Important note related to COVID-19 virus, Tournament updates 29/03 10:00 UTC

2020-03 COVID-19 virus and WDF CalendarDue to the recent development of the COVID-19 virus. Some areas may affect authority restrictions and situations may rapidly change. Please follow actively status of your tournaments.

We recommend that you follow individual tournament status and recommendations from organisation/tournament websites and official social media pages. Please ensure that events will be taking place and to make adequate arrangements when booking flights/hotels that cancellation insurance be considered.

We recommend also to follow the WHO website for COVID-19 virus international status. The WHO website have public advice, how to protect your self like hand washing. We recommend to avoid hand-shaking in darts matches.


  • Greece informed that the Greek Open and Acropolis Darts Open, April 04-05 has been postponed.
  • Iceland informed that Iceland Open and Masters, April 10-12 has been postponed, new dates September 05-06
  • New Zealand informed that South Island Masters, April 10-12 has been postponed
  • Australia informed that Victoria Easter Classic & Geelong Dart Club Singles, April 12-13 has been postponed
  • Russia informed that Zakamsk Cup Youth April 12, has been postponed
  • Germany informed that German Open and Masters, April 17-19 has been postponed, initial dates July 31 – August 02.
  • Estonia informed that Estonia Open & Estonia Masters, April 17-19 has been cancelled / postponed
  • USA informed that USA Charlotte Open, April 17-19 has been postponed June 19-21
  • Australia informed that Murray Bridge Grand Prix April 24-26 has been cancelled
  • New Zealand informed that North Island Masters, April 26 has been postponed August (TBA)
  • Denmark informed that Nordic Cup (Invitation), April 29 – May 01 has been cancelled
  • Denmark informed that Denmark Open and Denmark Masters, May 1-3 has been cancelled
  • USA Informed that Cleveland Extravaganza, May 1-3 has been postponed
  • Lithuania informed that Lithuania Open and Vilnius Open, May 9-10 has been cancelled
  • Finland informed that Finnish Open and Finland Masters, May 15-17 has been cancelled
  • USA informed that Darts for Arch youth, May 16 has been postponed, new date August 01
  • Poland informed Polish Open & Police Masters, May 23-24 postponed
  • Australia informed that Sunshine State Classic, May 23-24 has been postponed
  • Turkey informed that Mediterranean Open, May 23-24 and Mediterranean Masters, May 25-26 has been postponed
  • Slovenia informed that Slovenia Darts Open, May 30 has been postponed
  • USA informed that Cherry Bomb International (June 12-14) has been postponed August 28-30
  • Canada informed that Canadian Open, June 19-21 has been cancelled
  • The WDF Americas Cup July 24-26 has been postponed, until further notice.
  • Australia informed that Australia Open & Pacific Masters, August 02 has been postponed

All postponed tournaments are now in the beginning of September and marked with TBA. When we all know more of COVID-19 virus status, we may start thinking how tournaments can be run. That is not yet possible.

Change history

  • Hungary informed that Budapest Classic and Budapest Darts Masters, March 13-15 has been cancelled
  • Germany informed that Sylt Open and Sylt Master, March 13-15 has been cancelled
  • Faroe Islands informed that Torshavn Darts Open and Faroe Islands Darts Open, March 14-15 has been rescheduled October 2020.
  • Gibraltar informed that Gibraltar Open, March 21 has been postponed.
  • Austria informed that International WDF Youth Challenge VIENNA, March 21-22 has been postponed, they are trying to reschedule it later
  • USA informed that Virginia Beach Classic Youth, March 27-29 has been postponed, new dates October 16-18
  • Russia informed that Russian Open Youth March 28,  has been postponed