Burnett and West win Las Vegas Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Richie Burnett Wales   1. Cali West USA
2. Joe Huffman USA   2. Shea Reynolds USA
3. Ram Guevara USA   3. Kiyo Shimizu Japan
3. Gary Mawson USA   3. Lisa Yee Japan
5. Shaun Narain Canada   5. Cindy Hayhurst Canada
5. Shawn Brenneman Canada   5. Robin Curry Canada
5. David Fatum USA   5. Sam Pink Japan
5. Jeff Smith Canada   5. Sandy Hudson USA
9. Shane Meeks USA   9. Marlise Kiel USA
9. Benny Dersch USA   9. Stacy Pace USA
9. Elliot Milk USA   9. Stacy Bromberg USA
9. Bob Sinnaeve Canada   9. Yukari Asano Japan
9. Jesse Russell USA   9. Valerie Goad USA
9. Greg Von Lienen USA   9. Jennifer Ehlert USA
9. Masahiro Hiraga Canada   9. Holly Frary USA
9. Jayson Barlow Canada   9. Paula Murphy USA
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Bolduc and Gobeil win Quebec Open

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Paul Bolduc Canada   1. Dianne Gobeil Canada
2. David Cameron Canada   2. Maria Mason Canada
3. David Dionne Canada   3. Genny Mercier Canada
3. Steve Warnock Canada   3. Nathalie Bolduc Canada
5. Marco Gonthier Canada   5. Jennifer Delisle Canada
5. Ross Snook Canada   5. Jeanne Simard Canada
5. Bernard Beaudin Canada   5. Nancy Ste-Croix Canada
5. Jacques Dionne Canada   5. Doris Tanguay Canada
9. Daniel Leblanc Canada   9. Nathalie Marchand Canada
9. Martin Cote Canada   9. France St-Germain Canada
9. Scott Wells Canada   9. France Ricard Canada
9. Stephane Lefebvre Canada   9. Debra Pegg Canada
9. Serge Brassard Canada   9. Louise Beaudin Canada
9. Sylvain Bourque Canada   9. Celine Coll Canada
9. Donald Pigeon Canada   9. Sylvie Berube Canada
9. Duane Doucettte Canada   9. Ashley Gilbert Canada
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Single winners Hal Open Darts receive invitation for Zuiderduin Masters

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Friday the 17 th  of January 2014

The promoter of the Zuiderduin Masters announces that the new international darts event, the HAL Open Darts is added to the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 rankings. Also the promoter announces that the will invite the winners of the mens- ladies and boys single event ro play the Zuiderduin Masters 2014.

The HAL Open Darts is a new international darts event that is WDF and BDO ranked and since today also counts for qualification for the Zuiderduin Masters.

The event starts on Saturday the 22nd of March and on Sunday the 23rd the single event will start. The venue is the Evenementenhal at Venray and soon you  can prescribe for this event by the website www.halopendarts.nl

On the Zuiderduin Masters you see the best 24 men, 6 ladies and 6 boys of the national and international darts scene in action. For more information about ticket sale, overall ticket and hotel packages deals  see the website of the Zuiderduin Masters, www.zuiderduinmasters.nl

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Zuiderduin Masters 2014, announcement of the dates for this events

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, the 15th of January 2015

With the excting matches of Zuiderduin Masters edition 2013 in our minds and still hearing the shearing of the enthusiastic spectators we no look forward to the start of edition 2014. Today the promoter of the Zuiderduin Masters announced the new dates for this event. Zuiderduin Masters 2014. From Friday the 5th till Sunday the 7th of December the tournament  will be played in Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee.

Zuiderduin Masters 2013 Champions, James Wilson and Aileen the Graaf will be back in Decmeber to defend their title the rest of the players in the new event can qualify through the Zuiderduin Masters rankings or as the winner of the Champions League of Darts play off tournament. Further the promoter and the Dutch Darts Bond invite some players to play the Zuiderduin Master with a wildcard.

Later on we will update this website with more information about ticket sale, hotel package deals and the participants for Zuiderduin Masters 2014

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Registration Dutch Open Darts extended!

Due to the Lakeside and all the media attention at this moment, entries for the Dutch Open Darts are going fast! Therefore the Dutch Darts Association has decided to extend the registration until Monday January 20st 12.00 o’clock Dutch Time. This is your last chance to register!

