WDF Asia Pacific Cup 2016 Japan – results

The WDF Asia pacific Cup Osaka 2016 has been successfully completed. Dates 19 – 22/10/2016 at Ritsumeikan University in Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan Thank you very much to all participated countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Iran, Korea, Macau and Japan (6 countries) Pakistan couldn’t participate in the cup due to visa problem,

WDF Asia Pacific Cup 2010 – Tokyo – Title for Australia

Australia have won the Asia Pacific Cup title finishing with 266 points. Japan took second with a very narrow 2 point advantage over New Zealand in 3rd place. WINNERS: Ladies Pairs: Corrine Hammond / Lavinia Hogg, Australia Ladies Singles: Jannette Jonathan, New Zealand Mens Pairs: Anthony Fleet / Geoff Kime,

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The WDF organises the following international ‘Cup’ events: WDF World Cup   (odd # years    – open to all WDF nations) WDF Americas Cup   (even # years  – open to WDF nations in the Americas) WDF Asia-Pacific Cup   (even # years  –  open to WDF nations in Asia & the South

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WDF  Playing And Tournament Rules WDF Playing And Tournament Rules – 28/02/2018 rev 20 Approved by WDF Approved by WDF – Dartboards and Lightning Systems WDF Ranking System Criteria Seniors – Men & Women – 25/09/2018 rev 38 Youth – Boys & Girls – 01/04/2018 rev 7 WDF Cup Rules WDF

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