2’nd Rhinoceros Darts Open’11 – Bulgaria

Mens Results Ladies Results 1. Milan Stankovic Serbia 1. Biliana Marinova Bulgaria 2. Aleksandar Boric Serbia 2. Ekaterina Guleva Bulgaria 3. Miroslav Petrov Bulgaria 3. Gergana Bencheva Bulgaria 3. Nandor Bezzeg Hungary 3. Lilia Dimitrova Bulgaria 5. Veselin Stoianov Bulgaria 5. Teodora Diankova Bulgaria 5. Kiril Savov Bulgaria 5. Elena

New Facebook Page

The World Darts Federation has changed the way it will use facebook.  In the past, a Facebook “GROUP” was created.  This caused some problems with posting information on the wall.  We have moved the WDF to a facebook “PAGE”. Please click the facebook logo to visit and “LIKE” the page