WDF Members – World ParaDarts To Join The WDF As Associated Member

The WDF are very pleased to announce that World ParaDarts are set to join the WDF as Associated Members.

Picture of WDF President Bill HatterWDF President Bill Hatter stated how pleasing it was to welcome World ParaDarts into the WDF. “Over the last few years I have eagerly followed the rise in interest and participation in disabled darts and with the WDF being about giving everyone across the world the chance to play darts, it’s very pleasing to welcome Sarah and the team from World ParaDarts into the WDF as Associated Members.”

Picture of World Paradarts Chairperson Sarah SmaleSarah Smale, Chairperson of World ParaDarts was quick to point out the importance of WDF recognition. “World ParaDarts encourages the promotion of the sport of darts and disability darts and joining the WDF as Associated Members will only help as we look to gain international recognition for darts as a major sport as well as International Paralympic Committee recognition”


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