Finnish Open and Finnish Masters 2016 – results

Finnish Open was played on Saturday 28/05/2016 with 142 men, 41 women and 3 youth. Finnish Masters was played on Sunday 29/05/2016 with 92 men and 29 women. Venue was Hotel Rantasipi Airport, Vantaa, Finland. Weekend were live streamed  and recordings are in YouTube Channel Pictures by Risto Spora

Watch darts live from Lithuania, Sat 16/1/2016

Saturday January 16th Lithuanian Masters ONLINE with Darius Labanauskas, Madars Razma Schedule GMT+0200 11:00 qualifying tournament 13:00 main tournament Around 16:00 semifinals Around 17.30 finals WDF member countries may inform live streaming of their tournaments (also non WDF ranking, like Lithuanian Masters).