2018 Italian Grand Masters winners Aileen de Graaf and Wesley Harms both from Netherlands

Darts Tournament Results – Finder Italian Grand Masters & Open Italia 2018

Finder Italian Grand Masters was played 24/11/2018 with 360 men and 61 women. Open Italia was played 25/11/2018 with 321 men and 51 women. Both were played in  in Pieve di Cento, Bologna, Italy. WDF Tables updated with these results 27/11/2018. Read more – nice report from Italy

Darts Tournament Results – Italian Grand Masters 2017

25/11/2017 Finder Italian Grand Masters Italian WDF event registered a quite good number of entries: 301 Men and 53 Ladies played on ‘Pala Darts’, in Pieve di Cento. Wesley Harms (NED) repeated last year success, by defeating Michael Unterbuchner (GER) 6-1 on the final. In Ladies Tournament Deta Hedman (ENG)

Mer-Cabril and Barbara capture the 2012 Italian Grand Masters

Mens Results Country Womens Results Country 1. Allarce Mer-Cabril ITALY 1. Osti Barbara Italy 2. Perry Trevor ENGLAND 2. Gaiga Veleda Italy 3. Rice Colin GERMANY 3. Ciofi Giada Italy 3. Catallo Luca ITALY 3. Carli Fiorenza Italy 5. Polese Loris ITALY 5. Peroni Eleonora Italy 5. Tupuschis Olaf GERMANY