Finder Darts Masters 2016 – press release

FinderDartsMastersPress release Egmond  aan Zee, Monday 15/08/2016

Antwerp Open 2016 was the 16th and final tournament of the Finder Darts Masters ranking for 2016. This tournament was played on Sunday, August the 14th, and with these results we reached the final result of the Finder Darts Masters.

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Mongolian Open 2016 – results and press release


The Mongolia Open 2016, the first ever World Darts Federation ranking event, in Association with Winmau was conducted during 6-7 August, 2016 at the Grand Hill Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. About 200 players participated in two days of the tournament.


WDF Tables updated with these results 14/08/2016, singles entries men 71, women 25 and open youth 16. Points are official (14/09/2016).

Winners Odkhuu Khundaganai
and Erdenechimeg Dondov
Open Youth Champion
Ankhbayar Bayarjavkhlan
2016_MongoliaOpen_men-women-winners 2016_MongoliaOpen_youth

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Winmau Belgium Open 05-07/08/2016 – press release

Belgium_logoSTILL 12 DAYS

You have only 12 days to enter the Winmau Belgium Open 2016
Date: 05-07 August 2016
Location: “Belgica Loods” Thonetlaan 133 Antwerpen, Belgium

Closing date entries: Monday 25 July 2016
Entries :


You can find more information about tournaments from WDF Calendar

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Winmau Polish Open 2016 weekend – press release and results

2016_Poland_winnersLast weekend in Police Town, Poland at the Dobosz Hotel was played 6th edition of the WDF/BDO Winmau Polish Open. As usual, the weekend started the pairs tournament  in which won in the ladies competition Deta Hedman/Rachel Brooks (ENG) and at the mens polish pair Krzysztof Ratajski/Krzysztof Kciuk (POL).

On Saturday in the main event WDF/BDO Winmau Polish Open played 64 ladies and 300 men. The ladies competition was won by Deta Hedman (ENG) defeating 5:4 Aileen de Graaf (NED) after thrilling final with averages 78.7 (Deta) and 75.8 (Aileen), while in mens event Darren Clifford (NI) defeated 6:1 Key Smith (NED) with average close to 84.  Girls tournament  won by Veerle Hamelink, in the boys won Gijsbert van Malsem.

On Sunday was played WDF/BDO Police Masters. Womans final of the same composition and with… same result. Deta proves great form in Poland, a week after winning the Welsh Open. In the mens competition James Hurrell (ENG) defeating 6:2 Jeffren Spaaridans (NED). Girls tournament  won by Leni Nielsen, in the boys won Dennis Wunsch.
More information from tournament site :

WDF Tables updated.

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WDF Europe Cup 2016


In 2016, the WDF Europe Cup for men and women will take place in the Netherlands! From the 20th till the 24th of September 2016 Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee will host this international top tournament. You can expect a fantastic five day tournament at top level.

“After the World Darts Federation (WDF) had embraced the bid of the Dutch Darts Association (NDB), we immediately searched for a suitable location. The NDB is very happy with Hotel Zuiderduin as our partner. It is a well known location within the sport and is popular amongst the darters and their audience. We have agreed to join forces and organise a fantastic European Championship”, said Sijmon Timmers, chairman of the NDB.

The last time the Europe Cup was played in the Netherlands was in 2000 in Veldhoven. Then we were given the honour to host the World Cup in 2007, also the Six Nations Cup in 2013 and several European championships for the youth. We are pleased to add another magnificent international tournament to the list and are proud to organise this in the Netherlands.

The Europe Cup promises fantastic darts matches and offers darts fans a unique opportunity to see their team compete against other European top players. We expect that more than 30 countries will compete for the European title.

The WDF Europe Cup has a beautiful history. John Lowe won the first singles tournament in 1978, but also famous names like Bobby George, Phil Taylor, Trina Gulliver, Martin Adams and Mark Webster are on the list of single winners. Famous Dutch champions are Raymond van Barneveld, Co Stompé and Francis Hoenselaar.

More information about the European Championship in 2016 will be published online soon:

For more information please contact:

Dutch Darts Association
Paul Engelbertink

Press release Winmau Belgian Open 2013 digitally broadcasted via Sport10!

sport10The “Belgium Darts Federation” has concluded a preliminary agreement with Arendsoog TV Producties to broadcast all singles’ finals of the Winmau Belgian Open Darts 2013 that take place from 2 until 4 August iat the Gemeenschapscentrum “Den Boomgaard”, Antwerpsesteenweg 57 te 2520 Ranst (Broechem)

The men’s’, ladies’, girls’ and boys’ finals will all be transmitted by Arendsoog TV via the digital channel Sport10, which is part of the basic pack of “Telenet Digitaal” and Belgacom TV.