All players (except youth) can register through our website www.dutchopendarts.nl/en/registration. It will only take a few minutes. Payment is not necessary, this will be done at the event. The Dutch Open Darts is unique in its kind. It is the biggest open tournament and attracts thousands of darts players from all around the world! This includes big names like Tony O’Shea, Darryl Fitton, Deta Hedman, Wesley Harms and Jan Dekker. Of course we expect the entries of Lakeside champions Stephen Bunting and Lisa Ahston as well! So who knows, you might be playing against a world class player. Besides that there is a prize fund of more than €33.000,-

The Dutch Open Darts is ranked by the World Darts Federation and British Darts Organisation and carries places in the Winmau World Masters 2014 for winners of the Men’s, Ladies and Youth Singles. The final playing schedule will be published online in the week prior to the tournament. The finals of the Dutch Open Darts 2014 will be broadcast live on Dutch Television by RTV Drenthe! It can also be seen on Eurosport or via a stream on internet. Check out our website www.dutchopendarts.nl/en frequently for the latest news. You can also follow the Dutch Open on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DOdarts and Facebook: www.facebook.com/DutchOpenDarts! See you in ‘De Bonte Wever’!

If you have any questions, please contact:
Nederlandse Darts Bond
Paul Engelbertink

tel. +31 (0) 70 366 72 06

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WDF World Rankings Systems: 2013 Monetary Awards

The 2013 Awards have now been finalised for both senior and youth categories.

Name                    Country    Points    Award (USD)
1: James Wilson           Eng         825      2000
2: Stephen Bunting        Eng         804      1500
3: Wesley Harms           NL          719      1000
4: Tony O’Shea            Eng         648      800
5: Scott Waites           Eng         647      600             

1: Jan Dekker             NL          628      500
2: Madars Razma           Lat         621      300
3: Geert De Vos           Bel         570      200             

1: Harley Kemp            Aus         256      500
2: Jonathan Silcock       NZ          234      300
3: Mike Day               NZ          175      200             

1: Jim Widmeyer           USA         252      500
2: Dion Laviolette        Can         240      300
3: Leonard Gates          USA         234      200             

1: Deta Hedman            Eng         2174     2000
2: Aileen de Graf         NL          1114     1500
3: Irina Armstrong        Ger         1111     1000
4: Trina Gulliver         Eng         1020     800
5: Rachel Brooks          Eng         936      600             

1: Fallon Sherrock        Eng         858      500
2: Sharon Prins           NL          831      300
3: Anastasia Dobromyslova Rus         802      200             

1: Lorraine Burn          Aus         379      500
2: Corrine Hammond        Aus         324      300
3: Tina Osborne           NZ          260      200             

1: Cindy Hayhurst         Can         625      500
2: Trish Grzesik          Can         354      300
3: Robin Curry            Can         196      200             

The WDF Youth Player Awards for 2013 are as follows:

Name                     Country    Points    Award (US Dollars)
1: Colin Roelofs         NL         400       500
2: Sergei Goncharov      Rus        220       300
3: Bryan Coenderaerts    Bel        190       200             

1: Matthew Francois      Aus        70        500
2: Jamie Rundle          Aus        60        250
2: Jackson Wilson Young  Aus        60        250             

1: Dawson Murschell      Can        80        500
2: Steven Wilcox         Can        60        300
3: Connor Schlebach      USA        50        200             

1: Casey Gallagher       Eng        260       500
2: Sarah Rosen           Swe        170       300
3: Lidia Koltsova        Rus        130       200             

1: Tiarna Smith          Aus        25        400
1: Tori Kewish           Aus        25        400
3: Jade Whitworth        Aus        20        100
3: Jordan Clarke         Aus        20        100             

1: Alison Hall           USA        20        333
1: Clover Arndt          Can        20        333
1: Kerena Reese          USA        20        333

All youth award winners will also be entitled to entry into the Winmau World Youth Masters providing that they meet the entry criteria for the event. Entries to the Winmau World Masters should be made by the member country and sent directly to the BDO.

* In addition to the monetary awards all Area Winners will also receive a set of darts, extra flights and a playing shirt of their choice from our sponsor “Bulls Darts”.

** In addition to the monetary awards all Second placed players will receive a set of darts of their choice from our sponsor “Bulls Darts”.

*** In addition to the monetary awards all Third placed players will receive a playing shirt of their choice from our sponsor “Bulls Darts”.


With kind regards
Roy Price
WDF Tournament Director

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Estonia Open 2013 results

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Darius Labanauskas LIT   1. Irina Armstrong RUS
2. Madars Razma LAT   2. Kirsi Viinikainen FIN
3. Ulf Ceder FIN   3. Maret Liiri FIN
3. Sami Sanssi FIN   3. Tarja Salminen FIN
5. Gerard Klijn NED   5. Marika Juhola FIN
5. Arunas Ciplys LIT   5. Sari Nikula FIN
5. Ali Roberts FIN   5. Gineke Hoekstra FIN
5. Matti Hatinen FIN   5. Tatiana Volokhina RUS
9. Barry Zander NED   9. Irēna Bauze LAT
9. Teuvo Haverinen FIN   9. Taru Kettunen FIN
9. Markus Jokikokko FIN   9. Mervi Kaksonen FIN
9. Teemu Harju FIN   9. Tiina Aule EST
9. Alexandr Oreshkin RUS   9. Lumi Silvan FIN
9. Paavo Myller FIN   9. Marina Udalaya RUS
9. Nauris Gleglu LAT   9. Laima Upeniece LAT
9. Narve Plassen NOR   9. Kaisu Rekinen FIN
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Kuritcin and Klochek winner in Youth Ural Cup

Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Mikhail  Kuritcin  Russia   1. Anastasia  Klochek Russia
2. Nikita  Zheltonosov Russia   2. Anastasia  Suvorova Russia
3. Maxim  Ivanov  Russia   3. Diana  Vechelkovskaja Russia
3. Maxim  Aldoshin Russia   3. Kristina  Karpova Russia
5. Sergei  Kandalintsev Russia   5. Anastasia  Poluhina Russia
5. Dmitry  Reshetnyak Russia   5. Svetlana  Lazutkina Russia
5. Gleb  Dusin Russia   5. Lidia  Koltsova Russia
5. Sergei  Goncharov Russia   5. Daria  Cherkasova Russia
9. Vasily  Krestyninov Russia   9. Natalja  Tagilova Russia
9. Evgeny  Tupitcin Russia   9. Ekaterina  Cherkasova Russia
9. Konstantin  Makarov Russia   9. Irina  Tereshina Russia
9. Maksim  Laptev  Russia   9. Valeria  Shvets Russia
9. Aleksei  Vetchinkin Russia   9. Alena  Feofanova Russia
9. Ivan Menaggio Russia   9. Elena  Golyasheva Russia
9. Matvej  Korolev Russia   9. Inna  Ramonova Russia
9. Evgeny  Lebedev  Russia   9. Anastasia  Galkina Russia
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James Wilson, Aileen de Graaf and Colin Roelofs the new Zuiderduin Masters Champions

ZuiderduinMasters2013_championsThe Zuiderduin Masters 2013 mens title this year is for James Wilson from England. A name to remember as not only in the past months the 41 year old dartsplayer from Huddersfield was in many tournament finals also today in the Zuiderduin Masters final against world number one Stephen Bunting ‘the Jammie Dodger’ played very impressive.

Stephen ‘Bullet’ Bunting had no answer on the the force of Wilson who had a 121, 122, 123 and 124 finish in the match

In a best of 9 sets Wilson won 5-1  and only in the second set  he lost one point to the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 Champion, Stephen Bunting. Lots of emotion showed Wilson during the presentations. A few weeks ago he just missed his first major title as runner up of Winmau World Masters today in Egmond aan Zee he claimed his first major title.

Robbie Green won the cheque for the highest check out, 160.

After 3 years at last the Zuiderduin Masters ladies title for Aileen de Graaf. Aileen made her debut in 2011 and lost that year the final against Deta Hedman. In 2012 she lost from Anastasia Dobromyslova who reached the ladies final this year as well.

But today it ended the other way and won Aileen the Zuiderduin Masters ladies champion title without losing a set. In the first set Aileen won her first setpoint in the fifth an deciding leg and due to lots of missed doubles Anastasia lost the second set 3-1

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth title was claimed by Colin Roelofs who won in two sets of Berry van Peer also from the Netherlands. Berry was very close to a setpoint in the first set but unfortunately lost in the 5th and deciding leg of this set.

In the second set no succes for Berry and Colin won the set 3-0 and with that result his first major title.

The results of the final matches

Quarter finals men
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1) (ENG)         -     Benito v. d. Pas (8) (NED)        3 – 0

Set results::  3-0  ;  3-1  ;  3-0

Michel van der Horst (NED)        -     Wesley Harms (4) (NED)            0 – 3
Set results:1-3  ; 0-3  ; 1-3

Ross Montgomery (SCO)             -     Gary Robson (ENG)                 3 – 2
Set results:  3-2  ; 1-3  ; 3-2  ; 2-3  ;  3-2

Tony O’Shea (7) (ENG)             -     James Wilson (ENG)                1 – 3
Set results:3-2  ; 1-3  ; 0-3  ; 2-3

Semi finals:
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1) (ENG)               Wesley Harms (4) (NED)

Ross Montgomery (SCO)                   James Wilson (ENG)

Youth final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Colin Roelofs  (NED)              -     Berry van Peer (NED)              2-0

Set results: 3-2 ; 3-0

Ladies final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Aileen de Graaf (1) (NED)         -     Ana Dobromyslova (RUS)            2-0

Set results:  3-2  ; 3-1

Mens final
player 1                                player 2                          result
Stephen Bunting (1)(ENG)          -     James Wilson (ENG)                1 – 5

Set results: Bunting – Wilson  0-3  ; 3-2  ; 0-3  ;  1-3  ; 1-3  ; 1-3

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Zuiderduin Masters Live 6 – 7 and 8 December

 Zuiderduin Masters logo

This Year all the matches of the Zuiderduin Masters are streamed live on the internet

On the website of RTV Noord Holland you can see these matches.

RTV Noord Holland website

Zuiderduin Masters website

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