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21/09/2020 Estonia contacts updated

14/09/2020 Cayman Islands contact information updated

19/07/2020 Isle of Man contact information updated

09/06/2020 Catalonia contact information updated

30/05/2020 Serbia contact information updated

04/05/2020 Jamaica contact information updated

19/04/2020 WDF Executives, WDF Secretary General Nick Rolls

21/03/2020 Annual Forms received & contact check from Brunei, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland and Ukraine. Updated British Darts Organisation contact information. Updated WDF Executives and Official contact information new WDF Anti-Doping Officer. Included emails WDF Athletes Presentative and WDF Youth Commissioner.

02/03/2020 Updated Greece Principal Contact name

01/03/2020 Annual Forms received & contact check from Estonia, Finland, Netherlands and Slovakia

16/02/2020 Annual Forms received & contact check from Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Catalonia, Chinese Taipei, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of, Turkey, USA, Wales

16/01/2020 Gibraltar Principal Contact email and Gibraltar website

07/01/2020 Updates Belgium and Malta Principal Contacts

06/01/2020 Updates New Zealand Principal Contact, updated BDO Membership type