Darts Tournament Results – Finder Italian Grand Masters & Open Italia 2018

Finder Italian Grand Masters was played 24/11/2018 with 360 men and 61 women. Open Italia was played 25/11/2018 with 321 men and 51 women. Both were played in  in Pieve di Cento, Bologna, Italy.

WDF Tables updated with these results 27/11/2018. Read more – nice report from Italy

2018 Italian Grand Masters winners Aileen de Graaf and Wesley Harms both from Netherlands

2018 Open Italia winners Aileen de Graaf England and Martin Adams England

Tournament Report

The weekend of Italian Darts (24-25 November) recorded a large number of participant players.
On Saturday, 24th, “Finder Italian Grand Masters” reached a total of 360 Men, 61 Ladies.
On Sunday, 25th, “4th Open Italia” registered a number of 321 + 51.

On Saturday, FIGM was won by Wesley Harms (seed no. 1) after a hard battle with Mario Vandenbogaerde, from Belgium (seed 15). 6-4 was the final result, and for Wesley that’s third-in-a-row victory in the Italian tournament.

Third place for other dutch player Richard Veenstra and Scott Mitchell. Under the expectations Michael Unterbuchner (seed 2), beaten on last-64 by the sharp italian player Gianluca Plado.

Ladies Tournament has gone to Aileen De Graaf, getting an easy win against Paula Jacklin.
On 3rd place English Ladies Trina Gulliver, MBE and Laura Turner.

On Sunday, was Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams to grab the victory (6-5) after recovered from 0-3, 1-4 and 2-5 against unseeded spanish player Ricardo Perez Ibarra. Third place for Mario Vandenbogaerde and Aaron Turner.

Best Italian player was Danilo Vigato (5th place).
Ladies Tournament had first four classified in same sequence of previous day: again Aileen De Graaf lining up Paula Jacklin (5-1 the final score), Laura Turner and Trina Gulliver, MBE.

On “Finder Italian Grand Masters”, Saturday, ‘Scotty Dog’ Mitchell threw final dart for an on-stage spectacular 9-dart leg (in Quarter Final vs. Scott Waites) but he missed D12. Curiously, chalker wrote “181”-left after first six darts, immediately corrected by Official Caller: perhaps Scott maybe slightly unfocused by that.

Here’s two link for some photos in organiser’s Facebook page
Album Finder Italian Grand Masters 2018
Album 4° Italian Open

Finder Italian Grand Masters

Wesley Harms The Netherlands 1 Aileen De Graaf Netherlands
Mario Vandenbogaerde Belgium 2 Paula Jacklin England
Richard Veenstra The Netherlands 3 Trina Gulliver England
Scott Mitchell England 3 Laura Turner England
Adam Smith Neale England 5 Andreea Brad Romania
Ben Hazel England 5 Julie Thompson England
Scott Waites England 5 Samantha Piccolo Italy
Chris Landman The Netherlands 5 Loredana Brumetz Italy
Tom Burquel Luxembourg 9 Yiolanta Korradou Cyprus
Dave Parletti England 9 Isabella Collini Italy
Stefano Tomassetti Italy 9 Ilaria Zatti Italy
Carl Wilkinson England 9 Cinzia Borgia Italy
Daniele Sergi Italy 9 Manuela Cappiello Italy
Mark Layton Wales 9 Alessia Bottazzo Italy
Adam Mould England 9 Stefania Ricci Italy
Gianluca Plado Italy 9 Lucia Rossella Lauterio Italy

Open Italia

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country
Martin Adams England 1 Aileen De Graaf Netherlands
Ricardo Perez Ibarra Spain 2 Paula Jacklin England
Aaron Turner England 3 Trina Gulliver England
Mario Vandenbogaerde Belgium 3 Laura Turner England
Pal Szekely Hungary 5 Andreea Brad Romania
Julio Barbero Spain 5 Julie Thompson England
Chris Landman Netherlands 5 Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands
Danilo Vigato Italy 5 Heather Lodge England
Wesley Harms Netherlands 9 Manuela Cappiello Italy
Sebastian Steyer Poland 9 Cristina Cipolletti Italy
Scott Waites England 9 Tania Milli Italy
Carl Dennel England 9 Loredana Brumetz Italy
Richard Veenstra Netherlands 9 Giada Marani Italy
Erik Van Manen Netherlands 9 Giulia Vernocchi Italy
Ian Dawson England 9 Mara Casadei Italy
Alan Soutar Scotland 9 Michela Michelini Italy