2019 BULL'S Darts Masters Brian Dawson England Picture Evert Zomer

Darts Tournament Results – German Open & Darts Masters 2019, Germany

BULL’S German Open was played 13/04/2019 with 812 men, 135 women, 104 boys and 26 girls. BULL’S Darts Masters was played 14/04/2019 with 641 men and 132 women. Both tournaments were played in Wunderland Kalkar, Germany. WDF Tables and WDF Facebook updated with these results 24/04/2019.

German Open & Darts Masters 2017 – results

WDF Tables updated with these results 11/04/2017. Click pictures to view better. Read more also from Tournament website http://www.bulls-germanopen.de/ Bull’s German Open was played 08/04/2017 in Bochum, Germany with 832 men, 128 women, 144 boys and 24 girls. Bull’s Darts Masters was played 09/04/2017 in Bochum, Germany with 568 men

BULLS German Open 2017 – venue change & closing date 27/03/2017

Dear Dartfriends, We have important news concerning the BULL’S German Open 2017, held from 07.-09.  in Bochum. Because of a new fire protection concept – to be respected from the official side – the old venue the “Sporthalle Harpener Heide”, is not longer suitable. It is not longer allowed to

BULL’S German Open & Darts Masters 2016 – results

On Saturday 16/04/2016 was played BULL’S German Open with 884 men, 144 women, 144 boys and 24 girls. On Sunday 17/04/2016 was played BULL’S Darts Masters with 596 men and 128 women. Pictures of BULL’S German Open 2016 finalists Men’s singles winner Danny Noppert (L) and runner up Darius Labanauskas