Darts for all ages!

During the recent Russian championships, the final of the Men’s Singles was contested between 12 year old Michael Keritsyn and 52 year old Alexander Oreshkin. Age triumphed over youth on this occasion with Alexander running out a 3-0 winner. We must also mention that young Michael made the final at the expense of Russian nr. 1 Boris Koltsov, a 24 year old, whom he beat 3-2 in their Semi-Final encounter.

December 19, 2012

Mgdesyan and Yakovleva win Youth Ural Cup

Boys Results Country Girls Results Country 1. Tigran  Mgdesyan RUSSIA 1. Anna  Yakovleva RUSSIA 2. Maksim  Aldoshin RUSSIA 2. Valeria  Shvetc RUSSIA 3. Mikhail  Kuritcin RUSSIA 3. Sofiya  Loginova RUSSIA 3. Nikita  Zheltonosov RUSSIA 3. Anastasia  Klochek RUSSIA 5. Nikolaj  Sidorov RUSSIA 5. Anastasia  Suvorova RUSSIA 5. Matvej Korolev RUSSIA 5. Elena  Ljubimova RUSSIA 5. Aleksej Vetchinkin RUSSIA 5. Marija  Kardashina RUSSIA 5. Aleksandr  Pimenov RUSSIA 5. Alena  Feofanova RUSSIA…

December 10, 2012

Youth Russian Open Results

Boys Results Country Girls Results Country 1 . Ilia  Volokhin Russia 1 . Ekaterina  Lutaya Russia 2 . Mikhail  Kuritcin Russia 2 . Ksenia  Parxomenko Russia 3 . Tigran  Mgdesyan Russia 3 . Sofiya  Loginova Russia 3 . Sergei  Goncharov Russia 3 . Elina  Koroleva Russia 5 . Anton  Kolesov Russia 5 . Anna  Yakovleva Russia 5 . Dmitry  Vasilyev Russia 5 . Anastasia Klocher Russia 5 . Vasiliy  Nilov…

September 13, 2012

Anastasia returns to the BDO and WDF

February 2, 2011

Russian darts star Anastasia Dobromyslova is returning to the BDO and WDF after two years of competing in the PDC. “Anastasia made the approach to us following her resignation from the PDPA and has made it clear that she now wants to return to the BDO and WDF and play in our future events”, says BDO Chairman, Dave Alderman. In a personal letter to the BDO she said: “I am…