Norris and Winstanley win Swedish Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Alan Norris England 1. Lorraine Winstanley England
2. Philip Blackwell England 2. Zoe Jones England
3. Dave Smith England 3. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
3. Scott Mitchell England 3. Deta Hedman England
5. Jan Dekker Netherlands 5. Sharon Prins Netherlands
5. Michel Van Der Horst Netherlands 5. Trina Gulliver England
5. Stefaan Deprez Belgium 5. Maud Jansson Bro Dart Club
5. Brian Dawson England 5. Paula Jacklin England
9. Glen Durrant England 9. Anna Forsmark Sweden
9. Tony Martin England 9. Casey Gallagher England
9. Gary Robson England 9. Carina Ekberg Bro Dart Club
9. Patrick Morelissen Netherlands 9. Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
9. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 9. Deana Rosenblom Sweden
9. Martin Aktins England 9. Maret Liiri Finland
9. Tony O´Shea England 9. Tove Smedberg Sweden
9. Sam Hewson England 9. Lumi Silvan Finland
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Names of players qualified for Zuiderduin Masters 2014

ZuiderduinMastersLogoPressrelease: Egmond aan Zee, Tuesday the 19th of August 2014

With the results of the Antwerp Open, played last weekend in Belgium, the rankings for Zuiderduin Masters 2014 completed. Based on this rankings players are invited to participate in this event played from 5 till 7 December at hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee

16 of the 24 players in the mens event will be invited. These 16 players are the top 16 of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings 2013. Other players can qualify through the Champions League of Darts, and the winners of the HAL Open Darts 2014 are invited. The promotors can invite players with a wildcard

The first 8 players of the Zuiderduin Masters rankins are seeded and each one will be one the number one postion of a group of 3 players. The other 16 players will be added to a group by draw later this Year.

The 8 seeded players are:

  1. Wesley Harms (Neth)
  2. Martin Adams (Eng)
  3. Rick Hofstra (Ned)
  4. Scott Mitchell (Eng)
  5. Jan Dekker (Neth)
  6. Geert De Vos (Bel)
  7. Gary Robson (Eng)
  8. Tony O’Shea (Eng) 

De other 8 none seeded players who receive an invitation are:

  1. Jamie Hughes (Wal)
  2. Alan Norris (Eng)
  3. James Wilson (Eng)
  4. Scott Waites (Eng)
  5. Jeffrey de Graaf (Neth)
  6. Michel van der Horst (Neth)
  7. Remco van Eijden (Neth)
  8. Ross Montgomery (Sco)

The 8 remaining spots will be announced later 

  1. Wildcard (*)
  2. Wildcard (**)
  3. Winner of Champions League of Darts 2014
  4. Wildcard
  5. Wildcard
  6. Wildcard
  7. Wildcard
  8. Wildcard

(*) James won Zuiderduin Masters 2013 and qualified through the rankings, so for this spot a player will receive a wildcard.

(**) Martin Adams won the HAL Open Darts 2014 and is the number two seed of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings. Also for this spot a player will be selected for a wildcard.

For the ladies event two players are invited based on the rankings. One player can qualify by the CLoD, the winner of the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 for ladies is invited to play and the HAL Open Darts 2014 Ladies champion. The remaining spots are filled in with a wildcard.

The two ladies invited by the rankings are seeded as head of a group. By draw the other players are added to a group

The seeded ladies are:

  1. Aileen de Graaf (Neth)
  2. Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus)
  3. wildcard (***)
  4. Deta Hedman (Eng) Ladies Champion HAL Open Darts 2014
  5. wildcard
  6. wildcard

(***) Aileen de Graaf is the reigning Zuiderduin Masters 2013 ladies champion and the number one seed on the 2014 Zuiderduin Masters ranking so for this spot the promoter will select a player for a wildcard.

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth 2014has no seeding. For these two groups of 3 players each a draw decides in which a player has to play. One player we already know. One player can qualify by the CLoD

1. Colin Roelofs (Ned) (winner HAL Open Darts 2014 for boys) 2. Winner Champions League of Darts 2014

The other 3 players are invited in consolation with de Dutch Darts Bond

3. wildcard 4. wildcard 5. wildcard 6. wildcard

Ticket sale for Zuiderduin Masters 2014 already started. See for more information and special hotel offers.

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Invite to the 5th edition of the Romanian International Darts Open

