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16/01/2020 Gibraltar Principal Contact email and Gibraltar website

07/01/2020 Updates Belgium and Malta Principal Contacts

06/01/2020 Updates New Zealand Principal Contact, updated BDO Membership type

24/11/2019 WDF Executives, open position WDF Secretary General and new WDF Executives positions WDF Atheletes Presentative Deta Hedman, WDF Youth Comissioner Dietmar Schuhmann.

03/11/2019 New Full Members Croatia, Faroe Islands, Monaco, Singapore and Slovenia Updated Malta Principal Contact, Brazil Principal Contact, Hong Kong Principal Contact, Jersey Principal Contact, Korea Principal Contact, Malta Principal Contact, WDF Chief Development Officer Richard Ashdown included

30/09/2019 Updated Pricipal Contact Egypt

29/09/2019 New Interim Members Faroe Islands and Singapore approved by WDF Executives 27/08/2019 + Hungary contacts updated

10/09/2019 New Principal Contact Netherlands

22/07/2019 New Interim Member Monaco approved by WDF Executives 14/07/2019

09/06/2019 Updated Principal Contacts BDO, Guyana and updated WDF Officials with Referees.

06/04/2019 Updated Principal Contacts from annual dues renewal forms Barbados, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, India, Isle of Man, Latvia, Mongolia, Norway, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand

24/02/2019 Updated Principal Contacts from annual dues renewal forms Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ukraine, USA and WDF Officials new role Data Protection Officer

03/02/2019 New Interim Member Slovenia

16/11/2018 New Interim Member Croatia