Darts Tournament Results – Romanian Darts Festival 2020

Romanian Darts Festival 2020 was a success. Conclusions of the 5th edition of one of the most important WDF 2020 start of the season weekends Bucharest, January 28th 2020.

The 5th edition of the Romanian Darts Festival came to an end after three days dedicated to the sport with arrows, where about 400 players have measured their forces at Hotel Intercontinental Bucharest, battling for more than 18,000 euro in prize money, and for winning their first SILVER WDF points of the season.

For the first time in an WDF event, the innovative DartConnect system was used for all 40 official dartboards. Players and fans both enjoyed our initiative – players for following their stats, fans for watching simultaneously all the games they were interested in. Based on our experience this weekend, we believe DartConnect is the next step forward.

Number 1 seed Wayne Warren, the recent BDO World Champion, showed his impressive form winning the Romanian Classic, with a victory in the final 6-3 against a very inspired Catalonian Marti Santamaria. Number 2 seed, Nick Kenny, made the Welsh proud by winning the Romanian International, with a win against the biggest surprise of the weekend, Laszlo Kadar, it was the first time a Romanian player played a final at home in a WDF event. The Romanian showed an excellent form, beating on his way to the final Anthony Allen and Wayne Halliwell.

In the Ladies competitions, winners were Amanda Harwood who won RCDO title after a 5-1 victory in the final against Marjolein Noijens, and Deta Hedman who won RIDO title after a 5-2 victory in the final against Anca Zijlstra.

The atmosphere in the finals day was electric, attendants had a wonderful time with both the games
and the party. We really hope you all enjoyed yourselves, enjoyed our tournament and these will make you comeback to our festival next year.

Romanian Darts Federation Press Release

Result reports

Romanian Darts Festival was played 24 – 26/01/2020 in Bucharest, Romania.
Romanian Classic – RCDO with 282 men and 81 women.
Romanian International – RIDO with 249 men and 81 women.

WDF Tables updated with these results 02/02/2020.

Romanian Classic – RCDO 25/01/2020

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country
Wayne Warren Wales 1 Amanda Harwood England
Marti Santamaria Catalonia 2 Marjolein Noijens Netherlands
Nick Fullwell England 3 Jo Rolls England
Jason Lovett England 3 Jitka Cisarova Czech Republic
Steve Giddings England 5 Suzanne Smith England
Brian Lokken Denmark 5 Elena Shulgina Russia
Gergely Lakatos Hungary 5 Margeta Chatzi Greece
Petracs Gabor Hungary 5 Silke Lowe Germany
Loukas Trypinioti Cyprus 9 Deta Hedman England
Davie Kirwan Scotland 9 Krisztina Csombok Hungary
Francesco Raschini Italy 9 Ksenia Klochek Russia
Evangelos Flourentzou Cyprus 9 Grace Crane North Ireland
Sven Verdonck Belgium 9 Katharina Vonrufs Henkel Switzerland
Craig Venman England 9 Veronika Ihasz Hungary
Patrik Kovacs Hungary 9 Andreea Brad Romania
Tom Burquel Louxembourg 9 Anna Madigan England
Andrei Vecliuc Romania 17 Ioana Caragescu Romania
Kim Antosen Denmark 17 Annette Lord England
Erik Poliak Slovakia 17 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
Andreas Michailidis Cyprus 17 Roz Bulmer England
Andrew Gurr England 17 Zsuzsanna Szarka Hungary
Wayne Halliwell Cyprus 17 Kirsty Gibbs England
Aaron Turner England 17 Andrea Tanner Switzerland
Daniele Petri Italy 17 Carmen Stoean Romania
Nick Kenny Wales 17 Crina Ravar Romania
Kostas Pantelidis Greece 17 Jo Clark England
Jozsef Rucska Hungary 17 Maria Poulidou Greece
Romeo Grbavac Croatia 17 Nadya Ubcheva Bulgaria
Ralph Wetsels Netherlands 17 Anastasia Pentagioti Greece
Mark Farmer Spain 17 Emesse Bosza Hungary
Steven Riches France 17 Anna Hlavova Czech Republic
Tom Becker Louxembourg 17 Irina Suditu Romania

Romanian International – RIDO 26/01/2020

MEN’S SINGLES Country Position WOMEN’S SINGLES Country
Nick Kenny Wales 1 Deta Hedman England
Laszlo Kadar Romania 2 Anca Zijlstra Netherlands
Adrian Frim Romania 3 Suzanne Smith England
Anthony Allen England 3 Adrienn Vegso Hungary
Wayne Warren Wales 5 Marjolein Noijens Netherlands
Wayne Halliwell Cyprus 5 Amanda Harwood England
Craig Venman England 5 Loli Cascales Catalonia
Gabor Takacs Hungary 5 Jana Kanovska Czech Republic
Andreas Michailidis Cyprus 9 Veronika Ihasz Hungary
Kay Keelan England 9 Katharina Henkel Vonrufs Switzerland
Nick Fullwell England 9 Jitka Cisarova Czech Republic
Brian Lokken Denmark 9 Vivien Czipo Hungary
Kostas Pantelidis Greece 9 Margaret Sutton England
Gabriel Pascaru Romania 9 Oana Cimpoca Romania
Michael Warburton Wales 9 Andreea Brad Romania
Erik van Manen Netherlands 9 Anastasia Pentagioti Greece
Will Harwood England 17 Melanie Vermaas Netherlands
James Beeton England 17 Zsuzsanna Szarka Hungary
Davie Kirwan Scotland 17 Krisztina Csombok Hungary
Gabor Petracs Hungary 17 Fiona Roberts England
Kim Antonsen Danemark 17 Roz Bulmer England
Francesco Raschini Italy 17 Shereen Downs England
Aaron Turner England 17 Grace Crane North Ireland
Daniele Petri Italy 17 Carmen Stoean Romania
Marti Santamaria Catalonia 17 Emese Bosza Hungary
Sven Verdonck Belgium 17 Anna Madigan England
Dennis van der Steen Netherlands 17 Iva Ivanova Bulgaria
Gergely Lakatos Hungary 17 Ogiulia Olteanu Romania
Patrik Kovacs Hungary 17 Monica Dan Romania
Jason Lovett England 17 Ksenia Klochek Russia
John Scott England 17 Margeta Chatzi Greece
Tom Burquel Louxembourg 17 Debora Urdeva Bulgaria