Passing of Vi Alderman, wife of WDF General Secretary Dave Alderman

It is with great sadness that the WDF report the passing of Vi Alderman, wife of WDF General Secretary Dave Alderman.

Vi was an integral part of darts at all levels for many years and will be missed by all of us.

Our sincere condolences and prayers are with Dave and family through this time of sorrow.

Rest in Peace Vi.

Details of funeral arrangements will be announced as they are received.

Bill Hatter
WDF President

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Two players of the Dutch Youth national selection receive a wildcard for Zuiderduin Masters Youth

Press release: Egmond aan Zee, Monday the 27th of October 2014

niels_zonneveld MvDuivenbode

The group of players for the Zuiderduin Masters Youth event completed. The last two available wildcards yesterday were given to two players of the Dutch national youth selection.

Mike van Duivenbode from Dordrecht, runner up of the Next talent of Darts event, played yesterday and Niels Zonneveld from Uitgeest, member of the Dutch Youth squad that won the Europe Cup for teams title and overall title are invited top play the event starting the 5th of December.

The names of all players participating the Zuiderduin Masters we know now and Thursday the 30th of October the draw for the event will be done.

More information of the tourament, ticket sale and hotel bookings you can find on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,

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Kemp and Hammond win Sunshine State Classic. Jordan Ford takes the Youth Title.

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Haley Kemp Australia 1. Corrine Hammond Australia
2. Robbie Modra Australia 2. Sandra Smith Australia
3. Mitchell Clegg Australia 3. Melissa Sinnott Australia
3. James Bailey Australia 3. Lorraine Burn Australia
5. Tony Shreeve Australia 5. Jessica Smiley Australia
5. Tim Williams Australia 5. Kate Gifford Australia
5. Ricky Rundle Jones Australia 5. Chrissy Sheerin Australia
5. Stuart Leach Australia 5. Jade Whitworth Australia
9. Eddy Sims Australia 9. Leilani Sheerin Australia
9. Laurie Loch Australia 9. Barbara Kermond Australia
9. Gary Porter Australia 9. Lorraine Hill Australia
9. Robbie King Australia 9. Mihi Reid Australia
9. Jamie Rundle Australia 9. Deb Mottram Australia
9. Bruce Baker Australia 9. Bec Justice Australia
9. Dave Dalgish Australia 9. Raylene Miller Australia
9. Paul Dawson Australia 9. Julie McGoist Australia


Youth Results Country B/G
1. Jordan Ford Australia B
2. Matthew Duncan Australia B
3. Cody King Australia B
3. Braidon Charlton Australia B
5. Matt Thompson Australia B
5. Patrick Simmons Australia B
5. Jade Whitworth Australia G
5. Cameron Scarlett Australia B
9. Declan Bailey Australia B
9. Tiarna Smith Australia G
9. Rebecca Justice Australia G
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Wilcox and Burke win Youth Titles at Witch City Open

Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Steven Wilcox Canada 1. Raina Burke Canada
2. Dan Robbins USA 2. Kayla Thompson Canada
3. Dan Munson USA 3. Hannah McCandles USA
3. Kenny Boyce USA 3. Kaylee Roy USA
5. Jacob Demers USA 5. Hannah Denison USA
5. Mac Soucy USA 5. Nicolina Farmer USA
5. Brandon Newcomb USA
5. Brian Morehouse USA
9. Jason Widtfieldt USA
9. Matt Robbins USA
9. Gage Wood USA
9. Owen Soucy USA
9. James Butler USA
9. Owen Sherlock USA
9. Mike Snyder USA
9. Kyle Davis USA
17. Nick Snyder USA
17. James Tavalone USA

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Players field Zuiderduin Masters men completed. Richard Veenstra wins NDB wildcard

Richard_Veenstra_WildcardPress release: Egmond aan Zee, Saturday the 25th of October 2014

Not only the promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters can invite players for the event with a wildcard. Also the Dutch Darts Bond is allowed to give a wildcard to a player who can play in the group of 24 men participating in this event.

It is a tradition that the NDB organizes a special play off event for the players in the Dutch national selection and yesterday evening the play off event was played.

Winner of the competition is the 23 Year old Richard Veenstra from Friesland who won the event with only one leg more than his opponent.

A great reward for this talented player from Ossenzijl, Friesland who made his debute this Year in the Dutch national selection and the 5th of December will take his first steps on the stage of the world top darts event, the Zuiderduin Masters.

