3. Glen Durrant England 3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
3. Geert de Vos Belgium 3. Deta Hedman England
5. Madars Razma Latvia 5. Lumi Silvan Finland
5. Sven Verdonck Belgium 5. Jolanta Rzepka Poland
5. Paul Coughlin Scotland 5. Anne Wilkomm Germany
5. Robbie Green England 5. Nicole Hartmann Germany
9. Willem Mandigers Netherlands 9. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
9. Jamie Hughes England 9. Tove Lauridesen Denmark
9. Remco van Eijden Netherlands 9. Casey Gallagher England
9. Pavel Drtil Czech Republic 9. Rachel Brooks England
9. Tony O’Shea England 9. Veronika Ihasz Hungary
9. Scott Waites England 9. Ivana Skaro Germany
9. Darryl Fitton England 9. Hana Belobradkova Czech Republic
9. Jim Williams Wales 9. Hanne Johnsen Denmark
Winmau Polish Open
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Maikel Verberk Netherlands 1. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
2. Josh Mccarthy England 2. Shauni Wastyn Belgium
3. Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 3. Michelle Verberk Netherlands
3. Ryan Hoggarth England 3. Elin Forsman Sweden
5. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark 5. Kinga Małek Poland
5. Ricardo Roks Netherlands 5. Michelle Lindhardt Denmark
5. Jordan Hołderny Poland
5. Jerry Kaldenberg Netherlands
9. Christoph Teske Germany
9. Jakub Kowalczyk Poland
9. Kevin Knopf Germany
9. Kamil Białka Poland
9. Oskar Lainpelto Sweden
9. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands
9. Adrian Kuhl Sweden
9. Maurice Huebner Germany
17. Jesper Voittonen Sweden
17. Mattias Flodin Sweden


Winmau Police Masters
Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Scott Waites England 1. Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
2. Remco van Eijden Netherlands 2. Lumi Silvan Finland
3. Scott Mitchell England 3. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium
3. Darryl Fitton England 3. Deta Hedman England
5. Alan Norris England 5. Veronika Ihasz Hungary
5. Gary Stafford England 5. Kirsi Viinikainen Finland
5. Jan Dekker Netherlands 5. Anneke Kujten Netherlands
5. Radosław Szagański Poland 5. Hana Belobradkova Czech Republic
9. Martin Atkins England 9. Kelly McGivern Northern Ireland
9. Geert de Vos Belgium 9. Lenka Drtilova Czech Republic
9. Glen Durrant England 9. Karolina Farna Czech Republic
9. Madars Razma Latvia 9. Rachel Brooks England
9. Paul Jennings England 9. Gabriela Bartków Poland
9. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 9. Marta Król Poland
9. Jamie Hughes England 9. Shauni Wastyn Belgium
9. Robbie Green England 9. Ann Louise Peters Denmark
Winmau Police Masters
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Maikel Verberk Netherlands 1. Michelle Verberk Netherlands
2. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark 2. Shauni Wastyn Belgium
3. Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 3. Michelle Lindhardt Denmark
3. Kevin Knopf Germany 3. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
5. Mattias Flodin Sweden 5. Kinga Małek Poland
5. Adrian Kuhl Sweden 5. Elin Forsman Sweden
5. Jerry Kaldenberg Netherlands
5. Oskar Lainpelto Sweden
9. Jesper Voittonen Sweden
9. Christoph Teske Germany
9. Boyd Hoevenberg Netherlands
9. Ryan Hoggarth England
9. Jordan Hołderny Poland
9. Ricardo Roks Netherlands
9. Maurice Huebner Germany
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Gates and Reynolds win Metroplex Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Leonard Gates USA 1. Shea Reynolds USA
2. Alex Reyes USA 2. Marlise Kiel USA
3. Mike Rountree USA 3. Tiffany Meyer USA
3. Kenny Parker USA 3. Stacy Bromberg USA
5. Richard Adcock USA 5. Linda Golden USA
5. Rich Busse USA 5. Trish Grzesik Canada
5. Sam VaQuera USA 5. Suzie Hall USA
5. Chris Forbes USA 5. Christina Tilley USA
9. Dave Riddile USA 9. Monica Foster USA
9. Johnny Lackey USA 9. Morgan McCormack USA
9. Robert Shotts USA 9. Christine Mitchell USA
9. Connley Litton USA 9. Yvonne Torres USA
9. Steve O’Reilly USA 9. Ryan Ming (yes, female) USA
9. Korey Eukert USA 9. Kim Wrenn USA
9. Joey Watts USA 9. Kristy Davis USA
9. Danny Young, Jr USA 9. Debbie Ivey USA
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Dutch Open Darts 2015 in ‘Bonte Wever Assen’

Dutch Open Darts 2015 FCPRESS RELEASE DUTCH OPEN DARTS 2015:  RIJSWIJK – 21 May 2014

The 37th edition of the Dutch Open Darts takes place from 30st of January till February the 1st 2015 in ‘De Bonte Wever Assen’. It is still the largest and liveliest BDO/WDF open darts tournament in the world and it will once again take place in the sports and entertainment center of Northern Netherlands.

“After a successful first edition, we are pleased to organize the Dutch Open Darts for the second time in Assen,” said tournament director Niels de Ruiter. “We learned a lot from the first edition, and listened carefully to our audience. A big party tent will be organized again and we see opportunities to increase the capacity. Everybody should be welcome and able to stay!”

“There are several reasons why we chose ‘De Bonte Wever’ again,” says Sijmon Timmers, president of the NDB. “First, it is a professional venue partner, who has worked hard to succeed the recent edition of the Dutch Open Darts. Secondly we have made good agreements again which is important to organize an event like this on such a big scale.”

