New Zealand Open 2016 – results

Puma New Zealand open was played 10/08/2016 in Rotorua, New Zealand with 300 men and 126 women. WDF Tables updated with these results 13/08/2016.   Pictures of Singles Winners (click to view full size) Cody Harris, New Zealand Tina Osborne, New Zealand

August 13, 2016

New Zealand Masters 2016 – results

New Zealand Masters was played 18/06/2016 in Porirua, New Zealand with 78 men and 39 women. Winners were Mark McGrath New Zealand in men’s singles (picture left)  and Tina Osborne New Zealand in women’s singles (picture (right). WDF Tables updated with these results 23/06/2016.

June 23, 2016

In Memoriam John MacLeod

It is with great sadness that we at New Zealand Darts Council have to report the sudden passing of our Chairman, John MacLeod on Sunday 7 February 2016. John has been on the Board of Directors for over 30 years as Chairman, Director and Life Member. He will be missed by the New Zealand Darts Community Details of his funeral service are on our website: Paula Masoe Secretary NZ…

February 9, 2016

Caldwell and Hohipa win Auckland Open 2015 New Zealand

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Craig Caldwell NZ   1. Sha Hohipa NZ 2. Mark Cleaver NZ   2. Jo Steed NZ 3. John Kelly NZ   3. Tina Osborne NZ 3. Cody Harris NZ   3. Malia Ioane NZ 5. Mick Lacey NZ   5. Judy Fenton NZ 5. Aaron Cooper NZ   5. Desi Mercer NZ 5. Josh Roberts NZ   5. Colleen Curreen NZ…

September 21, 2015

Harris and Osborne win PUMA NZ Open

  Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Cody Harris NZ   1. Tina Osborne NZ 2. Craig Caldwell NZ   2. Kate Keefe NZ 3. Steven Padget NZ   3. Jo Steed NZ 3. Mark Cleaver NZ   3. Judy Fenton NZ 5. John Dodunski NZ   5. Chris Hay NZ 5. Lou Tai NZ   5. Desi Mercer NZ 5. Greg Moss NZ   5. Tara Mears…

August 5, 2015