Moreover, Sport10 will repeat the highlights 10 times. Sport10 can be watched by more than 2,5 million families in Belgium. The “Belgium Darts Federation” is very pleased with this progress and hopes to reach a broader audience for our sport.

The Belgian darts tournaments from the WDF/BDO circuit have never previously been broadcast by TV. Obviously, we hope that these recordings from now on via live streaming internationally will reach every living room. We are prepared to do anything needed to reach this goal. The Winmau Belgian Open Darts has the image that will appeal to an international audience.

According president Raoul Struyf this is a very important and big step forward for the “Belgium Darts Federation”.

The Winmau Belgian Open welcomes every year approximately 1500 darters including the top players of the WDF/BDO circuit.

In addition to all the top Belgian and Dutch players, we also enjoy the participation of many other top players from all over the World. Many dart players visit this event to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the immediate contact with the top players. We do not have a VIP space, so anyone can meet the top players face to face and even have a photograph taken with their idol.

Winning the Winmau Belgian Open does not only mean a nice sum of money (€17.500) but the winner is sure of participating to the Winmau World Masters and the Lakeside qualification tournament. For all further information you can contact the secretary Stephan D’Aes ore the president Raoul Struyf

The registration for this magnificent darts event is on-going.

If you want to be sure to be able to participate, along with the top players, please register now! As of today journalists can be accredited for this event

For registration and information! english

Welcome to “Lithuania Open 2011” (WDF, BDO) on 21-23rd of October

Lithuanian darts players and fans invite all darts lovers to become a part of the biggest darts festival in our country, to meet Lithuanian darts and to bring home a lot of new impressions and friends. We invite you to join the players who already registered to “Lithuania Open 2011” from UK, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Russia and Lithuania and still counting (all entries you may find here

“Lithuania Open 2011” venue and accommodation: “Trasalis – Trakai Resort & SPA” (, Gedimino g. 26, Trakai – its very beautiful ancient Lithuanian capital with its own castle and lakes). Escort form Vilnius airport to venue will be available free of charge – please provide your flight details to or you may register by email It is possible to register and at the venue, but after 19th of October entries will not be seeded.

All invitation with more details you may download here

HOTEL “Trasalis – Trakai Resort & SPA” price: 165 LTL double room (with breakfast),
Hotel booking / escort to hotel Mindaugas Skarbalius (LT-EN-RU) Vilnius by phone: +370-60344577 or e-mail:

WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team Finals

The team event is a best of 17 with each player playing 1 leg of 501 against each player of the opposing team.  The finals consists of team Finland (Jarkko Komula, Sami Sanssi, Petri Korte and Ulf Ceder) and team England (Scott Waites, Tony O’Shea, Martin Atkins and Martin Adams).

The 1st leg is Komula vs O’Shea with Komula to start.  O’Shea came out flying with a 180, 140, 165 and 16 checkout for a 10 dart 1st leg.  Komula also had a 180 in the leg. 

The 2nd leg is Sanssi vs Waites with Waites to start.  Waites started the leg with a 180 followed by a 135.  He won the leg with a 32 checkout in 13 darts.

The 3rd leg is Korte vs Adams with Korte to start.  This leg what out of character for both players as only 2 rounds of 100+ shots were made.  Even with that said, Korte still took the leg in only 16 darts.

The 4th leg is Ceder vs Atkins with Atkins to start.  Atkins made it 3 of 4 players from the England team to start the leg with a 180 and took the leg in 15 darts to give England a 3-1 lead after the first set of legs.

The 5th leg is Sanssi vs O’Shea with Sanssi to start.  This leg had both players going back to back with 100+ shots. With O’Shea sitting on 32, Sannsi hits the double 16 to win the leg.

The 6th leg is Komula vs Adams with Adams to start.  Komula was first to an out shot but missed the 81.  Adams wired a 131 checkout of his own.  Komula did not waste his second chance and won the leg against the throw to even the match at 3 a piece.

The 7th leg is Ceder vs Waites with Ceder to start.  Waites takes out a 64 with Ceder on 111 to regain the lead for England.

The 8th leg is Korte vs Atkins with Atkins to start.  Korte just missed a 118 out and Atkins just missed the 110 checkout.  Korte did not fail on his second attempt at the leg and hit double 20 for the win and to even the match one again.

The 9th leg is Ceder vs Adams with Adams to start.  Ceder started the leg 140, 140 while Adams hit two 140’s is hit first 3 throws.  Adams just missed a shot at the 161 checkout but Ceder could not answer with a 98 checkout.  However, Adams failed to hit the double 8 and Ceder won the leg to give Finland their first lead of the match 5-4.

The 10th leg is Komula vs Waites with Komula to start.  Waites started the lef 100, 180 and Komula started 140, 100.  Waites was the first with an out shot and missed the 76.  Komula had a 160 chance but did not have a shot at the double.  Waites took out 36.

