Veernstra and De Graaf win Luxembourg Open. Justin Massy takes youth title.

Mens Results (bracket) Country Womens Results (bracket) Country
1. Richard Veernstra NED 1. Aileen De Graaf NED
2. Mark Oosterhuis NED 2. Anneke Kuijten NED
3. Wilco Vermeulen NED 3. Ijperlaar Danielle NED
3. Nico Burhenne NED 3. Irina Armstrong GER
5. Arno Buist NED 5. Van Ballaert Peggy BEL
5. Jeffrey Van Den Ven NED 5. Degloire Iris BEL
5. Raymond Van Den Ende NED 5. Stephanie Verstraeten BEL
5. Remko Landman NED 5. Anca Zijlstra NED
9. Mingo Claudiano LUX 9. Sonny Klein LUX
9. Steven Miles LUX 9. Anita Tobias LUX
9. Steven Noster GER 9. Sonja Grethen LUX
9. Benjamin Freudenreich GER 9. Deborah Speck SWI
9. Benny Sensenschmidt GER 9. Regula Christen SWI
9. Jeffrey Mevissen NED 9. Ria De Meulemeester BEL
9. Peter Marissen NED 9. Samantha Linssen NED
9. Tanguy Borra BEL 9. BYE


Youth Results Country
1. Justin Massy NED
2. Levy Frauenfelder NED
3. Wesley Smit NED
3. Brian Raman BEL
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Gionson and Ticman win Malaysian Open 2014

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Juanito Gionson P’PINES 1. Leonda Ticman P’PINES
2. Paolo Nebrida P’PINES 2. Rohana Mohd Jalil M’SIA
3. Mohd Nasir Jantan M’SIA 3. Tan Ai Ling M’SIA
3. Daisuke Akamatsu JAPAN 3. Michelle Leong M’SIA
5. Kesava Rao M’SIA 5. Suryani Puasa BRUNEI
5. Mohd Latif Sapup M’SIA 5. Marylou Matawaran P’PINES
5. Bendicto Vuelba P’PINES 5. Zarina Khan M’SIA
5. Rolando P’PINES 5. Siti Nadira Dalinma BRUNEI
9. Norhisame Wahab M’SIA 9. Knowra M’SIA
9. Lim Seng Heng M’SIA 9. Noor Farieza Bt Ja’Apar M’SIA
9. Nitin Kumar INDIA 9. Zahiran Mahmud M’SIA
9. Ryan S.Ocampo P’PINES 9. Herda Hassan M’SIA
9. Wilfred Omli P’PINES 9. Siti Rafidah M’SIA
9. Gilbert Boy Ulang P’PINES 9. Jonelle Huang M’SIA
9. Yong Thanawat THAI 9. Harjit Kaur A/P Pretap Singh M’SIA
9. Prussian P’PINES 9. Nor’Aen M’SIA
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Registration Dutch Open Darts 2015 now possible!

Champions DO 2014The Dutch Darts Association proudly presents to you The Dutch Open Darts 2015. From Friday the 30st of January till Sunday the 1st of February 2015 the Dutch Open Darts will be organised for the 37th time. With more than 3.900 darts players the Dutch Open Darts is the largest darts open in Europe. Make sure you will be part of the Dutch Open Darts and register now! Competing in the Dutch Open Darts is possible individually in the single tournament (Men single, Ladies single, Youth single), but also together in the pairs tournament. Would you, just like reigning champions Ross Montgomery and Aileen de Graaf, be sure of participation? Go to and sign up quickly. And who knows, you might be playing against a world class player. Besides that there is a prize fund of more than €33.000,-

Make sure you can fully enjoy the Dutch Open Darts 2014 and reserve a room in Assen. Book your hotel room now! There are various options on our website.   The Dutch Open Darts is ranked by the World Darts Federation and British Darts Organisation and carries places in the Winmau World Masters 2014 for winners of the Men’s, Ladies and Youth Singles. So, more than enough to make the Dutch Open Darts the ultimate Darts event for everybody! Check out our website frequently for the latest news. You can also follow the Dutch Open on Twitter: and Facebook:! Hope to see you in ‘De Bonte Wever’!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Nederlandse Darts Bond
Paul Engelbertink

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Scott Waites wins RIDO 2014


Mens Results Country
1. Scott Waites Eng
2. Sami Sanssi Fin
3. Michel van der Horst Nl
3. Michal Ondo Cz
5. Konstadinoss Pantelidis Gre
5. Paul Cooughlin Sco
5. Gary Elliott Nir
5. Kim Viljanen Fin
9. Dennis Nilsson Swe
9. Boris Kolstov Rus
9. Glen Durrant Eng
9. Danny Noppert Nl
9. Kjetil Eikesdal Nor
9. Sean McGowan Ire
9. Darryl Fitton Eng
9. Dave Smith Eng
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WDF Europe Cup 2014 – Final Results


