WDF Europe Cup 2018, Hungary – draw and schedule

WDF Europe Cup 2018 26th – 29th September Budapest, Hungary

Draw is now published. In Hungary will be 38 men’s teams and 34 women’s teams. They will play in singles, pairs and 4 person team events.





Singles Knock-out Brackets Knock-out Brackets
Pairs Knock-out Brackets Knock-out Brackets
4 person team Round Robin Groups Round Robin Groups

02/09/2018 a player is replaced and corrected  some wrong spelled names


Tuesday 13:00 WDF General Meeting
17:00 Team managers meeting
19:30 Opening Ceremony
Wednesday 10:00 Men Team: RR All Groups
10:00 Women Team: RR All Groups
12:00-15.00 Lunch *
18:15 Women Team: last 16
18:15 Men Team: Last 16
19:45 End of day 1
Thursday 10:00 Men Singles: Up to and including Semi-Finals
10:00 Women Pairs: Prelim rounds
12:00 Women Pairs: Up to and including semi-Finals
12:00-15.00 Lunch *
17:45 Women Team: Quarter-Finals
19:00 End of day 2
Friday 10:00 Men Pairs: Up to And including the Semi-Finals
10:00 Women Singles: Up to and including Semi -Finals
12:00-15.00 Lunch *
17:45 Men Team: Quarter-Finals
19:15 End of day 3
Saturday 10:00 Men Team & Women Team: Semi-Finals
Followed by Women Pairs: Final
Followed by Men Pairs: Final
Followed by Women Singles: Final
Followed by Men Singles: Final
Followed by Women Team: Final
Followed by Men Team: Final
Followed by Presentations and Parade of Teams
20:30 Farewell Banquet
* You can have lunch when you have a free round or in the scheduled break

The venue opens every day at 9.00.


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