Berwick November Youth Singles Results

Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Bradley Weston Scotland   1. Emily Dativson Scotland 2. Graham Cummings Scotland   2. Casey Stephenson England 3. Sean Russell Scotland   3. Caitlyn Ross Scotland 3. Cameron Andrew England   3. Chloe Peters Scotland 5. Jack Bell England   5. Gayle Maxwell Scotland 5. Nick Stephenson England   5. Claire Wilson Scotland 5. John Reid Scotland         5….

November 5, 2012

Jamie Hearns wins Scottish Youth Open

1. Jamie Hearns Scotland 2. Brendyn Donnelly Scotland 3. Graham Cummings Scotland 3. Bradley Weston Scotland 5. Leslie Moore Scotland 5. Jamie Roy Scotland 5. Jordan Forbes Scotland 5. Jon Burnett Scotland 9. Darren Greig Scotland 9. Thomas Hopkins Scotland 9. Ryan Black Scotland 9. Joe Gibson Scotland 9. Cameron Andrew Scotland 9. Danny Robertson Scotland 9. Mtchell Grant Scotland 9. Gary Dee Scotland

August 20, 2012

Berwick Spring Youth Open Results

Boys Results Country Girls Results 1 Jamie Clark SCO 1 Emily Davidson SCO 2 Mark Jackson SCO 2 Louise Duncan SCO 3 Dean Keenan SCO 3 Cody Hepburn SCO 3 Wayne Cadger SCO 3 Toni-Marie Meek ENG 5 Lee Smith SCO 5 Katie Sinclair ENG 5 John Reid SCO 5 Caitlyn Ross SCO 5 Bradley Weston SCO 5 Eilidih Haldane SCO 5 Ryan Kelly SCO 5 Casey Stephenson ENG 9…

March 18, 2012

Eccles and Hedman win Scottish Open

Note: The mens and womens rankings are updated. Mens Results Country   Womens Results Country 1. Tony Eccles England   1. Deta Hedman England 2. Robbie Green England   2. Julie Gore Wales 3. Benito Van De Pas Netherlands   3. Irina Armstrong Russia 3. Barry Copeland Northern Ireland   3. Tamara Schuur Netherlands 5. Jay Foreman England   5. Lorraine Farlam England 5. Andy Boulton England   5. Rachna…

February 21, 2012

Netherlands Boys and England Girls Win Europe Cup Youth 2011

The Boys from the Netherlands dominated the Europe Cup Youth which was played in Aberdeen, Scotland. They won the Singles with Jimmy Hendriks defeating Jake Jones (England) by 3 sets to 1. They also took the Pairs title with Jeffrey de Zwaan & Mike Zuijdwijk defeating fellow teammates Jerry Hendriks & Jimmy van Schie  by 4 legs to nil. England won the Team Event defeating the Netherlands 9-6 to secure…

July 10, 2011

Results from the Scottish Open 2011

Mens Results Womens Results Robbie Green Eng 1 Lorraine Farlam Eng Clive Barden Eng 2 Irina Armstrong Rus Peter Mitchell Eng 3 Kate Smith Sco Gary Robson Eng 3 Julie Gore Wal Willy van der Wiel Neth 5 Anne Kirk Sco Steve Douglas Eng 5 Susanna Young Sco Carl Beattie Eng 5 Anastasia Dobromyslova Rus Jerry Hendriks Neth 5 Frances Lawson Sco Wesley Harms Neth 9 Zoe Jones Eng Chris…

February 20, 2011