WDF Ranking Tournament Application Form

This is official application form for WDF Ranking Tournaments. More information, see Rules and Regulations

Deadline for applications is annually in the end of previous year – 30th November.

NOTE Tournament Applications are only approved via Principal Contact emails as we have in Member Countries pages https://www.dartswdf.com/federation/contacts/

The WDF will rank all 2019 events free of charge (no Sanctioning Fee), player levies will apply to men and women events. WDF fines structure decisions annually in Annual General Meeting. See detailed information from ranking criteria.

Application is per tournament, all events in one tournament can be applied with one form (men, women, youth). Members will be required to complete the online entry form once for each tournament. Please make sure that you select the correct boxes for each event. You will receive copy of your application to email automatically if no email received you may have error in your details in form.

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