The 2014 WDF Europe Cup for men were contested by teams from 30 countries. The women’s event, which attracted teams from 25 countries, had an extended format this year. Teams comprised four women for the first time and the format and points structure were the same as for the men. The draw and results for all events can be found on the links below:

We thank Romanian Darts Federation for providing live stream. Transmission is finished.
We used Darts for Windows database – all scores and statistic will be available there.
Check Romanian Darts Federation Facebook on New, photos, videos

Men’s Team RR: Groups 1 – 4 Women’s Team RR: Groups 1 – 4
Men’s Team RR: Groups 5 – 8 Women’s Team RR: Groups 5 – 8
Men’s Team Finals Women’s Team Finals
Men’s Pairs Women’s Pairs
Men’s Singles Women’s Singles
Men’s Points table Women’s Points Table
Men’s Singles averages
Men’s Pairs averages
Men’s Team Finals averages
Men’s Total Stats by Country
Women’s Singles averages
Women’s Pairs averages
Women’s Team Finals averages
Women’s Total Stats by Country


Event Schedule:

Wednesday, 24th September

10.00 Women’s 4 Person Team Event. Round Robin. Group matches. (1st round 10:00 2nd round 11:45 3rd round 14:30)

10.30 Men’s Pairs.

14:30 Women’s 4 Person Team Event.

Round Robins continue followed by Last 16 matches.

14:30 Men’s Pairs. Continue up to and including the Semi-Finals.

18.00 End of play.

Thursday, 25th September

10.00 Men’s 4 Person Team Event. Round Robin. Group matches. (1st round 10:00 2nd round 11:45 3rd round 13:00)

10.30 Women’s Pairs. Up to and including the Quarter-Finals.

15.15 Men’s 4 Person Team Event. Up to and including the Semi-Finals.

15.15 Women’s Pairs Semi-Finals.

16.30 Women’s 4 Person Team Event. Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals.

19.30 End of play.

Friday, 26th September

10.00 Men’s and Women’s Singles.

14.45 Men’s and Women’s Singles.

Continue up to and including the Semi-Finals.

19.30 End of Play.

Saturday, 27th September

10.00 Women’s Pairs: Final

10.45 Men’s Pairs: Final

11.30 Women’s Singles: Final

12.15 Men’s Singles: Final

13.00 Women’s Team: Final

15.00 Men’s Team: Final

17.00 Presentations

18.00 Concludes

21.30 Gala Dinner

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Dazzler, Darryl Fitton will be back on the Zuiderduin Masters stage in December

Press release: Egmond aan Zee, Wednesday the 24th of September 2014

Today the promoters of the Zuiderduin Masters announced an other player who receives a wildcard for Zuiderduin Masters 2014. This player is Darryl Fitton. Darryl, the first player who hit a nine darter on the Zuiderduin Masters stage in 2009. That Year he also was crowned Zuiderduin Masters champion.

Darryl Fitton at this moment is the number 16th seed in the World rankings is well known for his special walk on on the chords of the song “One Step Beyond” by Madness and for Years he is one of the best darts players in the world. A player that must be one of the 24 top players participating Zuiderduin Masters 2014 starting the 5th of December.

Together with Darryl now 19 players for the Zuiderduin Masters mens event are known. For the Zuiderduin Masters ladies tournament 6 players will play in this event and so far 4 ladies are already invited. Also the Zuiderduin Masters Youth tournament counts 6 players and at this moment two boys are on the list of players we will see the Zuiderduin Masters stage in December.

Meanwhile the presale starts for Zuiderduin Masters 2014. Booking tickets and passe partout can be done at the website of the event,  Attractive hotel package deals you can book on the website of Hotel Zuiderduin,

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Harris and Osborne win Auckland Open

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country
1. Cody Harris NZ 1. Tina Osborne NZ
2. Mike Day NZ 2. Sha Hohipa NZ
3. Craig Caldwell NZ 3. Janette Jonathan NZ
3. Frank Speight NZ 3. Jo Steed NZ
5. Mick Lacey NZ 5. Loretta Hunter NZ
5. Jason Ladbrook NZ 5. Lorraine Pike NZ
5. Rob Szabo NZ 5. NOT REG
5. Brian Steed NZ 5. Kathryn Manu NZ
9. Wilson Henry NZ 9. Paeru Ngatuakana NZ
9. Steve Gooch NZ 9. Colleen Curreen NZ
9. Mark Cleaver NZ 9. Stacey Heavey NZ
9. Peter Hunt NZ 9. Yvonne Williams NZ
9. NOT REG   9. Ngapine Heke NZ
9. Josh Roberts NZ 9. Peggy Wikaira NZ
9. Steve Padget NZ 9. Carol Matthews NZ
9. Steve Davis NZ 9. Rachel Padget NZ
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Razma and Silvan win Baltic Cup Open 2014