More information of the tourament, ticket sale and hotel bookings you can find on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,

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Clegg and Smith win Australian Masters

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Mitchell Clegg Australia 1. Sandra Smith Australia
2. Rob Modra Australia 2. Kim Kelly Australia
3. Paul Bithel Australia 3. Corinne Hammond Australia
3. Eddie Sims Australia 3. Veronica Geisler Australia
5. John Weber Australia 5. Kate Gifford Australia
5. Dan Chapman Australia 5. Janine Cassar Australia
5. Tony David Australia 5. Rebecca Webster Australia
5. G. Walsh Australia 5. Kerry Crowdey Australia
9. Ash Britt Australia 9. Kayleigh Johnson Australia
9. Clinton Bridge Australia 9. Natalie Carter Australia
9. Michael Bajowski Australia 9. Lorraine Burn Australia
9. Andrew Townes Australia 9. Shelley Spark Australia
9. Jason Fulham Australia 9. Maureen Gillam Australia
9. James Bailey Australia 9. Seven Francois Australia
9. Steve Duke Snr Australia 9. Simone Devereaux Australia
9. Tyler Fitch Australia 9. Daveisha Ikitautama Australia
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Belgian Youth player Lorenzo Schmelcher comes to Zuiderduin Masters Youth event

Lorenzo_Schmelcher_ZuiderduinMastersPress release: Egmond aan Zee, Sunday the 19th of October 2014

The players field for the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 Youth nearly completed now the promoters announced an new Youth player for the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 Youth tournament.

They have invited the Belgian Youth player, Lorenzo Schmelcher to play the Youth event starting the 5th of December in hotel Zuiderduin – Egmond aan Zee.

Lorenzo for now is the number two seed of the Belgian Youth rankings and recently won the international darts event, the Antwerp Open. Also Lorenzo was a player in the Belgian national team that compete in the Europe Cup Youth in Austria this summer.

Two names are missing for the total players field of 6 Youth players but these names will be announced soon as the draw is at the end of this month.
More information of the tourament, ticket sale and hotel bookings you can find on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,

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Bayard ‘Bud’ Brick

budI was very saddened to learn of the passing of Bayard ‘Bud’ Brick a former Executive colleague and a prominent figure in the Sport of Darts in Japan.

Bud died on Thursday 16th October 2014 after a brief stay in hospital

He was a familiar figure in WDF World Cups where he acted as the Team Manager for Japanese teams for over 25 years and represented Japan in WDF meetings and conferences providing valuable contributions to the early growth and formation of the WDF.

He was principally involved in setting up the WDF Asia/Pacific Cup encouraging national teams from the Pacific Rim countries to participate in a bi-annual event in alternate years to the WDF World Cup.

Bud became Vice-President of the WDF in October 1983 and served continuously in that position until 2000 when he was made acting President until the General Meeting in 2001.

On behalf of Japan he made a successful bid to host the 2017 WDF World Cup, which could be held in Kobe, there is no doubt his former Japanese colleagues will help to stage an event worthy of his memory.

Funeral details to be advised later.

Dave Alderman
WDF Secretary-General

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Madars Razma first player ever from Latvia on Zuiderduin Masters

BDO EVENTS AND THE DAILY MIRROR WORLD DARTS TROPHY 2014, Rick Hofstra v Madars Razmar   , ROUND 1 PICS, TIPTOPPICS.COM & BDO EVENTSPress release: Egmond aan Zee, Saturday the 18th of October 2014

Madars Razma from Latvia is a double history making player for Latvian darts. The 26 Year old player who started to play darts when he was 11 Years old, not only qualified for the Lakeside World Pro as the first Latvian player ever on this world stage, he also will be the first ever Latvian player competing in the Zuiderduin Masters.

The promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters namely invited him with the last to the promoters available wildcard to play the event starting the 5th of December.

A reward for the hard work of this talented player who travels through Europe to compete in several international darts event to collect points for the world rankings.

And occasionally Madars was succesful, he won the Lithuania Open, and was runner up in the Latvia Open, Riga Open and Estonia Open.

Madars ended as the number 17 seed of the BDO world rankings and in the Zuiderduin Masters rankings he was the number 18 seed. Just outside the group invited players .

The promoters with this wildcard give Madars Razma recognition for his hard work and can he make his debute on this world stage.
More information of the tourament, ticket sale and hotel bookings you can find on the website of the Zuiderduin Masters,

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LDO receives recognition from the World Darts Federation


I am very pleased to announce, that as of today, October 11th 2014, The Ladies Darts Organisation has now been officially recognised by the World Darts Federation.

We would like to personally thank all of the officials who unanimously passed our request to the WDF.

This is truly amazing news, and this now means that we can work alongside other countries and continue to promote the sport for the Ladies and organise more events for the ladies. This is another big achievement that the LDO has succeeded in through the work and dedication of our own committee.

We are very proud to say that we now are officially recognised by both the British Darts Organisation and the World Darts Federation.


Many thanks to all our members, our supporters, our sponsors, our friends and our family for believing in the LDO, and long may we continue.

Yours in the Sport of Darts

Julie Lambie
C.E.O.of the Ladies Darts Organisation

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