Darts Tournament Results – Pacific Youth Masters 2018, Australia

Darts Australia LogoPacific Youth Masters was played 09/01/2019 in Forster, Australia with 34 boys and 32 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 17/01/2019.

BOY’S SINGLES Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES Country
Manny Kato Australia 1 Abbey Morrison Australia
Hayden Scott Australia 2 Tori Anderson Australia
Ky Smith Australia 3 Brianna Mazey Australia
Jackson Davis Australia 4 Caitlyn Smyth Australia
Colby Dodge Australia 5 Tory Ellis Australia
James Pearce Australia 5 Fiona Gottwald Australia
Jackson Viccars Australia 5 Rihani Snary Australia
Will Wilson Australia 5 Juvena Ahotolu Australia
Luke Bottrell Australia 9 Eloise Lynch Australia
Bailey Marsh Australia 9 Vanessa James Australia
Jovan Tipuna Australia 9 Faith Kainuku Australia
TJ Mccaw Australia 9 Sharah Allen Australia
Mitchel Beswick Australia 9 Mckenzie Maunsell-Namana Australia
Lachlan Gleeson Australia 9 Maddison Clarke Australia
Logan Warnest Australia 9 Kassandra Lee Australia
Samson Farley Australia 9 Starr Vine Australia