Mens Results (bracket) Country Womens Results (bracket) Country
1. Madars Razma Latvia 1. Lumi Silvan Finland
2. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania 2. Kornelija Lusaite Lithuania
3. Voldemar Arder Estonia 3. Irena Bauze Latvia
3. Guntars Grebskis Latvia 3. Valentina Vasilyeva Russia
5. Ugnius Jankunas Lithuania 5. Elina Putnina Latvia
5. Sigitas Vasylius Lithuania 5. Viktorija Jasiunaite Lithuania
5. Rihards Tomasickis Latvia 5. Sandra Rimkeviciute Lithuania
5. Rudolfs Mezeckis Latvia 5. Renata Vaikutiene Lithuania
9. Rokas Aniulis Lithuania 9. Jekaterina Kuskova Lithuania
9. Ingus Trusinskis Latvia 9. Sarmite Lavrentjeva Latvia
9. Andris Ziemelis Latvia 9. Kristine Kuzmane Latvia
9. Eldar Abdulaev Belarus 9. Laura Bruzgule Latvia
9. Gatis Lancers Latvia 9. Marija Ruzane Latvia
9. Rune Kristoffersen Norway 9. Avelina Lace Latvia
9. Andrey Tarasenko Belarus 9. Kristine Mickus Latvia
9. Andrius Sparauskas Lithuania 9. Daiga Novicka Latvia


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3rd Catalonia Open Darts: Alan Norris and Sharon Prins winners

Alan Norris and Sharon Prins Catalonia Open Darts win the 3rd place this weekend in Calella, Barcelona.

The most important international competition dart held in Catalonia and the Peninsula took place Saturday at the old sports hall Gurí Calella, hosted by the Catalan Federation of Darts.

In the game room they have 41 draft lines to accommodate 149 male and 29 female athletes who attended the international event. Again the high turnout was a success and has once again surpassed the record of the previous edition, consolidating Catalonia Open one of the important competitions calendar World Ranking of the World Darts Federation (WDF) and British Darts Organisation (BDO).

This year 14 countries were represented in the competition, with the presence of the main leading countries in the sport of darts as England, Holland, Scotland and Belgium.

A new feature of this third edition has been release as a scoring category for the 2nd World Ranking of the World Darts Federation, which has become a great attraction for the major sports Top30 world, both in women and in men, because that means there are more points in the game and more options to score points for the final Ranking.

This appeal has led to the involvement of a greater number of the best athletes of the moment, as the men’s, with English Alan Norris, recently reached number 1 in the World Ranking who took part in the competition premiering the lead. Paul also attended the Scottish Coughlin, the Dutch Willem Mandigers Michel van der Horst and Jimmy Hendriks and the English Sam Head, Tony Martin and George Richie, to name some of the highlights seeded.

Box women have enjoyed the presence of the Dutch Prins Sharon, Anneke Kuijten Ijpelaar and Danielle, Paula Jacklin and English that have been seeded in the tournament.

In the first phase of the men’s competition ahead quickly with eight quadrants of 32 players where the winners of the quadrant to quadrant spent 16 final. The draw athletes Catalan fitted with high-level athletes and gave the maximum to move through the rounds, but on the way to the final quadrant of the first phase were eliminated some of the best Catalan and Juan Robles, Raul Invernón Ignasi Basulles Fernando Gavilan, Carlos Rodriguez and Angel Arola, to name a few, make a few games despite numerous bright maximum of 180 runs were not enough to overcome their opponents.

Meanwhile the seeded competition were beating their rivals and the vast majority came to the end of the first quadrant, where there were already beginning to make an appearance nerves and pressure, to add as many possible points.

After completing the initial quadrant, quadrant gave way to the end where they got Javier Velasco (CD Piritoño) that the knockout was crossed with a plethora Alan Norris (Eng) who won 4-0, and Antonio Munoz (CD Palafrugell) that was defeated 4-2 by Michel sells der Horst (Clean).

It also reached the second round of the Spanish players Javier Romero, Manuel Horrillo and David Moya, who also were eliminated by top athletes who were still struggling to win the title end.

In the quarterfinals came Alan Norris (Eng) (1) that was crossed with Willem Mandingers (Clean) player who leads the ranking of the British Darts Organisation and was defeated 4-1 by Alan intractable. • An excellent lens that party gave us Alan “Chuck” Norris with a closure made of 132 targets with two doubles and a double 16, only to pull a superb range of great athletes, and they clearly dominated from a Home.

The second semifinal played Paul Coughlin (Sco), for the second consecutive year reached the semis, and the young Samuel Head (Eng), who last weekend had won the French Open. The game was very even but Samuel took the lead in the first game of the match and ended up winning 4-2.

