WDF Tournament Categories & Points Allocations


From calendar page you can find tournaments and all events and categories.  

Men & Women – Main table

Our ranking structure has been modified with new categories of Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Men’s and Women’s events are given the same grading for each event.

Winner 270 180 90 45
Runner Up 167 111 56 28
Semi Final 103 68 34 17
Quarter Final 64 43 21 11
Last 16 39 26 13 6
Last 32 26 17 9
Last 64 13 9

The WDF main ranking tables will continue as annual rolling tables and the new points system will be implemented for events in 2020 during this transitional year.  The best 10 results (highest points value) per player will count towards their overall ranking and this will be effective on the rolling table immediately.

Men & Women – regional tables

Every WDF ranking event in 2020 will also be included in our new regional tables created for both men and women across the world.  The best 8 results (highest points value) obtained by a player within the region of their nation will count towards their regional ranking. Platinum & Gold events will be awarded Silver points on the regional tables only.


(England, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

North Europe

(Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden)

East Europe

(Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine)

West Europe

(Austria, Belgium, Catalonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland)


(Brunei, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand)


New Zealand




Boys & Girls and Open Youth

Min 4 entries Min 8 entries Min 16 entries Min 32 entries Min 64 entries


20 30 40 50 60



30 40 50
Jt. 3rd 10 20 30


Jt. 5th

10 20 30

Jt. 9th

10 20
Jt. 17th


See WDF World Ranking System Criteria Youth – Boys & Girls

More information is available in Rules and Regulations – WDF Ranking System Criteria.

All questions/queries concerning the WDF World Ranking Systems and Points Allocations should be addressed directly to the WDF Sports Administrator, contact form recipient Events/Tables or see contact information.