WDF World Cup 2019, Romania – results

WDF World Cup 07-12 October 2019 Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Overall Champions World Cup – Men Netherlands, World Cup – Women England, World Cup Youth England

Picture of WDF World Cup Overall Champions men, women and youth
Picture of WDF World Cup Overall Champions men, women and youth

Draw / Results

World Cup – Men

World Cup – Women

World Cup – Youth


1. Netherlands, 90 points
2. Wales, 87 points
3. England, 73 points
1. England, 132 points
2. Japan, 100 points
3. Australia, 93 points
1. England, 229 points
2. Czechia, 178 points
3. Scotland, 161 points


Mens Singles
Darren Herewini New Zealand
KO & Finals
Womens Singles
Mikuru Suzuki Japan
KO & Finals
Boys Singles
Keelan Kay England
RR, Finals
Girls Singles
Beau Greaves England


Mens Pairs
David Cameron and Jeff Smith Canada
KO & Finals
Womens Pairs
Mikuru Suzuki and Mayumi Ouchi Japan
KO & Finals
Boys Pairs
Brad Phillips and Keelan Kay England
Girls Pairs
Beau Greaves and Shannon Reeves England

Team / Mixed Pairs

Mens Team
Jim Williams, Darren Bingham, Arwyn Morris, Nick Kenny
RR, Finals
Womens Team
Maria O’Brien, Lorraine Winstanley, Deta Hedman, Fallon Sherrock
RR,  Finals
Mixed Pairs
Tomas Houdek and Anna Votavova Czechia
RR, Finals

Points Tables

Mens Points Table Womens Points Table Youth Points Table

Teams Bahamas Ethiopia and India who could not play in this cup. Pakistan men were only in pairs and team matches.

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