WDF World Cup 2019, Romania – Day 5, results

Friday 11th October Day 5 –  results

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On Stage

Youth Mixed Pairs Final Sedivy/Feklova vs Houdek/Votavova 2 – 6

Girls Pairs Final McKinlay/O’Brien vs Greaves/Reeves 5 – 6

Boys Pairs Final Houdek/Sedivy vs Phillips/Kay 4 – 6

Womens Pairs Final Suzuki/Ouchi vs Cisarova/Gregurkova 6 – 1

Mens Pairs Final Mitchell/Day vs Cameron/Smith 2 – 6

  • Womens Team finalists are England vs Australia, final on Saturday
  • Mens Team finalists are Wales vs Hong Kong, final on Saturday
  • Youth Mixed Pairs finalists are Sedivy/Feklova-Czechia A vs Houdek/Votavova-Czechia B final on Friday

Follow the Cup

YouTube link for Day 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB3lByQN_DI

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