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Romanian Darts Federationhas the pleasure to invite you to the 5th edition of the Romanian International Darts Open,September 28 , 2014
The event will be exactly after WDF Europe Cup 2014 (23-27 September), in the same venue and with a big participation of top ranked players from all over Europe.
Singles are counting towards the ranking of the World Darts Federation as a category 3 WDF and BDO Invitation Table C ranking event.
A total of 5,000 Euro in prize money will be awarded to men singles, ladies singles. The winners of the singles receive an invite for the Winmau World Masters 2014.
Men single title will bring a 1,600 Euro prize, while the first 16 will receive various amounts as prize money. For the ladies, the winner will receive 250 euro, while the first eight will receive various amounts as prize money. A detailed list of how the prizes will be distributed you will find on our website and also in the WDF ( & BDO Calendar.
The event will be hosted by Hotel Intercontinental 5* Bucharest and will have the following schedule:
09:00 venue opening
10:00 Men Singles – start; Ladies Singles – start
18:00 Men Singles Quarter Finals (on stage)
20:00 Men Singles Semifinals (on stage)
21.20 Ladies Singles Final (on stage)
22.00 Men Singles Final (on stage)
23:00Prizes presentation
A detailed presentation, including accommodation forms, registration forms, entry fees, rules, playing format you will find on our website and also in the WDF & BDO Calendar.
The event will have live coverage thru Romanian main sports television, TV
The Intercontinental Hotel 5* is in close proximity of Henri Coanda International Airport (about 17 km).
Since we know that a lot of visitors are interested in everything related to Dracula, we thought to organize a Dracula Tour!!! The tour is scheduled for Monday, September 29 and includes transportation to Dracula Castle, visit to Palas Castle in Sinaia, entry fee for both castles and a traditional Romanian lunch). If you are interested (for only 65 Euro per person) you have just to send an email to and you will receive all the details need it.
Best regards,
Romanian Darts Federation
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Gates and Hudson win USA Classic

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Leonard Gates USA 1. Sandy Hudson USA
2. Joe Chaney USA 2. Paula Murphy USA
3. Ray Carver USA 3. Bette Cunninghma USA
3. Jim Widmayer USA 3. Cali West USA
5. Stan Savitsky USA 5. Jennifer Ehlert USA
5. Greg Van Lienen USA 5. Trish Grzesik CANADA
5. Bob Sinnaeve CANADA 5. Kayla Thompson USA
5. Alex Reyes USA 5. Pam Briggs USA
9. Darin Young USA 9. Deb Pundt USA
9. Don Conway USA 9. Gloria Gutierrez USA
9. Steve Minnis USA 9. Shannon Vital USA
9. Jerry Van Loan USA 9. Hailey Alexander USA
9. Dave Walsh USA 9. Sally Kelly USA
9. Steve Maguire USA 9. Kathy Salway USA
9. Dan Naylor USA 9. Robin Curry USA
9. Mike Naulty USA 9. Charlie Daniel USA
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Cody Harris and Sha Hohipa win at the NZ Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Cody Harris NZ 1. Sha Hohipa NZ
2. Craig Pullen NZ 2. Jannete Jonathan NZ
3. Craig Caldwell NZ 3. Marama Prime NZ
3. Bernie Smith NZ 3. Desi Mercer NZ
5. Wayne Carey NZ 5. Tina Osborne NZ
5. Landon Gardiner NZ 5. Rachel Padget NZ
5. Mike Day NZ 5. Sandy Melgers NZ
5. Jai Monaghan NZ 5. Jo Steed NZ
9. Greg Moss NZ 9. Auscaleena Hakeagatoa NZ
9. Mark Mcgrath NZ 9. Helen Makiha NZ
9. Laurie Turner NZ 9. Lorraine Pike NZ
9. Phil Archibaaled NZ 9. Dale Rolls NZ
9. Charles Hautapu NZ 9. Ngapine Heke NZ
9. Peter Hunt NZ 9. Rosalie Ritchie NZ
9. Bill Fergus NZ 9. Sonia Lewis NZ
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Francis Hoenselaar Quits Playing Darts

Francis Hoenselaar has informed the Dutch Darts Association that she will quit her beloved sport of darts. Two years ago she was involved in a serious scooter accident and since then she is not been able to play darts anymore.

Francis Hoenselaar wanted to bring this news out personally;

“I want to let everybody know that my darts career is definitely over. Last Saturday, July 26th was exactly two years ago that I had an accident with my scooter. The damage to my wrist has been too big to even think of a comeback.

So I would like to thank everyone who was involved in my beautiful 30-year career of darts. Show Frenay, Harry Kuijt, Harry van Leeuwen, Ben Hol, Dick Bonnes, Ophoff, Ted Vermeulen, Gerard Vos (Rotex tires), Andre Hazes (Melvin productions) Martin Eijsink (Finder), and in particular Gerry Walters Benelux Business as a manager and sponsor. Thanks to everyone for all the support you gave me.

I would also like to thank my travel mates Kitty van Vliet, Roland Scholten, Co Stompé, Karin Krappen, Roelie Baker and Karin Ten Kate. Also thanks to Ron Berg mastercaller and for all the media activities, Andrea Schipper for the website, Hennie Nagtegaal and Chiel van Praag (LDA). And not forgetting all the friends from all over the world that I’ve toasted with. A big thanks to Trina Gulliver, Crissy Howat-Manley, Dietmar Ernst, Karin and Cees van Leeuwen and so on and so forth.

And, of course, a big thank you to my whole family for the intense sympathy and for all the beautiful things you have given me.”

In 2011 Hoenselaar quit the Dutch team, but still wanted to play. In April 2013, the former Lakeside champion received a medal at the town hall in Rotterdam. The dart star received a royal honour from Mayor Aboutaleb. The Dutch Darts Association and Rotterdam Darts Organisation were then elaborates on her farewell.