The final between Alan Norris (Eng) and Samuel Head (Eng) was triumphant for Alan who continue to provide a high level items, which achieves an almost perfect 9 dart game after making two three throws with 20 triples The seventh dart made another triple 20, triple 19 but failed because the square is tancmanet to achieve the following extraordinary dart game just 10 darts. The domain Norris was 3-0 with a strong interim net dropped one point he lost the final to finish won 6-1. Proclaims Alan Norris and 3rd Catalonia Open Darts Champion.

The senior final was seen throughout the competition again in a year where the level of participating athletes is much higher, the result of good time live darts.

Regarding the quadrant female had different champions Laura Damont Catalonia, Nuria Plaza, ISI Short, Loli Cascales and Yolanda Shore champions.

Indeed Yolanda Shore beat first round in Luxembourg Sabrina Hoor 3-2 but could not beat Sharon Prins (Clean) seeded number one tournament in the second round. In the quarterfinals were eliminated Loli Cascales 0-3 against Anneke Kuijten (Clean), Laura Damont 0-3 against Patricia peut (Bel) Short ISI and 0-3 against Danielle Ijpelaar (Clean).

In the semifinals llegaron the Dutch Prins Sharon won his compatriot Danielle Ijpelaar 3-1, and Patricia peut Belgian defeated the Dutch Anneke Kujten the tiebreaker 3-2, which would have been possible end if Anneke Dutch had won.

The women’s final was ahead of its time and Patricia and Sharon Prins peut began the match with Domain Sharon, who put the score 2-0. Patricia responded and took a couple of mistakes on both Prins to level the match, but Sharon Prins took a punch to the party won the next two games and revalidating the title winner of Catalonia Open Darts 2014.

The individual male and female winner will get a prize for participating in the 2014 World Masters (the Winmau World Masters in 2014) and to participate in the Playoffs for the World Individual Darts (Darts Lakeside World Professional Darts Organisation organized by the British).

A positive assessment by the Catalan Federation of Darts which again exceeded the previous year’s participation has significantly increased the level of athletes participating.

Photo Gallery:

Brackets:  Womens      Mens Early Rounds     Mens Finals

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Three players added to list with players for the Zuiderduin Masters 2014

Press release: Egmond aan Zee, Sunday the 14th of September 2014

Yesterday in hotel Zuiderduin te Egmond aan Zee the play off event of the Champions Leage of Darts was played. This is a special qualification event for the Zuiderduin Masters and through this event 3 players qualify to play this World top darts event starting the 5th of December . The men single champion, the ladies single champion and the champion of the boys event up to 18 win this ticket.

The CLoD includes 5 single events. There is also a single events for boys up to 14 and a girls single event. Except the winner of the boys up to 14 event all the other champions also qualify to play the Winmau World Masters. The champion of the boys up to 14 events wins a VIP package for three and can enjoy the Zuiderduin Masters event in a very special way.

The winner of the mens event was Yordi Meeuwisse also the winner of the CLoD in 2013. Yordi white washed Nico Thissen in a best of 3 sets final ( 3-0 and 3-0) and for the second time in a row he joins the World top in december. 

Also the ladies Champion of the CLod was the winner of this event last Year. This Year Sharon Prins played the final against Carla Molema and Carla was on of the players in the ladies event of 2009 and keen to make her come back on the stage of the Zuiderduin Masters. And Carla was very close winning the event but missed a few match darts to win the game in the 7th and last leg of the match. Sharon was the first finding the double in this decider for her second title in a row.
Justin van Tergouw will join the players of the Zuiderduin Masters 2014 Youth event. Justin came back from 2-0 down. Jeffrey Ballast his opponent had a very good start in the match but lost the next 4 legs in a row and wit a 4-2 victory Justin will make his debute on the World stage in Egmond aan Zee.

These 3 players, and the winner of the girls singles, Kyana Frauenfelder have qualified for the Winmau World Masters in October in Hull England. Kyana played the girls final against Sharon Jansen who only won one leg. Three legs Kyana won and will travel to Hull to play the Winmau World Masters for girls.

The champion of the single event for boys up to 14 is Javanico Jansen wo beat tLevy Frauenfelder . In a very close game Javanico won the 5th and deciding leg of the match for a 3-2 victory and received the VIP package for the Zuiderduin Masters.

Two players of the B finals, a special event for the losers in the first round of the mens and ladies single event, received an extra prize, a hotel package to come to the Zuiderduin Masters in december. There was one package for the winner of the mens B event, Fokke Hooijsma and one for the winner of the ladies B event, Kelly Streef. For more results of the Champions League of Darts see the website of this event,
Meanwhile the presale starts for Zuiderduin Masters 2014. Booking tickets and passe partout can be done at the website of the event,

Attractive hotel package deals you can book on the website of Hotel Zuiderduin,

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