Darts Tournament Results – Next Talent of Darts 2019, Netherlands

Next Talent of Darts was played 20/10/2019 in Feanplaza Heerenveen, Netherlands with 11 boys and 8 girls.

WDF Tables updated with these results 25/10/2019

Picture of Next Talent of Darts winners
2019 Next Talent of Darts winners Massimo Balsamo Boys U14, Lerena Rietbergen Girls U18, Kevin Lasker Boys U18
BOY’S SINGLES (U18) Country Position GIRL’S SINGLES (U18) Country
Kevin Lasker Netherlands 1 Lerena Rietbergen Netherlands
Pim van Bijnen Netherlands 2 Rosanne van der Velde Netherlands
Angelo Balsamo Netherlands 3 Chantal Tessin Netherlands
Jurjen van der Velde Netherlands 3 Kelly Megens Netherlands