The Dutch Darts Association would like to thank Francis for her commitment to the Dutch team and for what she has done for the sport darts in the Netherlands. She still is 15 times Dutch champion, seven times Dutch Open champion, two-time world champion singles and two-time world champion couples. In 2009 she won the prestigious Lakeside title by beating her eternal rival Trina Gulliver.

Sue Williams Chairperson BDO said: “The BDO would like to thank Francis for her time and commitment to the sport of darts. Her record during her sporting career speaks for itself and we all wish her well for the future.”

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Europe Cup Youth 2014


Final Overall positions:     

Boys:  1. Netherlands   2. Wales     3. Republic of Ireland

Girls:  1. Republic of Ireland     2. Hungary     3. Russia

Complete results and points on the links below.

Boys Singles

Boys Pairs

Boys Team Round Robins

Boys Team Finals

Boys Points Table

Girls Singles Round Robins

Girls Singles Finals

Girls Pairs Round Robins

Girls Pairs Finals

Girls Points Table


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2014 WDF America’s Cup

Team USA has successfully defended their WDF America’s Cup title with an 8-2 win over Team Canada.  The two teams easily came out of their group play at the #1 teams.  Team USA defeated Brazil 12-1, Belize 13-0 and Trinidad & Tobago 13-0.  Team Canada defeated Cayman Islands 12-1, Turks & Caicos 12-1 and Barbados 13-0. 

The knockout portion of the team event saw Canada defeated group 1 runner-up T&T by a score of 9-1.  Team USA defeated group 2 runner-up Barbados 9-1.  The two teams met in the finals with the United States winning 8-2.

In the men’s singles event, David Cameron of Canada defeated fellow countryman, Ross Snook in the semi-finals.  Romwell Tagalog of the Cayman Island took out both American shooters in the quarters and semi’s to face Cameron in the finals.  Cameron defeated Tagalog 4-0.

In the women’s singles event, it was a clash of two Canadian players in the finals.  Joanne Luke had defeated Sandy Hudson of the USA and Cindy Veith defeated Brenda Roush, also of the USA.  Luke defeated Veith 3-1.

The youth format was a round robin format to start.  Each played each other 5 games.  Jaret Dion of Canada finished with 28 points and won the group.  Breydon Rosson of the Bahamas finished 2nd with 19.  The two players faced each other in the finals with Dion coming out on top.

Congratulations to all the 2014 WDF America’s Cup Champions!

Event Champion  Runner-Up  Results 
Team United States Canada  Link
Men Dave Cameron (Canada) Romwell Tagalog (Cayman Islands)  Link
Women Joanne Luke (Canada) Cindy Veith (Canada)  Link
Youth Jaret Dion (Canada) Breydon Rosson (Bahamas) Link
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Azte and Kelly win Australian Grand Masters

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Craig Azte Australia 1. Kim Kelly Australia
2. Dan Chapman Australia 2. Meta Reid New Zealand
3. Scott Johnson Australia 3. Jannette Jonathon New Zealand
3. Wayne Weening Australia 3. Corrine Hammond Australia
5. Jason Murdoch Australia 5. Lorraine Burn Australia
5. Peter Machin Australia 5. Linda Dobbin Australia
5. Brad Spurway Australia 5. Janine Cassar Australia
5. Steve Duke Snr Australia 5. Fran Shore Australia
9. Steve Luby Australia 9. Monique Menegazzo Australia
9. Glenn Harper Australia 9. Sandra Smith Australia
9. Jason Mudge Australia 9. Melissa Sinnott Australia
9. Steve Duke Jnr Australia 9. Lavinia Hogg Australia
9. Matthew Francois Australia 9. Charlie Hutchinson Australia
9. Russell Stewart Australia 9. Leigh Beswick Australia
9. John Dobbin Australia 9. Veronica Geisler Australia
9. Eddy Sims Australia 9. Tia Herbert Australia
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Murdoch and Hammond win Central Coast Classic

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Jason Murdoch Australia 1. Corrine Hammond Australia
2. Ray Lane Australia 2. Lorraine Burn Australia
3. Dan Chapman Australia 3. Sandra Smith Australia
3. James Bailey Australia 3. Linda Dobbin Australia
5. Harley Kemp Australia 5. Ursula Bennell Australia
5. Mike Bonser Australia 5. Kay Dowell Australia
5. Kerry Allen Australia 5. Helen Johnston Australia
5. Scott Johnson Australia 5. Melissa Sinnott Australia
9. Brian Roach Australia 9. Lynn Kaletta Australia
9. Marshall Allen Australia 9. Jannette Jonathan New Zealand
9. Mitchell Clegg Australia 9. Kim Kelly Australia
9. Don Whittington Australia 9. Leanne Wilson Australia
9. Michael Barber Australia 9. Fran Shore Australia
9. Matthew Francois Australia 9. Lana Mlotkowski Australia
9. Eddy Sims Australia 9. Tia Herbert Australia
9. Craig Prizeman Australia 9. Teresa Hore Australia
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