WINMAU Salou International Open -CANCELLED-

Dear Friends, Cordel Events, promoter of the “Winmau Salou International” which was to be held on 20 / 21 October 2017 reported the cancellation of the event due to venue problems. The Federació Catalana de Dards, in charge of the technical organization, considering the following problems; • There is no time to look for another proper venue • Low registration request • Also considered that other darts tournaments the same…

August 18, 2017

WDF Calendar – Catalonian Weekend Invitation

Dear Friends, Please find the official invitation letter and information to Catalonian Open an FCD Anniversary Open.  To be held in Calella September 9th and 10th 2017. If you have any questions or queries, you can find further information  in our site Yours in Darts, FEDERACIO CATALANA DE DARDS See WDF Calendar for more information

May 27, 2017

3rd Catalonia Open Darts: Alan Norris and Sharon Prins winners

Alan Norris and Sharon Prins Catalonia Open Darts win the 3rd place this weekend in Calella, Barcelona. The most important international competition dart held in Catalonia and the Peninsula took place Saturday at the old sports hall Gurí Calella, hosted by the Catalan Federation of Darts. In the game room they have 41 draft lines to accommodate 149 male and 29 female athletes who attended the international event. Again the…

September 15, 2014

Ceder and Prins victorius in Catalonia

Mens Results (bracket) Country   Womens Results (bracket) Country 1. Ulf Ceder Finland   1. Sharon Prins Netherlands 2. Dimitri Van Den Bergh Belgium   2. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium 3. Paul Coughlin Scotland   3. Djurdjina Miscevic Serbia 3. Jeroen Geerdink Netherlands   3. Anneke Kuijten Netherlands 5. Jordy Jozee Netherlands   5. Margaret Sutton England 5. Vladimir Petrovic Serbia   5. Floortjie Van Zanten Netherlands 5. Oliver Ferenc Serbia…

September 9, 2013

Sousa and Geeraerts win 1st Catalonia Open

1. Jose Sousa Catalonia 1. Kathy Geeraerts Belgium 2. Antonio Jimenez Cabrera Spain 2. Isidra Chaparro Catalonia 3. Peter Sajwani Sweden 3. Laura Damont Catalonia 3. Marcus Elffors Sweden 3. Jane Shearing England 5. Sergio Esparcia Catalonia 5. Anette Tillbom Sweden 5. Doro Bermudez Catalonia 5. Ma Jose Gomez Sanchez Catalonia 5. Aj Urmston-Toft England 5. Loli Cascales Catalonia 5. Juan Robles Catalonia 5. Regina Miret Catalonia 9. Sergio Garrido…

September 13, 2012