Hopp and Shvtec win German Gold Cup Youth Events

Boys Results Country Girls Results Country 1. Hopp, Max Germany 1. Shvets, Valeria Russia 2. Stangl, Manuel Germany 2. Wigmann, Ann-Kathrin Germany 3. de Kruif, John Netherland 3. Yakovleva, Anna Russia 3. Wehder, Marvin Germany 3. Gray, Lisa Germany 5. Legant, Marc Germany 5. Schluze, Anna-Maria Germany 5. Broer, Santino

Gulliver’s Travels

On the eve of the 2012 Lakeside Women’s World Professional Darts Championship, TRINA GULLIVER, the nine times World Champion, has signed a new sponsorship arrangement with 2J’s Travel of Wedmore, Somerset. Trina now lives in Cheddar and is delighted to be linked with a local travel company: “I am delighted