With the score tied 5-5, the current averages for the teams are:
Finland = 83.96
England = 90.82

The 11th leg is Sanssi vs Atkins with Sanssi to start.  With both players missing shots at the double, Atkins clipped the double 10 to regain the lead 6-5 for England.

The 12th leg is Korte vs O’Shea with O’Shea to start.  O’Shea takes out a 68 for a 7-5 lead for England.

The 13th leg is Komula vs Atkins with Komula to start.  Atkins failed to score over 100 in the lef and Komula had a 20 checkout to bring the match within 1.

The 14th leg is Sanssi vs Adams with Adams to start.  Sanssi is the first to leave himself an out shot with a 126.  Adams followed to leave himself 107.  Neither out was hit and Sanssi missed his attempt at an 83.  Adams then followed with a 16 checkout to bring England within one leg of the title.

The 15th leg is Korte vs Waites with Korte to start.  Waites started the match 100, 180, 100 and missed the 121 checkout.  Waites missed a checkout of 8 to leave Korte a 170 shot.  He scored a 134 to put some pressure of Waites.  Waites missed again.  And Korte hit the double 18 on his first dart to keep Finland alive.

The 16th leg is Ceder vs O’Shea with O’Shea to start.  Ceder checkout’s 56 to bring the match to a deciding leg.  The deciding leg is a decision by the team.  Each team picks 1 player for the leg.

The teams decided on Komula for Finland and Waites for England.  Waites starts the game with a 140.  Komula follows with a 61.  Waites follows with a 100.  Komula draw the leg closer with a 140 of his own.  Waites hits a 137 to leave himself 124 with Komula sitting on 200 after his latest throw.  Waites just misses the double bull and leaves 25.  Komula hits 140 to leave 60.  Waites hits singles 9 and double 8 in 2 darts to win the WDF World Cup 2011 Mens Team championships.

Finland = 27.93
England = 28.85

WDF World Cup 2011 Womens Singles Finals

The womens singles finals was played between Trina Gulliver or England and Julie Gore of Wales in a best of 13 match.  In the 1st leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 18 and Gore took the leg.  Gore then started off strong in the 2nd leg with a 100 and 135.  She was first to the double and hit it for a 2-0 lead.

In the 4th leg, Gulliver missed 2 at the double 10 and Gore checkout a 124 for an 18 dart leg.  In the 5th, after missed doubles by both players, Gulliver got on the board by hitting the double 1 and then took the 5th and 6th legs as well to even up the match.

Gulliver hit two 140`s in the 7th leg and checked out a 48 in 20 darts to take her 4th consecutive leg and her first lead of the match.  Gulliver continued her win streak by winning the 8th leg as well.  Gore put together an impressive 15 darter in the 9th leg and the 5th leg in 22 to draw the match even at 5 all.

With both players sitting on 100, Gore had the first attempt and did not miss.  This was the 3rd consecutive leg for Gore and put her back in the lead and 1 away from the title.  Gulliver just missed a 170 and Gore had 2 darts at the match but missed.  Gulliver hit the double 4 to send the match into it`s deciding leg.

Gulliver won the bull and started the leg.  With two 100`s in the game, Gulliver had a big lead.  She missed a few doubles to let Gore back into the leg and with Gore sitting on 38, Gulliver hit the double 1 with her second dart to become the WDF World Cup Womens Singles 7-6.

Trina Gulliver = 22,29
Julie Gore = 23,13

WDF World Cup 2011 Boys Singles Finals

The boys singles finals matchup is between Jimmy Hendriks of the Netherlands and Max Hopp of Germany.  This is a best of 11.  In the first leg Hopp game started off strong with a 100 and 140.  Hendriks followed with a 100 and 136 of his own.  Hopp took the game in 13 darts with a double 20.

Hopp took leg 2 in 18.  The 3rd leg we saw some very impressive darts with both players hitting 140s.  Hopp took the leg in 11 darts to take an early 3-0 lead.  In the 4th leg, Hopp hit is 2nd 180 of the match.  Hendriks again came back with a 140.  Hendriks got on the board 15 darter. 

The 5th leg went to Hendriks to bring the match to 3-2 in favor of Hopp.  Hopp regrouped  took the 6th leg.  Hendriks put together a 13 darter to bring the match back within 1 game. 

With the score 3-2 in favor of Hopp, Hendriks hit a 159 to leave himself 32.  He hit the out with his 2nd dart to square the match at 4 all.

In the 9th leg, Hendriks again hit a big round, 180,  to leave himself a 1 dart out. He took out double 7 for an 18 darter and take his first lead of the match. 

Hendriks took out 124 (20, 54, 50) for a 16 darter and for the WDF World Cup Boy Singles championships 6-4.

Jimmy Hendriks = 32.00
Max Hopp = 30.99

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