Kit McConnel IOC Sports Director and Bill Hatter Sochi SportAccord APRIL 2015WDF President Bill Hatter was in attendance at the 2015 SportAccord Convention in Sochi Russia this past weekend.

Bill met with IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell and has extended an invite for the IOC to attend the upcoming WDF World Cup In Turkey this October.

The IOC were invited to see for themselves the high level and quality of competition of Darts as a Sport that could be included as a recognised sport by the IOC.

Bill also attended many meetings as well as being present when Russian leader Vladimir Putin addressed the SportAccord General Assembly and the IOC members present.Vladimir Putin SportAccord Grneral Assembly April 2015

New IOC documentation will be received in the near future where the WDF can continue in our drive for IOC recognition for the sport of Darts. 

IOC President Thomas Bach was also in attendance who also addressed the SportAccord General Assembly in what was an exciting week for World Sports.

A full report of the meeting will be prepared for the WDF General Meeting in Turkey.

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WDF 2016 Europe Cup Darts


In 2016, the WDF Europe Cup for men and women will take place in the Netherlands! From the 20th till the 24th of September 2016 Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee will host this international top tournament. You can expect a fantastic five day tournament at top level.

“After the World Darts Federation (WDF) had embraced the bid of the Dutch Darts Association (NDB), we immediately searched for a suitable location. The NDB is very happy with Hotel Zuiderduin as our partner. It is a well known location within the sport and is popular amongst the darters and their audience. We have agreed to join forces and organise a fantastic European Championship”, said Sijmon Timmers, chairman of the NDB.

The last time the Europe Cup was played in the Netherlands was in 2000 in Veldhoven. Then we were given the honour to host the World Cup in 2007, also the Six Nations Cup in 2013 and several European championships for the youth. We are pleased to add another magnificent international tournament to the list and are proud to organise this in the Netherlands.

The Europe Cup promises fantastic darts matches and offers darts fans a unique opportunity to see their team compete against other European top players. We expect that more than 30 countries will compete for the European title.

The WDF Europe Cup has a beautiful history. John Lowe won the first singles tournament in 1978, but also famous names like Bobby George, Phil Taylor, Trina Gulliver, Martin Adams and Mark Webster are on the list of single winners. Famous Dutch champions are Raymond van Barneveld, Co Stompé and Francis Hoenselaar.

More information about the European Championship in 2016 will be published online soon:

For more information please contact:

Dutch Darts Association
Paul Engelbertink

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Results from the BULL’S German Open

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Jeffrey de Graaf Netherlands   1. Lorraine Winstanley England
2. Martin Adams England   2. Zoe Jones England
3. Martin Philips Wales   3. Fallon Sherrock England
3. Darius Labanauskas Latvia   3. Rachel Brooks England
5. Scott Waites England   5. Ann-Louise Peters Denmark
5. Marko Puls Germany   5. Anastasia Dobromyslova Russia
5. Robert Hughes Wales   5. Stefanie Zwitkowitsch Germany
5. James Hurrell England   5. Deta Hedman England
9. Ryan Hogarth Scotland   9. Marianne Kaae Thomsen Denmark
9. Jamie Hughes England   9. Sarah Roberts England
9. Dafydd Edwards Wales   9. Michelle Sossong Germany
9. Jim Williams Wales   9. Stefanie Lück Germany
9. Anoop Ramdajal Netherlands   9. Jeannette Stoop Switzerland
9. Pip Blackwell England   9. Anneke Kuijten Netherlands
9. Danny Haas de Netherlands   9. Julie Thompson England
9. Marcel Blik Netherlands   9. Anne Willkomm Germany
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Callum Rydz England   1. Sofia Jan Bendorff Denmark
2. Wesley Hurrebrink Netherlands   2. Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
3. Gijsbert van Malsen Netherlands   3. Christina Schuler Germany
3. Jaimy van Bavel Netherlands   3. Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands
5. Justin van Tergouw Netherlands   5. Michelle Lindhart Denmark
5. Bejamin Drue Reus Denmark   5. Lea Wüllner Germany
5. Nico Schlund Germany   5. Nina Puls Germany
5. Gian van Veen Netherlands   5. Denise Schuler Germany
9. Nico Ziemann Germany   9. Jana Sieland Germany
9. Jeffrey Ballast Netherlands   9. Vanessa Nelz Germany
9. Maikel Veberk Netherlands   9. Carina Hansen Denmark
9. Ole Holtkamp Germany   9. Denise de Vries Netherlands
9. Andreas Bergö Denmark   9. Emma Naeser Thomsen Denmark
9. Nicolai Rasmussen Denmark   9. Melissa Whitehead Germany
9. Anthony Moes Netherlands   9. Samantha Krop Denmark
9. Eelso Sieperda Netherlands   9. Lena Edge Germany
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Results from the BULL’S Darts Masters

