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7/1/2019 Updated Principal Contact Belgium

06/12/2018 Updated Principal Contacts for new members Chinese Taipei (full member) and Croatia (interim), corrected for Switzerland

04/12/2018 Updated Principal and Additional Contacts Austria, Latvia, Serbia and new roles WDF

14/10/2018 Position changes WDF remits approved in Annual General Meeting – WDF Vice President Corporate, WDF Vice President Finance

11/10/2018 WDF Secretary General contact information

08/09/2018 new Principal Contact British Darts Organisation, Hungary, Guyana and Malta will announce new Principal Contact soon

23/08/2018 new Principal Contact Poland and Interim Member Thailand included with Principal Contact

23/07/2016 updated Japan Principal Contact and Lithuania website

22/07/2016 updated contacts Brunei

19/07/2018 updated contacts Canada and Lithuania