WDF Announcement – COVID-19 Recommendations

Image with WDF logo and text WDF AnnouncementThe WDF is the umbrella organisation for membership, tournaments, rules and regulations for darts being played around the world. There is no desire to dictate to individuals or groups associated with the sport as it is our intention to guide, facilitate and provide a ranking system based on participation in WDF sanctioned events.

Whilst the WDF have no control or obligations during the current virus pandemic, other than to adhere to WADA guidelines for excluded medications in our sport where appropriate, it is only right that we look after the welfare of our members.

During this uncertain period it is the WDFs recommendation that tournament organisers and players consult with local and global medical bodies at all times to ensure they have up to date and accurate information concerning covid infection and transmission information in the areas that they are travelling to and from.

Please also be advised that local and global information will be continually updated.

It is each individual’s duty to understand the requirements around travel and participation and it is each individual’s choice as to whether they travel and participate. 

In its aim to oversee that a safe, compassionate and fair environment is present at events, the WDF make the following suggestions to players:-

  1. Before travel, get a Covid-19 swab test and have your temperature checked
  2. Talk to your club, association and/or country darts team around what is needed of you
  3. Make sure you know the requirements when reaching your destination – lockdowns in place as well as any self isolation and testing requirements
  4. Buy travel insurance
  5. Carry extra masks
  6. Practice safety procedures

The WDF Executive asks that all tournament organisers, players and spectators stay safe during these uncertain times.