Not only is ‘De Bonte Wever Assen’ a beautiful location, it also attracts regional sponsors, television, press and a lot of fans. According to the newspaper of the North, the Dutch Open Darts 2014 was a hit and broadcaster RTV Drenthe says the live broadcast on Sunday had a massive amount of viewers.

“The Dutch Open Darts is a perfect addition to our events calendar,” said director Christa de Ruiter from ‘De Bonte Wever’, who is very delighted that the Dutch Open Darts comes again to Assen. Don’t miss anything of the Dutch Open Darts 2015 and make sure that you stay overnight in ‘De Bonte Wever’.

The four-star hotel, catering, sports and events complex is distinguished by its location and combination of facilities and was elected in 2014 as the best family hotel in the Netherlands. It is now possible to make a reservation on the following website:  Check out our website frequently for the latest news. You can also follow the Dutch Open on Twitter: and Facebook:! See you in ‘De Bonte Wever’!

If you have any questions, please contact:


Nederlandse Darts Bond

Paul Engelbertink

tel. +31 (0) 70 366 72 06

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Coughlin and Ihasz win Hungarian Open. Giuliani and Czipo take youth titles.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Paul Coughlin SCO 1. Veronika Ihasz HUN
2. Janos Vegso HUN 2. Danielle Ijpelaar NED
3. Hannes Schnier AUT 3. Iveta Bruska CZE
3. Aaron Hardy AUT 3. Anna Kucsik HUN
5. Karel Sedlacek CZE 5. Katarina Nagyova SVK
5. Martin Popelka CZE 5. Csilla Kovacs HUN
5. Pavel Drtil CZE 5. Nikolett Wachter HUN
5. Attila Szabados HUN 5. Nora Erdei HUN
9. August Jost AUT 9. Andrea Lysova CZE
9. Oliver Ferenc SRB 9. Hana Belobradkova CZE
9. Marek Polach CZE 9. Czipo Vivien HUN
9. Istvan Nyiregyhazki HUN 9. Karolina Farna CZE
9. Jozsef Rucska HUN 9. Marjolein Noijens NED
9. Tanser Tilki TUR 9. Franciska Fekete Takacsne HUN
9. Zoltan Mester HUN 9. Zsuzsanna Virag HUN
9. Oto Zmelik SVK
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Franko Giuliani AUT 1. Vivien Czipo HUN
2. Nico Mandl AUT 2. Samantha-Lee Ostry HUN
3. Manuel Rechberger AUT 3. Ramona Reti HUN
3. Rusty-Jake Rodriguez AUT 3. Selina Rechberger AUT
5. Andras Borbenyi HUN
5. Brian Raman BEL
5. Bence Szuda HUN
5. Balint Szabó HUN
9. Krisztian Dudas HUN
9. Richard Kaiser HUN
9. Tamas Kocsis HUN
9. Daniel Patrik Takacs HUN
9. György Vöröshazi HUN
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Razma and Silvan win Lithuanian Open 2014


Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Madars Razma Latvia   1. Lumi Silvan Finland
2. Matthew Dickinson England   2. Kornelija Lusaite Lithuania
3. Aigars Strelis Latvia   3. Sandra Rimkeviciute Lithuania
3. Darius Labanauskas  Lithuania   3. Amanda Abbott England
5. Wieslaw Kozlowski Poland   5. Vilma Armaliene Lithuania
5. Peter Sajwani Sweden   5. Asta Jukniene Lithuania
5. Nauris Gleglu Latvija   5. Irena Bauze Latvia
5. Chris Hunt England   5. Zeltite Strada Latvia
9. Dmitry Bekh Belarus   9. Gabrielė Garbataviciute Lithuania
9. Rudolfs Mezeckis Latvia   9. Diana Szota Poland
9. Sigitas Vasylius Lithuania   9. Viktorija Jasiunaite Lithuania
9. Liam Goyne England   9. Svetlana Lira Belarus
9. Arunas Ciplys Lithuania        
9. Trevor Perry England        
9. Andrius Sparauskas Lithuania        
9. Tomas Sakys Lithuania        
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Connor Schlebach wins WDF Youth Metroplex Open

Connor 1st & Kerena 2nd Metroplex Open 5-18-14

Pos Players name Gender Country
1 Connor Schlebach   M USA
2 Kerena Reese   F USA
3 Justin Golden   M USA
3 Christopher Delahoy   M USA
5 Kris Reynolds   M USA
5 Adele Harding   F USA
5 Joseph Flores   M USA
5 Irianna Nacianceno   F USA
9 Christopher Ramsey   M USA
9 Jacob Devine   M USA
9 Julie Kolm     F USA
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Finish Open Results

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jeffrey de Graaf NED   1. Anna Forsmark SWE
2. Darius Labanauskas LIT   2. Maret Liiri FIN
3. Paul Coughlin SCO   3. Linda Nilsson SWE
3. Ali Roberts FIN   3. Kirsi Viinikainen FIN
5. Dennis Nilsson SWE   5. Rachel Brooks ENG
5. Martin Phillips WAL   5. Hanne Johnsen DEN
5. Madars Razma LAT   5. Kaisu Rekinen FIN
5. Sami Sanssi FIN   5. Sari Nikula FIN
9. Evgeny Izotov FIN   9. Eija Axelsson FIN
9. Kenneth Högwall SWE   9. Maud Jansson SWE
9. Hannu Suominen FIN   9. Tatiana Volkhina RUS
9. Marko Kantele FIN   9. Lumi Silvan FIN
9. Petri Korte FIN   9. Milla Sainio FIN
9. Kim Viljanen FIN   9. Olga Mayer RUS
9. Matti Hatinen FIN   9. Deana Rosenblom SWE
9. Asko Niskala FIN   9. Hannele Varis SWE
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