Darts Tournament Results – Greater Vancouver Open 2018, Canada

Greater Vancouver Open was played 09-11/03/2018 in Richmond, BC, Canada with 137 men and 63 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 17/03/2018

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country
David Fatum USA 1 Linda Wilder Canada
John Downs England 2 Carole Herriott USA
Jeff McCullough Canada 3 Chrystal Chiasson Canada
Sheridan Chappel Canada 3 Roxanne Van Tassel Canada
Ivan Eddy Canada 5 Ivy Wieshlow Canada
Jim Williams Wales 5 Sally Fong Hoon Canada
Logan Crooks Canada 5 Peggy McKay Canada
John Murray Canada 5 Wenda Carter Canada
Josh Daynes Canada 9 Deb White Canada
Jeff Liyo Canada 9 Stacey Pace USA
Warren Nipahoy Canada 9 Kari Roberts Canada
Leonard Bangay Canada 9 Andrea Kobza Canada
Scott Day Canada 9 Suzie Letrud Canada
Ritchie Gibb Canada 9 Michelle Spicer Canada
Sean Smyth Canada 9 Heather Anderson Canada
Shawn Currie Canada 9 Dawn Marchand Canada