Darts Tournament Results – Dutch Open Darts 2019, Netherlands

Dutch Open Darts 2019 Champions Richard Veenstra Netherlands and Mikuru Suzuki Japan
Dutch Open Darts 2019 Champions Richard Veenstra Netherlands and Mikuru Suzuki Japan

Veenstra and Suzuki newly crowned Dutch Open champions

Richard Veenstra and Mikuru Suzuki are the 2019 BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts champions. The Dutchmen won the final with a 3-1 victory over Ryan Hogarth, Suzuki was too strong for Aileen de Graaf.

The men’s final was an exciting match. Richard Veenstra started brilliant. He won the first set 3-0 and in the second set he was 2-0 down, but due to a 158-finish he won that set. However, Hogarth never lost good spirits. He won the third and fourth set, even though he survived two matchdarts in that fourth set. Veenstra showed his best game in the last and deciding leg. He is the new 2019 Dutch Open Darts champion.

Suzuki, the reigning Lakeside champion, adds another BDO title to her ever-growing collection. She reached the Dutch Open final and faced De Graaf. She proved why she is the best female player at this moment. She only lost two legs and won 5-2.

Pairs finals

Earlier that day, Suzuki played the women’s pairs final as well. Together with Yuriko Yamaguchi, she played reigning champions Lorraine Winstanley and Corrine Hammond. The Japanese duo whitewashed them with a 4-0 victory.

The men’s pairs final was a thriller. After three legs, Justin van Tergouw and Martijn took a 3-0 lead, but after eight legs the score was 4-4. Berry van Peer and Gino Vos won the last and deciding leg.

Dutch Open Darts Youth

The new 2019 Dutch Open u18 is Daan Bastiaansen. The young boy from Breda was too strong for James Beeton from England in the final 4-2. Pim van Bijnen, another Dutch talent, lifted the boys u14 trophy. He trashed Daan Beernink 3-0. The girls tournament was won by Layla Brussel. She won the final with a 3-1 victory over Rosanne van der Velde.


For the second year in a row, Vincent d’Hondt is crowned Dutch Open Darts paradarts champion! The Belgium player whitewashed Matt Doe in the final by hitting D5: 4-0.

Tournament Results

BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts 1-3 February 2019 in De Bonte Wever, Assen, Netherlands with 3357 men, 367 women, 214 boys and 42 girls. There were non WDF ranking paradarts and boys under 14 events.

WDF Tables updated with these results 17/02/2019.

Richard Veenstra Netherlands 1 Mikuru Suzuki Japan
Ryan Hogarth Scotland 2 Aileen de Graaf Netherlands
Jeffrey van Egdom Belgium 3 Laura Turner England
Dave Parletti England 3 Anneke Kuijten Netherlands
Wayne Warren Wales 5 Femke Herms Netherlands
Kevin Doets Netherlands 5 Deta Hedman England
Michael Unterbuchner Germany 5 Priscilla Steenbergen Netherlands
Nick Kenny Wales 5 Jo Clements England
Mike de Decker Belgium 9 Ilona van Emden Netherlands
Willem Mandigers Netherlands 9 Olga Hoogenkamp Netherlands
Peter Voskamp Netherlands 9 Irina Armstrong Germany
Luc Peters Netherlands 9 Kaye Hales England
Scott Mitchell England 9 Caitlin Klein-Stavast Netherlands
Mark Schlaghecke Netherlands 9 An Poortmans Belgium
Darryl Fitton England 9 Casey Gallagher England
Nigel van Milligen Netherlands 9 Anita van der Velden Netherlands
Rupert Frauendienst Germany 17 Megan Lucas Netherlands
Colin Philippi Netherlands 17 Jaleesa Zegel Netherlands
Kevin Wensink Netherlands 17 Trina Gulliver England
Nico van Coillie Belgium 17 Corrine Hammond Australia
Danny Blom Netherlands 17 Karin Krappen Netherlands
Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands 17 Andrea Walker England
Martin Jongejan Netherlands 17 Ramona Mostad Eriksen Norway
Carlo van Peer Netherlands 17 Elbrich Halbersma Netherlands
Tony Martin Great Brittain 17 Jana Kanovska Czech Republic
Rick Hofstra Netherlands 17 Priscilla Groeneweg Netherlands
Arjan Konterman Netherlands 17 Leonie Beekman Netherlands
Carlo van Cleef Netherlands 17 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
Gauke van der Boon Netherlands 17 Heather Lodge Wales
Francis Carragher Republic of Ireland 17 Paula Jacklin England
Mario Vandenbogaerde Belgium 17 Nathalie van Marm Netherlands
Michael Busscher Netherlands 17 Veerle Hamelink Netherlands


Daan Bastiaansen Netherlands 1 Layla Brussel Netherlands
James Beeton England 2 Rosanne van der Velde Netherlands
Jurjen van der Velde Netherlands 3 Katie Sheldon Republic ofIreland
Gian van Veen Netherlands 3 Kyana Frauenfelder Netherlands
Luke van der Kwast Netherlands 5 Julia Sengers Netherlands
Keanu van Velzen Netherlands 5 Aranka van der Waals Netherlands
Bradly Roes Netherlands 5 Anick Sonnichsen Denmark
David Schlichting Germany 5 Britt van Schijndel Netherlands
Finn Kalsbeek Netherlands 9 Kyenta Ysewijn Belgium
Justin Dekker Netherlands 9 Maud Meijer Netherlands
Owen Roelofs Netherlands 9 Eireann Ryanne van Wijgerden Netherlands
Brandon Stockings England 9 Jaimy de Groot Netherlands
Levy Frauenfelder Netherlands 9 Chantal Tessin Netherlands
Danny Jansen Netherlands 9 Lerena Rietbergen Netherlands
Kevin Lasker Netherlands 9 Romy Vermeulen Netherlands
Sytze Terpstra Netherlands 9 Audrey Ysewijn Belgium