Finnish Open 2011 Results

England’s Paul Jennings was seeded as #16 but at the end of the day he was #1.  Paul was on fire all day long. He took all his games with a clear score. He did not give his opponents more than one leg until the final against Finland’s Sami Sanssi. Sami, who was Runner-Up 2007, missed couple of doubles to level the score and Paul went on to clear victory and championship.  In the semifinals Paul beat #2 seed Clive Barden (ENG) and Sami beat another unseeded Finn Petri Korte. Both Sami and Petri are members of Finnish National Team. 

Womens final was all Swedish. Anna Forsmark had to fight all the way before Maud Jansson gave up. Ann did a good run to the final: she beat Finland’s ranking #2 Lumi Silvan in the quarterfinal 4 legs against 2. In the semifinal Finland’s Maret Liiri, seed #1 in this competition,  took only one leg. 229 players from 8 countries took part in the men’s singles event. 55 players from 5 countries took part in women’s singles.
photos copyright Risto Spora

Mens Results Pos
Womens Results
Paul Jennings ENG 1 Anna Forsmark SWE
Sami Sanssi FIN 2 Maud Jansson SWE
Clive Barden ENG 3 Maret Liiri FIN
Petri Korte FIN 3 Kirsi Viinikainen FIN
Asko Niskala FIN 5 Lumi Silvan FIN
Markus Jokikokko FIN 5 Sari Nikula FIN
Markku Kinnunen FIN 5 Kaisu Rekinen FIN
Jari Nieminen FIN 5 Tarja Salminen FIN
Razma Madars LAT 9 Anastasia Shtareva RUS
Wesley Harms NED 9 Gineke Hoekstra NED
Hannu Kauppinen FIN 9 Maria Lindström FIN
Janne Kiiski FIN 9 Pirjo Ruotsalainen FIN
Ulf Ceder FIN 9 Anne Lokkinen FIN
Paul Carter ENG 9 Anu Rasmus FIN
Teuvo Haverinen FIN 9 Grethel Glasö SWE
Vesa Nuutinen FIN 9 Reetta Niemi FIN
Vesa Tiilikainen FIN 17 Anna-Liisa Teittinen FIN
Marko Englund FIN 17 Eija Axelsson FIN
Peter Melin SWE 17 Marika Juhola FIN
Pasi Partanen FIN 17 Piia Alatalo FIN
Sami Reijonen FIN 17 Soile Jalvanti FIN
Antti Olkkonen FIN 17 Angeli Holmberg SWE
Anssi Montonen FIN 17 Pia Airisniemi SWE
Dennis Nilsson SWE 17 Anneli Oravainen FIN
Juuso Raittila FIN 17 Riikka Korsgrund FIN
Jonny Nijs NED 17 Terhi Oravainen FIN
Jani Haavisto FIN 17 Jane Shearing ENG
Gas Cousins ENG 17 Heli Sorsa FIN
Yalcon Genkertepe GER 17 Merja Immonen FIN
Kimmo Leppänen SWE 17 Susanna Haatanen FIN
Oskar Lukasiak SWE 17 Elina Alponen FIN
Torbjörn Gustafsson FIN 17 Outi Piiroinen FIN