WDF Lists of Disciplined Players and Officials

WDF Anti-Doping Rule Violation Sanctions

Based on WDF Anti-Doping Rules

ADRV = Anti-Doping Rule Violation, AAF = Adverse Analytical Finding
Provisional* = Provisional suspension until file is closed

Person Sex Country ADRV Sanction Term

WDF Disciplinary Code of Practice – Disciplined Players and Officials

Based on WDF Disciplinary Code of Practice (Not Anti-Doping)

Player / Official Disciplined Person Country Imposed Term
Player Vladimir Kim Andersen Denmark Denmark 20/12/2019 – 19/12/2021
Player Kyle McKinstry Northern Ireland WDF 18/08/2020 – 17/08/2028
Player Wessel Nijman Netherlands WDF 18/02/2021 – 18/02/2023


  1. The list shall only include persons that have been disciplined under the WDF Code of Practice on Disciplinary Proceedings by the World Darts Federation, or by a Member Darts Body of the World Darts Federation.
  2. The list shall only include the names of persons where it has been confirmed that all stages of the Disciplinary Proceedings have been completed.
  3. For further details of the Disciplinary Action interested parties must contact the Member Darts Body responsible for imposing the Disciplinary Action.

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