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WDF Anti-Doping Rules – 01/01/2021

WDF Player Consent Form more information of this consent form available in WDF Anti-Doping Rules, see Scope of these Anti-Doping Rules (c)

‘Random drug testing could occur at any event as required by WADA’

Anti-Doping Rule Violation Sanctions

WDF List of Disciplined Players and Officials page includes information of Anti-Doping Rule Violations.


The List – Prohibited  Substances and Methods (current year)

TUE – Therapeutic Use Exemptions, good information in Q&A

ADAMS website (TUE and testing management)

WADA & Anti-Doping News

The World Darts Federation (“WDF”) Executive signed up to the World Anti-Doping Code on 2nd February 2008.

Anti-Doping Rules, like Competition rules, are sport rules governing the conditions under which sport is played. Players accept these rules as a condition of participation. Anti-Doping Rules are not intended to be subject to or limited by the requirements and legal standards applicable to criminal proceedings or employment matters. The policies and minimum standards set forth in the Code and implemented in these Anti-Doping Rules represent the consensus of a broad spectrum of stakeholders with an interest in fair sport and should be respected by all courts and adjudicating bodies.