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Wesley Harms Netherlands   1. Deta Hedman England
2. Jim Williams Wales   2. Lorraine Winstanley England
3. Jamie Hughes England   3. Stefanie Zwitkowitsch Germany
3. Fabian Roosenbrand Netherlands   3. Fallon Sherrock England
5. Tony Martin England   5. Zoe Jones England
5. Daniel Larsson Sweden   5. Katharina Vonrufs Suisse
5. Darius Labanauskas Latvia   5. Anastasia Dobromylova Russia
5. Robert Allenstein Germany   5. Rachna David Norway
9. Michael Baker England   9. Danielle Ijpelaar Netherlands
9. Stewart Rattray Scotland   9. Josie Patterson England
9. Andy Fordham England   9. Michelle Sossong Germany
9. Berry van Peer Netherlands   9. Steffi Lück Germany
9. Martin Atkins England   9. Louise Hepburn Scotland
9. Danny Noppert Netherlands   9. Rachel Brooks England
9. Gary Robson England   9. Ann-Louise Petersen Denmark
9. Co Stompe Netherlands   9. Anne Willkomm Germany
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Mediterranean Open Results

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Ümit Uygunsözlü Turkey   1. Şennur Yaşli Turkey
2. Gökhan Ulusoy Turkey   2. Samira Çoban Turkey
3. Mürsel Yavuz Turkey   3. Sema Kalmaz Turkey
3. Utku Karaca Turkey   3. Beyza Gültekin Turkey
5. Erkan Canbolat Turkey   5. Tuğba Eser Turkey
5. Cemal Tayyareci Turkey   5. Selen Boğdurmaz Turkey
5. Tansel Tilki Turkey   5. Olga Abramova Russia
5. Mertcan Türkyilmaz Turkey   5. Emine Erkan Turkey
9. Onur Aydoğan Turkey   9. Aslihan Özçelik Turkey
9. Cem Kara Turkey   9. Sumru Akan Turkey
9. Faik Amcaoğlu Turkey   9. Ayça Özmen Turkey
9. Hasan Erkan Turkey   9. Dilara Özkaratufan Turkey
9. Mustafa Behlül Turkey   9. Müleyke Gültekin Turkey
9. Muhittin Gürbüz Turkey   9. Elif Nur Erdoğan Turkey
9. Gültekin Karzaoğlu Turkey   9. Aybüke Kocabiçak Turkey
9. Furkan Çinici Turkey   9. Eda Nur Çağlar Turkey
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Mertcan Türkyilmaz Turkey   1. Olga Abromova Russia
2. Halil Aytuğ Katiranci Turkey   2. Emine Dursun Turkey
3. Enes Ekrem Eşer Turkey   3. Kübra Öztürk Turkey
3. Oğuzhan Kaya Turkey   3. Elif Nur Erdoğan Turkey
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King and Hammond win Victorian Easter Classic. Tori Kewish takes youth title.

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Robbie King Australia   1. Corrine Hammond Australia
2. Jason Murdoch Australia   2. Natalie Carter Australia
3. John Weber Australia   3. Kim Kelly Australia
3. Rob Modra Australia   3. Tori Kewish Australia
5. Daniel Bainbridge Australia   5. Kayleigh Johnson Australia
5. Paul Bithell Australia   5. Sandra Smith Australia
5. Jeff Hutcheon Australia   5. Jenni O’reilly Australia
5. James Bailey Australia   5. Kate Gifford Australia
9. David Foster Australia        
9. Justin Hedges Australia   Youth Results Country
9. Jamie Brown Australia   1. Tori Kewish Australia
9. Tony David Australia   2. Matt Evans Australia
9. Michael Bajowski Australia   3. Kody Dodds-Watson Australia
9. Michael Ford Australia   3. Samson Farley Australia
9. Mitchell Clegg Australia        
9. Chris Vasey Australia        
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Labanauskas and Rekinen win Riga Open. Ugnius Jankunas takes the youth title.


Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country
1. Darius Labanauskas Lithuania   1. Kaisu Rekinen Finland
2. Arunas Ciplys Lithuania   2. Anna Forsmark Sweden
3. Daniel Larsson Sweden   3. Kristin Bomander Sweden
3. Peter Sajwani Sweden   3. Kristīne Kuzmane Latvia
5. Madars Razma Latvia   5. Violeta Povilatiene Lithuania
5. Meelis Aule Estonia   5. Marija Ružāne Latvia
5. Par Riihonen Sweden   5. Irēna Bauze Latvia
5. Paul Clark England   5. Erika Hansen Norway
9. Oskar Lukasiak Sweden   9. Paulina Soderstorm Sweden
9. Rudolfs Mezeckis Latvia   9. Laima Upeniece Latvia
9. Nauris Gleglu Latvia   9. Areta Kovaļevska Latvia
9. Petri Rasmus Finland   9. Zeltīte Strade Latvia
9. John Engstrōm Sweden   9. Sandija Andersone Latvia
9. Guntars Grebskis Latvia   9. Sharan Weldrake England
9. Veine Hagen Sweden   9. Ilva Kalniņa Latvia
9. Edwin Torbjōrnsson Sweden   9. Asta Jukniene Lithuania
Youth Results Country        
1. Ugnius Jankunas Lithuania        
2. Rihards Slisans Latvia        
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Kuritcin and Golyasheva win Moscow Open Youth

MOY-15 otkr MOY-15 Win
 MOY-15 B  MOY-15 G
Boys Results Country   Girls Results Country
1. Mikhail Kuritcin Russia   1. Elena Golyasheva Russia
2. Maxim Aldoschin Russia   2. Viktoria Nilova Russia
3. Kirill Volokhin Russia   3. Ekaterina Baldina Russia
3. Maxim Ivanov Russia   3. Elena Trofimenko Russia
5. Ivan Kolesov Russia   5. Anfisa Michailova Russia
5. Sergei Sultanov Russia   5. Veronika Koroleva Russia
5. Sergey Melnikov Russia   5. Tatyana Baldina Russia
5. Nikita Osinniy Russia   5. Diana Vechelkovskya Russia
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Mikhail Kuritcin and Inna Ramonova win Youth Novgorod Cup

Novgorod_boys Novgorod_girls
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Mikhail Kuritcin Russia 1. Inna Ramonova Russia
2. Maxim Aldoschin Russia 2. Anastasia Suvorova Russia
3. Aleksandr Tolokov Russia 3. Veronika Koroleva Russia
3. Ilya Voronin Russia 3. Darya Loginova Russia
5. Sergey Melnikov Russia 5. Ekaterina Cherkasova Russia
5. Kirill Volokhin Russia 5. Ekaterina Sidorova Russia
5. Ivan Kolesov Russia 5. Valerija Shvetz Russia
5. Ivan Menadzhi Russia 5. Elena Trofimenko Russia
9. Alersandr Malykhin Russia 9. Olga Abramova Russia
9. Semen Smirnov Russia 9. Irina Gavrilova Russia
9. Evgeny Lebedev Russia 9. Alina Kononchenko Russia
9. Denis Laletin Russia 9. Irina Nicenko Russia
9. Maksim Tylik Russia 9. Viktoria Nilova Russia
9. Nikita Osinniy Russia 9. Elena Golyasheva Russia
9. Sultanov Sergei Russia 9. Diana Vechelkovskya Russia
9. Aleksandr Markilov Russia 9. Anastasia Perepechenaya Russia
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Rydz and Graham win youth titles at Berwick Spring Open

callan-rydz  rebecca-graham
Boys Results Country Girls Results Country
1. Callan Rydz England 1 Rebecca Graham Scotland
2. Jack Bell England 2 Casey Stephenson England
3. Gary Steven Scotland 3 Kiera Plank Scotland
3. Nick Stephenson England 3 Gayle Maxwell Scotland
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